Halea the Seductress - Goddess of Wealth and Pleasure

Temple of the Silken Voice

Deity HALEA, "The Seductress",  Goddess of Wealth and Pleasure, Patroness of Merchants
Sphere Wealth, Pleasure, Hedonism. Patron of Merchants, Artists and Courtesans.
Alignment (Any) Good/Neutral
Symbols Stylized Female Form (often worn as a pendant on a necklace)
Holy Days As other major local religions (typically Ammonite and Druidic)
Services Evenings
Sacrifices Valuables, especially Gold items.
Weapons Blunt weapons (including Staff, Club, Flail & Whip).
Armour Any armour/shield (lighter armour, such as leather, is favoured)
Cult Skills Bargaining, Evaluate, Herb Lore, Any Entertainment Skill

This religion is said to be a human derivation of worship of the elven goddess of dancing (Nessa).

Standard List: Needs tailoring and cutting-down to 10, 8, 8, 6, 6, 6, 6 respectively at each level.
1st: Bless (R), Command, Create Water (R), Cure Light Wounds (R), Detect Evil (R), Detect Magic, Light (R), Protection from Evil (R), Purify Food (R), Remove Fear (R), Resist Cold, Sanctuary
2nd: Augury, Chant, Cure Moderate Wounds (R), Detect Charm (R), Find Traps, Hold Person, Know Alignment (R), Resist Fire, Silence, Slow Poison, Snake Charm, Speak with Animals, Spiritual Hammer
3rd: Animate Dead, Continual Light (R), Create Food, Cure Blindness (R), Cure Disease (R), Cure Serious Wounds (R), Dispel Magic, Feign Death, Glyph of Warding, Locate Object (R), Prayer, Remove Curse (R), Speak with Dead
4th: Cure Critical Wounds (R), Detect Lie (R), Divination, Exorcise, Lower Water (R), Neutralize Poison (R), Protection from Evil 10'r. (R), Tongues
5th: Atonement, Commune, Dispel Evil (R), Flame Strike, Insect Plague, Plane Shift, Quest, Raise Dead (R), True Seeing (R)
6th: Aerial Servant, Animate Object, Blade Barrier, Conjure Animals, Find the Path (R), Heal (R), Part Water, Speak with Monsters, Stone Tell, Word of Recall
7th: Astral Spell, Control Weather, Earthquake, Gate, Holy Word (R), Regenerate (R), Restoration (R), Resurrection (R), Symbol, Wind Walk

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