The Cantabria Forum is now defunct - but these character's Tales have been salvaged:

Chewanafuge's Tale – The monk, driven by unnatural vampiric hunger, flees across the land seeking sanctuary.
Corith's Tale – Captain Corith RuneAxe explores beneath Lord Faradin's Hold, climbing down to a mysterious lake.
Origol's Admin – Old character sheets and revised Turn Undead table.
Makhan's Tale - *** Coming Soon ***
Evalin's Tale - *** Coming Soon ***
Evalin's Latest Work: The Cantabrian Undead Anomaly - Zombies, Skeletons and Hel - RESOLVED.

Chewanafuge's Tale Character sheets: (Cantabrian, out-of date) Front Back Propadyandi -?

Chewanafugi had been hiding for two days now, he was feeling a thirst that simple water seemed not to assuage and all it did was sit in his stomach until he retched it up later.

It was now dusk, he had rested in the small cave near Faradin's Hold in the darkness, hiding from the sunlight that now seemed to burn him so much. Perhaps there were answers somewhere, certainly the blood of the sheep he had found two days had eased the thirst but he needed to formulate a plan. He could return to the master that had created him, yet he felt no great tie or he could go into to the world to see whether the curse could be lifted or accepted by some means. Certainly at the moment Chewanafugi felt that the discipline instilled at an early age helped him to stave off the primal urges that had at times coursed through his body.

Q the Accountant: I must travel to my homelands. Maybe there the strength of my god can help me fight these cravings

With the sun set he left his small cave, burdened by the curse he carried and yet found that his stamina was increased such that as he ran he found he tired only a little compared from before. The hunger was there though, towards the end of the night as the suns glow was barely visible above the horizon, he had perhaps thirty minutes before dawn truly occurred he came over the last col before the main north south road. In front of him was a small partially fortified village. There were signs of both human and dwarven manufacture. He had arrived in Sprit, the question would be where would he hide the night away from the rays of the sun that burnt he skin so easily.

Q the Accountant: I will enter the village and seek an Inn. Expalining that I have travelled all night I will sleep the day before continuing my way tommoorw

There was a small inn near the centre of the village, Chewanafugi entered in and noticed that about half the population seemed to be dwarven. He was able to obtain a room, though the innkeeper looked at him oddly, saying:
“It’s dangerous to be travelling at night at the moment, there’s goblins around and although somethings being done about it you should be careful. Anything to eat or drink ?”

He soon found himself in a small room within the inn, and the morning sun illuminated the room slowly. Chewanafugi was able to block out some of the sunlight with the shutters but found that much of the sunlight still found its way into the room. The door had a bolt on the inside but no lock, though it seemed unlikely he would need or wish to leave during the daytime.

Q the Accountant: Hide from the light under the covers and wait for night to fall. If anyone knocks say that I'm not feeling well - so leave me allone

Although he was disturbed around noon the individual soon went away, Chewanafugi was vaguely aware of it being a young girl interested in cleaning the room and offering a meal. Neither of which sounded appealing to him.

Dusk fell eventually and whilst Chewanafugi had been resting he had not exactly fallen asleep but had certainly been less than responsive during the day. In fact he recalled that when the girl had knocked he had been aware of her presence but been unable to act. As no threat had been imminent he hadn't emerged from the torpor. As darkness crept through the room Chweanafugi felt refreshed but also hungry, not for food though, but for the iron taste of blood. The animals he had been feeding on were sufficient but not as satisfying he suspected as human blood. The scent of humans filtered through the floorboards from the common room beneath.

OOC: Blood point have a maximum of at least 10 at the moment (need to check), Chewanafugi has about 8, once he drops to 3 or less he becomes an NPC until he feeds...

Q the Accountant: Time to travel onwards. I must try to find somewhere way from people each day to rest and hide from the sun. As I travel I will look for likely places so that I can return to them should light threaten before I find another. I will need to think about drinking. I will have to hunt at night too. This trip will be long and hard!

