The Annals of Pandaria

Years given are according to the Tuzyn Reckoning (T.R.) instituted by High Priest Tuzyn when Melderyn was founded. Before that time, years were counted from the reigns of individual kings, or by the Elven Calendar (upon which 1 T.R. was the year 48/16 or 6928). These annals artificially project backwards from year 1 T.R. so that ancient and modern dates may be more easily compared. Hence the year before 1 T.R. is called 1 B.T. ("Before Tuzyn") and so on.


Conjunction of the Spheres - the world is formed. The Gods War.

c. 7000 BT

The High Elves descend out of the Utmost West. The Dwarf-fathers awaken.

c. 6700 BT

Battle of Pesh - last battle of the Gods War. Forces of Law & Chaos contend. Chaos Lands created.

c. 6500 - 5000 BT

The Golden Age - Foundation of the great Elven Kingdoms and Dwarven nations.

c. 5000 BT

Strife between Elf-kindreds ends - dark elves driven out.

c. 5000 - 1150 BT

The Green Age. Elven forest kingdoms cover most of the continent. Strongholds of Dwarven nations dot various mountainous regions. Scattered human barbarian tribes wander in the wilderness.

c. 2000 BT

Earliest human civilizations arise: first Sheba, later the Orbaalese sea-people and Emphidor.

c. 1200 BT

Pwene, homeland of the Orbaalese, is annexed by the Goblin Empire of the east.

c. 1100 - 1000 BT

Goblin Hordes attack from the east, smashing Emphidor and sweeping west across the continent, razing the Elven forest kingdoms. This period is known as Nirnaeth Arnoediad (Innumerable Tears) to the Elves and remembered by the Goblins as Gajh lyad (The Great Burning).

c. 1100 BT

A Goblin Horde aftacks the Holy Country of Sheba but is annihilated by the "Fury of Ammon". The borders of Sheba are sealed and remain so for the next five hundred years.

c. 1000 BT

Elves, desperate for allies against the Goblin hordes, teach magic to Men.

c. 900 BT

The first great human Wizards rise. The Great Goblin Wars begin.

900 - 700 BT

Human barbarians, led by their Wizards and supported by Elves and magicians, defeat the Goblins.

c. 600 BT

City-states re-established in Emphidor.

750 - 650 BT

Emphidian city-states colonise the Myriad Isles and western coast of Gazgar.

c. 650 BT

Orbaalese rule restored in Pwene

c. 600 BT

Sheban borders re-opened.

c. 550 BT

Last Goblin Kingdom in the west is overthrown (Gash).


Civilization of Emphidor is at the height of its power and culture

c. 430 BT

The wizard-shaman Vecna establishes a kingdom in the barbarian land of Kymeria.

431 - 404 BT

War between the states of Emphidor.

336 BT

Emphidor reunited.

333 - 327 BT

General Iskander of Emphidor conquers vast tracts of the Goblin Empire.

c. 300 BT

Division of Iskanders empire. Slow decline of Emphidian civilization begins.

264 BT

The Lich, Vecna, completes conquest of Kymeria and declares the "Empire of Woe"

146 BT

Relatively minor Goblin invasion overruns last remnants of Emphidor.

c. 100 BT

The Empire of Woe extends over northern Chaubrette, the Mercanian Coast and Kurland.

c. 30 BT

Empire of Woe conquers southern Chaubrette.

c. 25 BT

A dispossessed Kymerian tribe, driven from their refuge by the Arch-Lich's forces flees across the mountains into Pandaria - only to be attacked by monster servants of the ruling "Swamp Lords".

c. 1 BT

The Arch-Lich's Empire of Woe subjugates Algandy, Dinaria and northern Emphidia.

1 (TR)

Erebir Pendragon founds the Kingdom of Melderyn and successfully resists the Swamp Lords.


Council of Eleven founded.

c. 20

Empire of Woe conquers Corsh.


The venerable King Erebir destroys the Temple of the Frog - Swamp Lords overthrown.


Lothrim Foulspawner, a surviving Swamp Lord, establishes his Federation in North Pandaria (as a vassal state of the Empire of Woe, with support from the Arch-Lich's legions).


Plague in Cherafir.

c. 90

By this date, the Empire of Woe had taken control of Araby,. Inner Mercania and Gash.


Fall of the Arch-Lich - Vecna is slain. Empire of Woe falls apart almost overnight.

96 - 106

Internal successional strife wracks the Isle of Woe and the legions are recalled. All mainland provinces rise in rebellion, CnIy in Mercania do the imperial forces keep control.


High Wizard-Priest Yagrax seizes power and declares the "Second Empire of Woe". Imperial Governor of Mercania refuses to recognise Yagrax and declares the "Kingdom of Wyrd".


Caer Cherafir built in Melderyn.

c. 110

Kymerian tribes, fleeing from Yagrax' Empire, enter Pandaria.


Kelapyn-Anuz,, stronghold of the Foulspawne~s Federation, is sacked by Kymerians. Lothrim slain.


