The Orcish Gods - Gruumsh and Maglubiyet

Cult of the Bloody Axe (Maglubiyet)
Cult of the Lidless Eye (Gruumsh)

Deities MAGLUBIYET "The Mighty One"  or  GRUUMSH "He Who Watches", "He Who Never Sleeps"
Sphere Goblins and Orcs
Alignment Lawful Evil
Symbols Bloody Axe (Maglubiyet), Lidless Eye (Gruumsh)
Holy Days New Moons
Services Before and After Battles
Sacrifices Hearts of Prisoners
Weapons Battleaxe, Handaxe (Maglubiyet)  or  Scimitar, Dagger, Spear (Gruumsh)
Armour Any Armour but No Shields
Cult Skills ?, ?, ?, ?

Only goblinoid males may become clerics of either part of the orcish religion, and it is unlikely that any others would be accepted even as worshippers.

Gruumsh and Maglubiyet are deadly rivals and their cults are usually at war. Thus whole goblin tribes will follow either one or the other. Choicest prisoners, troublesome slaves and 'cowards' are often given to the clerics of the tribe for sacrifices. Curative spells require the slaying of a sacrificial victim as a n additional material component. Though many prisoners of war are taken as slaves, they often do not last very long.

The supporting role of the clerics is recognized in battle, so they typically hold back whilst driving the tribe's warriors forward in a berserk frenzy of blood-lust.

Clerics of Gruumsh must pluck out their own left eye in honour of that one-eyed god (who is virtually never named, and is referred to by his titles).

Legends of a tribe of female warrior goblins, with amazonian priestesses of Maglubiyet, are probably just propaganda against that cult.

Level 1: Bless, Command, Cure Light Wounds (R), Light (R), Remove Fear (R), Bladesharp*, Protection*
Level 2: Augury, Chant, Hold Person, Know Alignment, Resist Fire, Spirit Weapon*, Berserker*, Control Undead (M7)
Level 3: Animate Dead, Continual Light, Create Food, Dispel Magic, Glyph of Warding, Remove Curse (R), Speak with Dead
Level 4: Cure Critical Wounds (R), Divination, Neutralize Poison, Conjure Spirits*, Fanaticism*
Level 5: Commune, Dispel Good, Quest, Contact Spirits*, Emotion (I4), Morale*
Level 6: Animate Object, Blade Barrier, Heal, Speak with Monsters, Stone Tell, Bind Spirits*
Level 7: Control Weather, Earthquake, Gate, Holy Word, Resurrection (R), Symbol

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