Campaign descriptions:
The Flanaess: Eastern portion of the continent of Oerik, a centre of enlightened humanity but isolated by devastated lands of the fallen Baklunish and Suel Empires. Home to the city of Greyhawk.
Great Kingdom of Aerdi: Once-dominant but now much reduced empire, fragmented into independent kingdoms like Nyrond and Furyondy, its ruling 'Overkings' sunk into decadence and evil.
Keoland: A large feudal kingdom of the Flanaess, mostly bordered by friendly nations, some non-human such as the Ulek states to the east, but also holdings of the piratical Sea Princes to the south.
Jadis: Rough frontier town, hacked from the jungles of Hepmonaland by colonists calling it 'The New World' or 'New Capria', who but recently sailed west across the Ocean.
Cantaboria: Fabled land-mass ravaged by foul plagues and undead hordes for two millennia, since their peaceful pantheon was riven by war. Recently-risen nations include the Empire of Ayathgaron.
New Cantaboria: Known as Fireland due to a huge volcano; noxious gases emitted locally obscure the lesser moon Celene and often create the mirage of a second sun in the sky, particularly at dawn.
Earthsea: Extensive archipelago reaching into the Great Ocean. Also known as the Isles of Schlegia, and populated by a hardy, insular folk with strange customs and peculiarly subtle magics.
Capria: An imperialistic feudal nation with oppressive social structure, where the power of magic is much weaker than in most other parts of Oerth.

Other descriptions:
Baklunish Empire: More properly called the Baklunish Basin these days. A land of steppes populated by nomadic horsemen.
Barbarian Seameast: A windswept land covered with primeval forests where fiery but convivial tribesmen dwell.
Celestial Imperium: A vast nation peopled with a hard-working peasantry ruled by a complex bureaucracy.
Dragons Island: Tales from the Celestial Imperium speak of a land ruled by a dragon prince. If such a place exists, it probably lies here.
Elvanian Forest: An enclave of lofty trees clinging to foothills rising from the desert below. Elves and other wild sylvan races dwell here.
Elven Lands: It seems that eleven seafarers crossed the Solnor Ocean millennia ago and established a kingdom upon this peninsula.
Empire of Lynn: A sea of burning sands fill most of Oerik's western end. The fabled city of Lynn, perhaps settled by seafarers from the Flanaess, has grown rich from coastal trade and the desert's mineral wealth.
Erypt: An arid land ruled by a dynasty of priest kings.
Fireland: A land not unlike the Hellfurnaces region of the Flanaess. Volcanoes and geysers sprout amid glaciers. A hardy folk dwells among the coastal fjords.
Gigantea: A land populated by giants, or so I've heard tell.
High Khanate: An and land peopled by two tribes of sturdy nomads. The inlanders resemble the horsemen of the Baklunish Basin, but on the coast they take to boats.
Hyperboria: My own name for an icy continent whose interior holds Oerth's north pole and secrets even I have not fathomed. A semi-permanent bridge of ice connects the land to Oerik proper, but the crossing is treacherous at best.
lshtarland: A land watered by southern storms and at least two great rivers. The city of Ishtar vies with the merchants of Lynn and the warlords of Tharquish for control of coastal trade.
Kingdoms of the Marches: A temperate land filled with princely states. Perhaps another locale colonized by seafarers from across the Solnor.
Low Khanate: A companion realm to the High Khanate; named more for its location in a deep vale below the mountains than for any inferior status. A hidden valley reputedly contains the tombs of khans from both realms.
Nippon: A densely populated island nation of fishermen, warriors, and poets. Unsure of the place's real name.
Nippon Dominion: A protectorate only recently conquered by the warriors of Nippon.
Orcreich: A nation of orcs ruled by a tyrannical king. The orcs seem to thrive under the brutal regime.
Polaria: Not a land mass at all, but a collection of islands locked in a semi-permanent ice cap.
Red Kingdom: This land is so named for the color of its rocks. It's inhabitants remain unknown to me.
Suel Empire: You know this area as the Sea of Dust. Tales of its former glory is known to you.
Tarquis Dominions: An ancient protectorate of the Tharquish Empire.
Tharquish Empire: An island nation of seafarers who have ambitions that extend to the neighboring continents.
The Tribes of Enllaves: A land of proud desert nomads who eke out a living on a high plateau that escapes the worst heat of the sand sea. A few tribes-men live in mud-brick towns built around central squares that contain steep-sided pyramids. I have never learned whether the pyramids serve as monuments, tombs, temples, or something else altogether.
Wall of Tsian: A massive fortification separating the Celestial Imperium from Orcreich, a formidable deterrent to anyone but the king of Orcreich. The Imperium has begun another, even grander wall farther west.
Zindia: A tropical land where rich cities rise from steaming jungles.
Celestial Sea: A warm shallow gulf where merchants from Erypt and the Imperium ply their trades.
Gulf of Ishtar: The privateers of Tharquish and the fleets of Ishtar vie for control here.
Gulf of Ra: A deep body reputed to hide a kingdom of sahuagin.
Jothunheim Sea: A frigid body of water littered with icebergs. Giants ply the waters in great drakkars.
Mare Mysticum: A mystery to me.
Ocean of Storms: A region of gray sea lashed by endless tempests.
Oceanum Titanicum: The eastern-most extent of what you know as the Solnor ocean.
Pearl Sea: So named for the rich pearl beds found on Nippon's eastern shores.
Sea of Hyperboria: An ice-choked stretch of deep water where the coastal tribesmen of the High Khanate hunt and fish from hide boats.
Sea of Nippon: A body of water made infamous by freak storms and enormous sea monsters - if the tales prove true.
Sea of the Dragon King: A deep arm of the pearl sea noted for its cobalt blue waters and teeming coral reefs.
Sea of Thunder: A smaller, but no less violent, companion to the Sea of Storms.

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