A Brief History of the World of Pandaria

This is an outline of the history of the World of Pandaria. Characters of good education will probably know this much. The Annals which follow are more precise - most characters would certainly not know so much detail. However, they may well be aware of events within their own lifetime which affect their homeland.

Years are given in the Tuzyn Reckoning (T.R), which counts from the founding of the Kingdom of Melderyn.

Conjunction of the Million Spheres - the World is formed.
The War of the Gods.
The Battle of Pesh - Last Battle of the Gods War.
The Golden Age - foundation of the great Elven and Dwarven nations.
The Green Age - Elven kingdoms rule for thousands of years.
First human civilizations appear.
The Innumerable Tears - Goblins destroy Elven lands in The Great Burning
(Before 1 TR)
Men learn Magic from the Elves.
The Great Goblin wars. The Rise of the Wizards.
Human tribes reconquer the world from the Goblins.
Civilization of Emphidor.
Rise of the Arch-Lich and his Empire of Woe.
(1 - 400 TR)
Kingdom of Melderyn founded by Erebir Pendragon.
Fall of the Arch-Lich - Empire of Woe collapses.
Second Empire of Woe.
Lothrim Foulspawner, last of the Swamp Lords of Pandaria, is defeated.
The Cataclysm - Isle of Woe sinks. The Second Empire is destroyed.
Rise of the Corani Empire.
(400 - 800 TR)
Height of the Corani Empire.
Great Flood of Tharda.
The Balshan Jihad - end of the Corani Empire.
Baronial Revolt in Kaldor.
East Pandaria conquered by barbarians - Kingdom of Rethem founded.
Five Year War. The Salt War. The Treasure War. Ezar's War.
The Rape of Thay & the Cape Renda incident. The Kuseme War.
The First Vermian Crusades - Dragon Warriors of Gash driven from Dinaria.
The Invoked Devastation - Dragons ravage the world.
In the South, the Protectorate of Pandaria is founded, under Melderyni leadership.
In the North, the Mundian Imperium (Dark Empire) conquers weakened nations.
(800 - 900 TR)
Legions of the Dark Empire attack the Elven Wood and invade Pandaria.
Rebellion in Kingdom of Kanday - Confederacy of Cities of Corsh founded.
Conquests of Baron Lum - foundation of the Megabarony.
Goblin/Dwarf wars in the White Mountains.
Orbaalese rule of Araby overthrown in religious purges.
Drought and famine strike the southern countries.
(900+ TR)
Military coup in Megabarony of Lum - Republic of Algandy declared.
Devil Warriors of Gash invade Dinaria - the New Vermian Crusades begin.
Giants and their allies seize control of the Grey Hills - land trade is cut off.
Dark Empire subjugates southern Zax.
General Luek-O's armies defeated at Porvendris - Algandy breaks up.
The Giant Wars in Pandaria - ended by punitive raids upon giants strongholds.
Goblin tribes fight each other for control of the Grey Hills region.
The Dark Empire continues to expand into Chaubrette as Little Kingdoms are conquered.
Monsters of Chaos raid the fragmented kingdoms of Algandy.
Orbaalese Zishi pirates attack ships and coastal settlements around the Middle Sea.
(975-981 TR)
PANDARIA WARS! Conflicts erupt across the entire Pandaria region...
Eye-tribe Goblins conquer the Grey Hills and invade Elorinar, taking the Keep on the Borderlands.
Civil war flares between the twin duchies of Rethem, until Prince Vouglas allies with the Dark Empire.
Elves of Quendor, led by warlords Raedil and Drahena, seize northern Rethem and Dinaria.
The Thardic Republic unites with the cities of Chenat and Thay and cedes from the Pandarian protectorate. 
Piratical raiders from Zishi take control of the cities of Kanday, and declare a New Orbaalese Empire.
Arch-Mage Herodious deposes King Chunel II of Melderyn and takes Elf-Hero Drahena as his Queen.
(981+ TR)
King Herodious dies - Guild Mage Kalan appointed Ruling Steward of Melderyn.


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