Hecate, Mother of the Night - Goddess of the Moon and Dark Magic

Order of the Red Moon

Deity HECATE the Lady Moon, Mistress of Magic
Sphere The Moon, Dark Magic.
Alignment Lawful Evil
Symbols Crescent/Full Moon (Silver/Red) and Staff
Holy Days Autumnal Equinox (September 23rd)
Services Full Moon
Sacrifices Oxen, Humans
Weapons Staff, Dagger, Dart
Armour No Armour or Shield
Cult Skills Any Three Lores or Rituals, Any Cult Weapon

The organization of the temples is very strict. Every cleric must belong to a temple, and may only travel when on cult business. They may not ride horses, or have dealings with clerics of other religions, though they often associate with members of the magician's guild. They study magical procedures and learn rituals of ceremonies, enchantments and summonings that can usually only be mastered by magicians.

Clerics of Hecate may be of any race, but must have intelligence of 9+. Every level, these clerics must choose a particular magic spell to store in his/her staff (level of spell = half level of the cleric, rounded up). These stored spells can be cast as part of that clerics normal repertoire. They are usually told which spell to choose by their superiors in the temple.

Clerics also gain 5% magic resistance per level. This resistance varies with the phase of the moon. during the week of the full moon their deity's influence is stronger and so it is doubled. During the week of the new moon her attention is elsewhere and the resistance is halved. While the moon is waxing or waning it is at normal value.

Hell Hounds owe alleigance to Hecate and therefore they will not normally attack her clerics. Her priests have a similar relationship with certain other sorcerous beasts, the origin of which is unclear.

This is a secretive and insular religion, about which outsiders know little. Membership is usually restricted to those of particular families.

Level 1: Bless (R), Create Water (R), Cure Light Wounds (R), Detect Evil (R), Detect Magic, Light (R), Prot. from Evil (R), Remove Fear (R), Sanctuary +?
Level 2: Augury, Detect Charm (R), Find Traps, Hold Person, Silence, Slow Poison, Speak with Animals, Lune-Skin*
Level 3: Continual Light (R), Create Food, Cure Disease (R), Cure Serious Wounds (R), Dispel Magic, Glyph of Warding, Remove Curse (R), Lune-Steed*
Level 4: Cure Critical Wounds (R), Divination, Exorcise, Lower Water (R), Neutralize Poison (R), Protection from Evil 10'r. (R)
Level 5: Dispel Evil (R), Plane Shift, Quest, Raise Dead (R), True Seeing (R), Lune-Spot*
Level 6: Lune-Servant*, Animate Object, Part Water, Speak with Monsters, Word of Recall
Level 7: Astral Spell, Control Weather, Gate, Symbol, Absorb Spell*, Reflect Spell*
Note that Hecate can warp/reverse magic at will so her priests get a greater choice of miracles. They can also use spells taken from magic-users.

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