The Cults of Chaos

Order of Mamaka the Master of Steel (Warriors of Mamaka)
Order of the Octagonal Pit (Demon Pameshlu the Insatiable)
Order of Herpa the Mace (Red Shadows of Herpa)
Order of the Eight Demons (Cohorts of Gashang)
Order of the Fuming Gate (The Copper Hook)
(& many Unordered Priests)

Deity MABELODE the Faceless, King of the Swords, XIOMBARG, Queen of the Swords,  ARIOCH, Knight of the Swords, Lord of the Seven Darks, CHARDROS The Reaper, SLORTAR the Old, Eldest Lord of Chaos
Balo the jester, Verdelet, Malohin, Alastor, Balan, Maluk, Checkalakh the burning god, Joramy, Marthim, Urleh, Mizilfkm, Harborym of the fires that destroy, Zhortra, Soebas, Baloan, Aesma, Teer of the castle of blood.
Sphere Freedom & Strength (Anarchy & Violence).
Alignment Chaotic (Evil)
Symbols Arms of Chaos (Amber/Orange) [Eight radiating arrows]
Holy Days Anyday
Services Anytime
Sacrifices Anybody (or anything)
Weapons Any
Armour Any
Cult Skills Sword, Any Other Weapon, Oratory, Fast Talk. (Specific sub-cults vary)

An aggressive, violent and fundamentally anti-social religion. It is tolerated in many lands as a result of its popularity with the warrior classes. The Lords of Chaos are effectively a whole pantheon of War gods.

There is a competitive, and frequently bitter, rivalry between the five main sects, though co-operation is not unheard of. Many clerics choose not to join any particular sect and remain independent, yet retain the option to affiliate at any time. Such 'Unordered' priests are welcome at any of the Chaos sects' temples and are often to be found wandering between them, coming and going as they please. The adherents of Chaos despise and harass those of Law. The religions of Chaos are very popular amongst soldiers, mercenaries, thugs, bullies, brigands, adventurers and others partial to violence & destruction.

The Clerics of Chaos espouse a free society, where personal choice & liberty are maximized, allowing individuals to rise to the level they deserve through their own strength and achievements, allowing the cream to rise to the top, encouraging individual effort, rewarding enterprise, creating the conditions necessary for recovery, those who can seize power by any means know best how to wield it, blah blah blah blah blah, where individuals can reap the rewards of their own efforts unfettered by artificial social or moral constraints. That is, they choose to believe in Might Makes Right.

The Orders have different areas of specific interest. Order of Mamaka the Master of Steel is currently the dominant (just) sect in Pandaria. Their speciality is mastery at arms: their associated fighting order, the Warriors of Mamaka, are usually specialists in peculiar weapons. Order of the Octagonal Pit runs the Arenas of Coranan, Shiran and Golotha. They provide entertainment for the people, pandering to the basest mob instincts. Many of the associated fighting order are Gladiators who have won their freedom. The Order of the Eight Demons is open to females only. They are Amazons who inflict particulary horrific tortures upon males they capture. Their fighting order, the Cohorts of Gashang, is open to males only - and they do likewise. The Order of Herpa the Mace is more involved with politics, and is currently attempting to gain popular support for a Chaos Crusade. The Order of the Fuming Gate specialize in the summoning of bizarre demons. It was almost wiped out during the fiasco of Ezar's War, but has recovered status over the centuries since then.

By their nature, Clerics of Chaos are immune to "Command" spells, but also have a 10% greater chance of spell failure than normal and liable to get a miracle other than that which was requested (Invoke Miracle = WISx5 - 10, 00=Random).

Level 1: Bless, Cure Light Wounds (R), Light, Remove Fear (R), Resist Cold, Detect Law*, Prot.f.Law*, Turn Undead*
Level 2: Augury, Find Traps, Resist Fire, Silence, Slow Poison, Speak with Animals, Spiritual Sword*, Epilepsy*
Level 3: Continual Light, Cure Serious Wounds (R), Dispel Magic, Glyph of Warding, Remove Curse (R), Confusion*
Level 4: Cure Critical Wounds (R), Undetectable Lie, Neutralize Poison, Tongues, Fumble*
Level 5: Commune,, Plane Shift, Slay Living, True Seeing, Chaos Gift*, Dispel Law*
Level 6: Animate Object, Blade Barrier, Heal, Speak with Monsters, Word of Recall, Demonic Servant*
Level 7: Gate, Holy Word, Regenerate (R), Restoration (R)

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