Spellbooks of Mage Zapp (Evalin) – Available at Lord Faradin's Halls

Book #1, Volume 1:
1st (14): Colour Spray, Alarm, Magic Missile, Armour, Phantasmal Force, Store Magic, Ventriloquism, Taunt, Chill Touch, Shocking Grasp, Detect Magic, Shield, Burning Hands, Prot.f.Evil.
2nd (12): Blindness, Irritation, Magic Mouth, Invisibility, Stinking Cloud, Spectral Hands, Deafness, Prot.f.Cantrips, Wizard Lock, Knock, Bind, Misdirection.
Book #1, Volume 2:
3rd (5): Summon Elemental Warrior, Windwall, Wraithform, Clairvoyance, Fireball.
4th (1): Phantasmal Killer.

Book #2:
1st (7): Ventriloquism, Enlarge, Change Self, Taunt, Reduce, Prot.f.Evil, Phantasmal Force.
2nd (10): Fools Gold, Fog Cloud, Alter Self, Create Amulet, Deafness, Invisibility, Sleep, Scare, Misdirection, Blur.
3rd (4): Charm Person, Water Breathing, Explosive Runes, Fireball.

Book #3:
1st (10): Ventriloquism, Affect Normal Fires, Chill Touch, Burning Hands, Shocking Grasp, Colour Spray, Comp.Langs, Mending, Phantasmal Force, Grease.
2nd (5): Create Amulet, ESP, Levitation, Prot.f.Paralysis, Wyvern Watch.
3rd (5): Lightning Bolt, Phantom Steed, Fireball, Dispel Magic, Blink.

Book #4:
1st (9): Armour, Message, Feather Fall, Detect Undead, Mount, Hold Portal, Prot.f.Evil, Gaze Reflection, Spider Climb.
2nd (10): Glitterdust, Scare, ESP, Pyrotechnics, Knock, Dust Devil, Magic Mouth, Rope Trick, Summon Swarm, Messenger.
3rd (5): Infravision, Illusionary Script, Haste, Prot.f.n.Missiles, Paralyzation.

Book #5:
1st (13): Gaze Reflection, Push, Store Magic, Jump, Colour Spray, Identify, Chill Touch, Taunt, Hypnotism, Prot.f.Evil, Enlarge, Reduce, Detect Magic.
2nd (4): Shatter, Magic Mouth, Past Life, Deafness.

Book #6:
1st (10): Detect Magic, Chill Touch, Armour, Feather Fall, Tenser's Floating Disk, Dancing Lights, Alarm, Phantasmal Force, Jump, Wall of Fog.
2nd (1): Deafness.

Books #7 & #8 (Self-written):
Volume 1 (2 copies):
1st (10): Magic Missile, Shield, Comprehend Languages, Mending, Mount, Identify, Tenser's Floating Disc, Find Familiar, Suggestion, Write.
2nd (15): Alter Self, Sleep, Spectral Hand, Wizard Lock, Levitate, Protection from Paralysis, Glitterdust, Rope Trick, Summon Swarm, Past Life, Continual Light, Detect Invisibility, Flaming Sphere, Strength, Web.
Volume 2 (2 copies):
3rd (15): Charm Person, Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic, Explosive Runes, Fly, Haste, Item, Lightning Bolt, Monster Summoning I, Non-Detection, Paralyzation, Phantom Steed, Protection from Normal Missiles, Sepia Snake Sigil, Slow.

Spell Learning Formula: Percentage Chance = Magic skill – (10 x Spell Level) days. (E.g. 52% learning 4th level spell: 52-40 = 12% per day, i.e. 8 days gives 8x12 = 96% chance).
Re-memorizing spells somehow forgotten (e.g. due to fumbled casting) requires just 1 hour per spell-level (i.e. normally only one day of reference, therefore costing just 1gp/level).
REFERENCE FEE: Per spell level = 1gp (20sp) per day, or 25gp (500sp) per month. Books not to leave the Halls Library. (E.g. 8 days for 4th level spell: 8x4 = 32gp, or 640sp).

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