City of Tashal founded by Shala of kephira - Kingdom of Kephira proclaimed in north Pandaria.

c. 155

Kingdom of Koss established in central Pandaria.

c. 170

Second Empire re-conquers territories in northern Chaubrette and Kurland.


The Cataclysm. Unholy powers unleashed by Yagrax bring doom upon his tyrannical domain - the Isle of Woe sinks beneath the waters of the Nyr Dyv. The Empire of Woe is destroyed forever.

c. 180

The Migration Wars begin: Exile Kymerians and eastern nomads fight for control of lowland Pandaria.

c. 185

The barbaric Kath nation devastate most of the lands of Kephira.


Medrik of Serelind seizes Tashal and proclaims the Kingdom of Kaldor.


Elorinar swears fealty to Melderyn. The Migration Wars come to an end at about this time.

c. 270

Goblin invasion of Emphidia and Dinaria is defeated.


City of Coranan founded by Corthir, chieftain of the Corani tribe. Origins of the Corani Empire.


City of Aleath founded.


Kaldoric civil war begins

c. 365

Kingdom of Koss conquered by the Corani - city of Arkand is sacked.


Battle of the Source: Shira tribe defeated by the Corani.


Battle of Kiban - Kaldoric civil war ends as factions unite and repel a Corani invasion.

381 - 382

Corani Legions cross the Grey Hills and conquer the coastal strip of Corsh.

c. 385 - 395

Corani enslave goblin tribes and giants in the Grey Hills to build the "Giants Causeway".


City of Merethos (later renamed Golotha) founded by Emperor Melian.


City of Shiran founded by Emperor Melian. Fort Shiran built


Uthred of Kaldor assassinated - Restoration of the Kaldoric Crown.


Melderyn assumes rule of Chybisa.

416 - 420

Caer Shira constructed.


Aleathia invades Corani Empire.


Aleath besieged by Corani - Peace of Aleath.


King Xuaka of Aleath dies - Aleathia annexed by the Corani Empire.


Chybisa leaves Melderyni protection.


City walls and canals of Merethos are completed.


The Great Flood of Tharda.

549 - 554

Shiran city walls constructed.


Prophet Balsha, a priest of Melkor, is executed in Coranan - the Balshan Jihad begins.


Merethos falls to the Balshans and renamed as Golotha.


Imperial Magistrate of Shiran, Klodas of Tekhos, murdered by his son Horahnam who seizes power.


Horahnam of Tekhos joins the Balshans and brings Shiran into the Jihad.


Coranan falls to the Balshans. Emperor Medak impaled. Corani Empire ends.
Aleath breaks away and forms the first Aleathian Republic.


Theocracy of Tekhos founded by Horahnam of Tekhos, now leader of the Balshans.


Aleath beseiged by the Tekhosians.


Aleathian Odyssey begins. Aleath falls to the Butchers of Morgath. Agony of Aleath.


Odyssey ends - King Poleryn of Melderyn grants a charter for the new city of Thay, in Elorinar.


Horahnam of Tekhos assassinated in Coranan - the Theocracy falls apart. The Interregnum begins.


Kingdom of Kanday founded by Lord Kand, a noble adventurer and his companions.

589 - 597

Caer Arien built in Thay.


Baronial Revolt in Kaldor.


Baron Elend comes to power in Kaldor and is crowned King - Royal House of Elendsa founded.


Second Aleath Republic formed.


Coranan Republic founded.


Shiran Republic founded.


Alliance between the Republics of Coranan and Shiran.


Aleath gains City Charter from King Andasin II (Kand III) and joins the Kingdom of Kanday.


Arlun the Barbarian conquers Zadara, Istrar and the city of Golotha - Kingdom of Rethem founded


The Coranan and Shiran Republics join to form the Thardic League.


City walls of Thay completed.


Thardic League legions, with Dwarven allies, invade the Grey Hills and attempt to rebuild the Giants Causeway but are defeated by the Goblins and their Elven allies.


The Five Year War begins: Thardic League legions cross the Grey Hills and invade Kanday.


Thardic legions are defeated and trapped in Kanday - Thardic League forced into Peace of Quivum.


The Salt War, between Kaldor and the Thardic League, begins.


Battle of Chelna Gap - the Salt War ends in victory for Kaldor.


Assassination of the Autarch Auglir: Thardic League dissolved - Thardic Republic formed.

675 - 687

Treasure War in Kaldor - Dwarven strongholds besieged. Kaldor eventually pays reparations.


King Nemiran of Rethem assassinated in Golotha.

682 - 697

Ezar's War in Rethem - a 'Holy War' of the Chaos Cults, in which forces from Golotha attempt to subjugate the rest of Rethem, finally ends in fiasco when chaotic demons devour their own army.


Two rival warlords declare themselves King of Rethem, but control only the north and south of the country respectively. Sporadic raiding continues for many years. Golotha remains independent.


Rape of Thay - Orbaalese raiders from Zishi descend on the city in forty dragonships and plunder the area.


Major floods throughout Kaldor and Tharda. Cape Renda incident - freak storm destroys fleet of a hundred dragonships bound for Thay.