SJW: The creature that was Chewanafuge sought long for the refuge of a Hel Church rumoured in the north of Cantabria. But failed to find it. And soon the hunter became the hunted: by no less a hero than the Paladin Santor the Red, Dragonslayer, himself! Yet even as this Holy Warrior closed in to destroy the vampiric abomination, the fragment of Chewanafuge's cursed soul that was still human cried out for mercy from his goddess...

And mercy was granted.

The monk awoke in a different world. The Thirst was gone - or, rather, contained. For now. He knew he must prove himself worthy in the sight of the goddess Amaterasu Omikami for it to be fully removed. Any lapse of dedication on his part and the curse would return. He must not fail. Before him lay the Tower of the Heavens. The monks there had a new prophecy: "Save Kusnir - save the Land!". Chewanafuge's way was clear. His destiny: to take up the power of The Sentinel, and to save this new world by his own hand...


Corith's Tale

Makhan being rather busy, he asks Captain Corith to take some volunteers and check out the chasm down to the Lower Lake.
The Captain, a fine climber, is happy to accept the mission, and duly 'volunteers' the first five guards on the roster. (That is all three new recruits, Gofur, Thorzur & Thorli - to test their mettle - plus Bofzin, always eager to discover more about the Seat, and Bomli, happier on a rope than on stairs). Troopers Bomzor & Gloris of the Mercenaries also volunteer, as they often climb together.
Corith orders a careful descent, using plenty of rope and pitons, intending to make an easy access route for even unskilled climbers. (Also keeping a special eye on safety - the shame of taking casualties on a non-combat expedition that doesn't even leave the Hold would be too much for his pride!) After ensuring all are properly roped-up, he leads the way...

SAB: I think you are missing a point here. The climbers can descend down the shaft but how are they going to traverse across the ceiling? Otherwise they can go down to the lake waters where they can get wet (the water is cold - but not unnaturally so) I think you need a LOT of rope - how much is there and do you have a record of how deep the shaft is? Steve

SJW(OOC): I just didn't expect they'd get that far!
Once they've explored down the shaft (not across the lake, but maybe had a quick look over it, while dangling), and found it reasonably safe, then it's "Mission Accomplished". Exploring the lake area itself can be done after the Miners have dug the stairway down there.
I have a cutaway map saying it's about 500' down I think. I'll look it out and check. I'm sure the Hold's finances will run to a few thousand feet of rope. Which we may well have had anyway, doing construction work. I don't think I've listed it before - but you're not going to tell me I need to make my postings more detailed, are you? ;-)
Anyway, I'm no climber, but I'd assume you'd put in two-or-three pitons as far as you can reach across the ceiling (maybe 2-3ft), then haul across to them, then put in some more... and so on. But that's for another time, maybe.
PS: All that's on the cutaway map I have is notes I took from the (player's) map you showed me at the weekend session. They put a tunnel on the east (entrance from ants/spiders level?), a 50ft drop to a cave, also on the east (Crawlers cave?) then down another 50ft (to the secret door to the main dungeon/mushroom caves? - on the west?) then a 500ft drop to an outcropping (geologically unlikely, but handy to give falling PCs loads of damage before they fall further!), then slopes into another 100ft drop to the water surface. The Lake cave is noted as 200ft long east-west (80ft wide), with the shaft coming down into it near the east end, and the waterfall at the far west end. And it looks deep, with a mysterious submarine cave...

SB > Dangling from the ledge they can hear the waterfall at one end and see that the lake is calm (other than ripples from the waterfall). Nothing else of note in the cavern can be seen.
[OOC] - another time - but it wouldn't be easy doing that and there is an assumption that the pitons hold. I think you had the GM map there - there isn't much more on the map I have other than extensive notes around it! We agreed N?E?S?W? On the maps at Quents I think. S

Their mission accomplished, Captain Corith and his intrepid volunteers ascend back to the Hold's inhabited levels, leaving the rope and pitons for possible future expeditions.
Hearing the Captain's report, Castellan Makhan's concerns are allayed and he duly authorises construction of a stairway down...
There's work to be done...

