In the Year 965 TR...
        ARATHRAM gains a familiar - a black cat - to replace DRAHENA, he says.
        GILL, the magically-aided renegade and would-be assassin, is killed 
        by DRAHENA in an aerial dogfight over the Royal Palace in Tashal.
        DRAHENA & ARATHRAM, using the Ring, Wish for unlimited power.
        ARATHRAM, DRAHENA, MOLE, ALEC & HAZENTRAK continue the Giant Wars. 
        Leaving their horses and other equipment in a nearby cave, they march
        through the smoky desert of Muspelheim to attack the vast slag heap
        which is the Hall of the Fire Giant King.
        DRAHENA sneaks in but is spotted and escapes only by exploding the 
        huge front doors with her Horn of Blasting and flying out.
        The Company attacks the barricaded entrance but meets with such fierce 
        resistance that HAZEN & ALEC are cut down and captured - the others 
        are repulsed.
        Another, more ferocious, assault succeeds in gaining entry to the Hall
        and King Snurre Ironbelly is slain at his throne by ARATHRAM.
        The hideous Queen Frupy is killed by DRAHENA in her usual style. (?)
        Over a protracted series of raids, the remaining giants are driven 
        down to the lower levels of the Hall.
        DRAHENA hacks at a ballista with the Nameless Frost Sword and, as she
        swears to Demon Lord Orcus, the blade breaks. She takes up Nemesis.
        After an exhausting encounter with a group of Rakshasi, the surviving 
        members of the Company retire to the hillside cave several hours from
        the Hall.
        While resting in the cave with their emaciated horses the group is
        attacked by Obmi, a renegade dwarf, who, flying and invisible, opens
        up on them with Lightning Bolts.
        After frying the horses, Obmi is hit by a lucky shot from ARATHRAM and 
        captured. He is chained and his items are removed, but later escapes.
        The survivors abandon the ill-fated cave and camp elsewhere.
        Meanwhile, the two captured Companions are tortured to death by the 
        real power behind the giants:-  Eclavdra Eilservs the Drow, Evil High
        Priestess and devotee of the Elder Gods.
        ARATHRAM, defending the new campsite from a Beholder, disappears 
        leaving nothing but his (dust-filled) boots (a Wish restores him).
        The Three Companions return to the Hall and venture into its depths.
        The heads of ALEC and HAZEN are found set out in a corridor - with
        spikes driven into them. Some evidence of ZAPMAT is also found in a
        room below. Many trolls are encountered on the second level.
        On the way out, a battle ensues in the long sloping corridor to the
        first level. Giants roll huge burning barrels of oil down at the 
        group, but the heroes survive and kill the giants. 
        At the top of the slope, another barrel of oil is discovered. With the
        intention of burning trolls advancing up the slope, ARATHRAM opens it.
        However, this was a trap: a Fire Glyph on the barrel detonates and the 
        oil ignites. The resulting massive explosion kills Arathrams familiar
        and MOLE the Mighty.
        Outside, ARATHRAM tries to raise MOLE from the dead but the shock is
        too great. A final plea to Ammon results in the miracle of MOLEs soul
        returning to his body. A spiral appears on MOLE's forehead - the mark
        of Ammon.
        Obmi the renegade dwarf is again captured, and trapped inside a magic
        Iron Pyramid created by MOLE at the campsite.
        DRAHENA maintains that turning the dwarf into a sheep would allow him
        to burrow out with his hooves, so she callously Lightning Bolts the
        prisoner to death.
        The Companions continue their raids beneath the Hall, penetrating to
        the third level. 
        There they encounter some Drow - MOLE is hit in the face by a viscid
        glob of goo, but ARATHRAM saves him by slashing a slit through which
        the Mage can breathe (approximately where his mouth used to be).
        Later, in an unfortunate incident involving some Mind Flayers, MOLE
        the Mighty Mage is Lightning Bolted: his body explodes and his soul
        finally goes to Ammon.
        Some prisoners are liberated from cells, including Hugo (a merchant),
        and Viska (a pretty & talented thief).
        ALHENA, a Priestess from another world, joins the party.
        A demon attacks the campsite and devours Hugo.
        While DRAHENA is fighting the demon, ARATHRAM accidentally shoots her 
        dead with Magic Missiles (you know, the ones that never miss...).
        DRAHENA is raised from the dead.
        Viska is brutally slain by DRAHENA, who can't stand competition.
        ALHENA, having observed DRAHENA and ARATHRAM, decides that they are 
        evil inhuman demons and immediately leaves for her home plane.
        Finally just ARATHRAM and DRAHENA remain. 
        Using Pathfinder's power to detect illusions, the pair find an Evil 
        Temple with unholy air and foul decor, depicting three huge, slimy, 
        tentacled creatures. DRAHENA recognises one as a god she once met and 
        banished - from another plane. She admires the temple.
        On the very steps of the Temple, ARATHRAM encounters the arch-enemy -
        In a courageous and heroic battle, the Ranger beheads the Evil Elf:
        Eclavdra dies for her crimes against humanity.
        The Two Companions go on to explore further beneath the Hall.
        They disturb Brazzemal the Red Dragon. 
        DRAHENA is fooled by his silver tongue - and burned by his breath:
        Her body and items char, her Horn of Blasting explodes, and pieces of
        both are scattered over a wide area by the blast.
        ARATHRAM (temporarily) seals the dragon's cave with walls of stone and
        bravely manages to gather most of the bits before the beast smashes 
        its way through.
        ARATHRAM escapes, carrying the pieces of Drahena home in a bag.
        DRAHENA is later resurrected by His Holiness Father Hubert, in Tashal.
        A demon steals the twin swords Pathfinder and Nemesis, and leaves
        a taunting message purportedly from Eclavdra!
        ARATHRAM retires to a desk job in the Ammonite temple at Tashal.
        As Head of Investigations, he organises groups of Paladins to hunt 
        down nests of evil throughout Pandaria. Also, using his influence in 
        the Guild of Arcane Lore, he performs research into the Drow and many 
        other denizens of the UnderDark...
        DRAHENA takes up residence in the Elven Wood at the Court of the Elven
        King, who has the blade of her Nameless Frost Sword reforged.
        Lancelot, a Paladin, gathers a group of adventurers to go questing:
        ZORROW a Fighter, LAMROFIN an Elf, ASTRIX a Thief, DEV the Rev (a 
        cleric) and KUSS an Elven Magic-user.
        Evidently not given to Holy Quests, ZORROW decapitates Lancelot and 
        ASTRIX kicks the head around the village.
        The adventurers go exploring a ruined abbey in the Grey Hills.
        The adventurers murder and rob an innkeeper and an old lady.
        ASTRIX becomes separated from the party and is killed by a bear. 
        LAMROFIN finds ASTRIX's body and gives it a decent burial.
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