The Kuseme War, between Kanday and the Thardic Republic. Melderyn intervenes for Kanday.


Dinaria invaded by Dragon Warriors from the devil-worshipping Kingdom of Gash.

725 - 750

The Vermian Wars - a series of crusades against the Gashian occupiers eventually liberate Dinaria. (Forces from the city of Mundeburg take part but are wiped out by Elves from Quendor and Sullos.)


Town of Sparnford declares independence from the Thardic Republic but is besieged by the Legions. Political pressure from Melderyn ends the siege and the town becomes the Free City of Chenat.


Goblin Horde from the east attacks Gash - the Steel King unleashes the Invoked Devastation.

761 - 861

The Invoked Devastation: the Steel King of Gash calls upon Tiamat, Queen of Evil Dragons, to attack a Goblin Horde invading his land. She responds. Around the world, slumbering dragons awaken, arise and fly to destroy the Goblin armies. But once the goblins had been routed and slaughtered, the dragons continued to ravage and slay across the entire continent. The full fury of the Devastation lasted for about a decade, but sporadic attacks by flights of marauding dragons went on for a century. Terrible havoc was to be wreaked in many lands before the dragons slept once again.


The Kingdoms of Melderyn and Kaldor join in alliance to found the Protectorate of Pandaria.


Thardic Republic joins the Protectorate of Pandaria, when the dragons' attacks cripple trade.


City of Cherafir attacked by dragons, but they are spectacularly driven off by several Magicians. City of Chenat suffers great damage from a series of dragon attacks, but avoids total destruction.


City of Golotha and both Kingdoms of Rethem join the Protectorate of Pandaria: the 'kings' become Dukes of Istrar and Zadara provinces respectively, and Golotha becomes nominally part of Istrar.

c. 800

The Mundian Empire expands, conquering small nations already weakened by the Devastation.


The Emperor retires and the Empire becomes the "Theocratic Imperium of the Dark Flame", led by High Priests of Melkor, god of evil. They wage a continuous, bitter war against the Elves of Quendor, which turns the north of Dinaria into a haunted, ashen wasteland.


Legion of the Dark Empire invades north Pandaria and enters Golotha. Battle of Henwe Hill - united Pandarian forces drive the Legion into the Elven Woods. Revenge of the Trees - Elves and their allies wipe out the Legion.


Uprising of Lord Finus in Rethem.


Rebellion in Kanday - cities declare independence and form the Confederated Cities of Corsh. King John (Kand XIII) captures Zerien, a rebel town, and destroys it. Aleath joins the Confederacy.


Baron Lum begins conquests in Algandy with his Machine

860 - 867

Dwarven Kingdom of Khuzan is attacked by Lord Varmok the vampire and his Goblin tribes.


Lord Varmok destroyed.


Religious purges in Araby - Orbaalese rule there ends.


Plagues of locusts in Araby. Demons destroy the city of Hadjeb.


Drought and famine across the south; Emphidia, Pandaria, Kanday and Algandy are affected.


Military takeover in the Megabarony of Lum the Mad. Lum dies, Republic of Algandy declared.


Devil Warriors of Gash occupy southern Dinaria.

922 - 942

New Vermian Crusades against the Gashian occupiers.
925 Prince Edram Pendeus of Melderyn marries Crown Princess Vulcura Elendsa of Kaldor.


Battle of Irongate - Gashians once again driven back into their own land.


The Cities of Corsh reunite with the Kingdom of Kanday, forming a 'constitutional monarchy'.
945 Edram accedes to the throne of Melderyn as King Edram III.

947 - 953

General Luek-O of Algandy campaigns in southern Chaubrette, but gains nothing.


The Grey Hills become impassable due to attacks by Giants and their allies.


Luek-O defeated at Porvendris. Republic of Algandy breaks up. Wars against Chaos resume.


King Edram III of Melderyn dies and is succeeded by his eldest son, who becomes King Chunel II.


Prince Teffas Pendeus, of Melderyn and Kaldor, slays the dragon of Tashal.
The Giant Wars begin - an unholy alliance of Giants starts attacking the lands of Pandaria.


Strongholds of the Giants are raided by Pandarian adventurers. Giant Wars cease.


Vulcura, Queen of Kaldor and mother of King Chunel of Melderyn, dies. Chunel confers the title of Crown Prince of Kaldor upon his younger brother Teffas 'Dragonslayer', the Duke of Dappar. Vulcura is resurrected and named Grand Duchess of Halain and Queen Mother - titles created for her by her sons.


Giants start to attack the lands of Pandaria again. Punitive raids are launched but to little effect.


Baffle of Huvos - an army of Giants and Trolls threatens Thay and is beaten off, but at great cost.

970 - 974

Goblin tribes make war against each other for control of the Grey Hills.


The evil Fire Giant King is slain and a treaty is made - the Giant Wars come to an end.


Legions of the Dark Empire overrun the Little Kingdom of Lorne. Goblins of the Eye-tribes conquer the Grey Hills, driving the surviving Axe-tribes out into the White Mtns.


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