Origol's Admin

Character Sheets (Cantabrian, out-of-date): Front Back
NB: Origol's “Turn Undead” ability appears not to have been updated on these. As he's 8th level he should turn d12 creatures on:
Ghoul 2*, Shadow 2*, Wight 2, Ghast 2, Wraith 4, Mummy 7, Spectre 10, Vampire 13, Ghost 16, Lich 19, Special 20. (* = Destroyed)

Makhan's Tales
**** Coming Soon ****

Evalin's Tale
**** Coming Soon ****

EVALIN'S LATEST WORK: The Cantabrian Undead Anomaly - Zombies, Skeletons & Hel

These oddities, peculiar to the Cantabria region, are observed:

1) Zombies and animate Skeletons regarded as 'not undead'
2) Zombies and animate Skeletons regarded as 'not turnable'
3) Hel, goddess of Death, Disease and Undead, regarded as 'not evil'

Yet everywhere else it is known that Zombies and animate Skeletons
are undead, and hence turnable, and that Hel is a being of monstrous evil. So why does it differ in the land of Cantabria? My researches with Cantabrian and other sources have found this explanation for the anomaly...

Cantabrian history relates that in the year 408AC: “
Acererak’s undead legions plunder Khalkidia but fail to break through the Northern passes of Cantabria” (here). These 'legions' must have been of zombies/skeletons, other types lacking sufficient numbers and discipline, yet stated as 'undead'. Similarly, Cantabrian necromantic tomes constantly refer to these creatures as undead. For example the Book of the Living Dead of Ashnah the Hunted (here), despite the writer's contrary assertion, consistently uses the term 'undead', notably within the text of the spells themselves - which can be assumed older and more authoritative. So it is clear that in times past zombies and animate skeletons were known to be undead in Cantabria, just like everywhere else. So what then hid this knowledge? Hel, daughter of Loki, has tricked the gods.

The Cantabrian pantheon is made up of various deities who survived
Ragnarok – 'End of the Gods'. Previously it was known that Hel was one of three monster offspring of the wicked trickster god Loki. Wise Odin saw she was so dangerous that she was exiled to part of hell (Niflheim). But Odin was slain at Ragnarok, along with Thor, Tyr, Freyr, Heimdall, Loki and Hel's monstrous brothers Fenrir wolf and the serpent Jormundgandr. Thereafter new gods came. However, cunning Hel donned a 'mask' of pretence (as her priests' masks) hiding her evil nature. Her ally Surma, a murderous beast, was cloaked in humanoid guise as her son. Thus Ukko, the new king-god, was tricked into adopting her as a sibling with the others.

Her rule extended over not just the inglorious dead as before but all, including the undead, Hel plotted supremacy and vengeance. However the destruction of Acererak's hordes forced another tactic: a new trick - to make goodly priests forget their ability to turn and destroy undead. A centuries-long cunningly co-ordinated campaign diverted negative energy to block specific turning attempts. This was combined with relentless disinformation from Hel-controlled priests: tales of undead-slaying heroism suppressed; false legends promulgated*; the historic turning to dust of the lich-lord's legions forgotten. Eventually, goodly Cantabrian priests were convinced that undead-turning was an ineffectual tactic and did not work against skeletons/zombies at all.
(* e.g. Rumour that a follower of Forseti destroyed Vecna (21658 E.A.) is clearly false – that religion only came with Sarco's barbarians 4000 years later).

Once Hel's lies became accepted doctrine, it was time to unleash her horrors once more. Her
Great Plague ravaged Cantabria, slaying millions – all souls giving more power to the death goddess. Worse yet, their remains lay for the most part unburied or at least without benefit of proper funeral rites – so vulnerable to evil necromancy. Some places even report spontaneous animation. Are new undead hordes soon to rise?

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