A History of the Characters of Pandaria
        In the Year 964 TR...
        DRAHENA the elven thief drops into Pandaria in the Duchy of Dappar, 
        near the city of Tashal.
        With ARATHRAM the Ranger-Mage-Priest, GILL the Rogue, ALEC the Dwarf,
        ZAPMAT the Cleric, HOLGER the half-elven fighter and MOLE the Mighty 
        Mage, she forms the Company of Giantslayers to launch a series of
        punitive raids against the strongholds of marauding giants.
        Led by ARATHRAM the Company venture into the bleak Grey Hills and set
        up camp close to the Steading of Nosnra, the Hill Giant Chief.
        After several attacks, the Giants fortress is breached using an Earth
        Elemental summoned by MOLE.
        The Elemental turns on MOLE and is destroyed after a struggle.
        DRAHENA gains entrance to the cellars of the Steading but Nosnra traps
        her and she is killed and eaten by a pride of manticores.
        The carcass is later found by the others and taken to Tashal, where 
        DRAHENA is resurrected by the Ammonite temple.
        Back at the Steading, partially rebuilt by the giants, the Company
        attack again.
        The Flaming Swords called 'Pathfinder' & 'Nemesis' are discovered.
        In a ferocious final battle, Nosnra, Chief of the Hill Giants, is 
        slain by ARATHRAM and the giants driven out of their Steading. 
        DRAHENA butchers giant children and becomes a Hero of Pandaria.
        Beneath the Steading ARATHRAM enters an alien shrine and finds a 
        Scarab of Confusion but emerges a dribbling, catatonic idiot.
        After much slapping and poking by the others, he appears to recover.
        The party head back victorious to Tashal.
        On the journey ARATHRAM murders HOLGER in a sudden fit of madness:
        DRAHENA, turning into a tiger, is unable to stop the killing.
        ARATHRAM is tied securely and taken to the Ammonite temple in Tashal,
        where his insanity is (almost certainly) cured.
        HAZENTRAK, a fighter, and BAKA, a barbarian/ranger, join.
        The campaign continues and the Glacial Rift of Grugnur, Jarl of the 
        Frost Giants, is attacked and looted.
        Amongst other treasures uncovered are a Wand of Cold, a Ring of Three
        Wishes and... the Nameless Sword of Frost.
        DRAHENA transforms into a tiger and skids around on the icy ledges: 
        a Wish is used to cure her lycanthropy.
        A dragon's hoard of treasure is fireballed and destroyed.
        Following a false treasure map, the mainly elven party forces ALEC
        the Dwarf to dig out a rubble-filled tunnel with his bare hands.
        During an epic battle in the central cave ARATHRAM is slain by giants. 
        ARATHRAM's body is taken back to the group's cave, but ZAPMAT judges
        it too mangled to be healed: A Wish is used to restore ARATHRAM to the 
        state he was in when he first arrived. ARATHRAM returns to life but
        loses all memory of the Glacial Rift in the process.
        A final battle results in the killing of nearly all of the remaining 
        giants - but BAKA is killed by a Fire giantess who staves in the back 
        of his head with a ladle - and the Jarl mysteriously escapes.
        During the ensuing search ZAPMAT the Cleric mysteriously disappears. 
        Finally, MOLE Wishes the Jarl back to his throne in the Rift, where
        he is surrounded and slain by the surviving adventurers.
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