In the Years 966 to 968 TR...
These were years of relative peace, hard-won by Heroes of Pandaria.
However, in the year 966 TR...
Brigands attack an armourer's shop in Chenat: some die, others flee.
The brigands' ringleader, a chaos cleric, is tracked and apprehended.
The Canon Court trial of the brigand ends in disarray when a demon
appears in the form of a large GREY MAN riding a Black Dragon.
The brigands escape into the wilderness but then kill each other.
966 (?)
The adventurers acquire a map to the tower of a lonely giant called
Divig, who likes apples, so - with HAGAR the fighter - they go there
and kill him.
CUBIC the Ice-cold Killer, elder half-brother of Zorrow, joins.
KUSS the Feeble is knocked down stairs by a zombie and dies.

The party carry their loot (mainly weapons and armour) into the City
of Chenat, without paying the relevant duty, and blatantly go to the
nearest armourer's to sell the stuff without import papers. They are
asked to come back in the morning for the money. When the adventurers
leave, the armourer, like any good citizen and guild member, reports
the crime to the City Watch - not difficult, as the next person into
his shop just happened to be a Watch agent who had followed them the
hundred yards or so from the city gate. A detachment of the Watch are
stationed in the armourer's shop to apprehend the smugglers in the
That night, the adventurers get into various brawls: CUBIC squashes
three toughs with a table; DEV gets into a fight with a girl called
Black OPALOKA, who subsequently joins the group; and NUMB, an elf
joins in, too.
NARAT the Evil, Acolyte of Chaos, also joins.(?)
The gang decide to raid the armourer's shop before dawn to get their
money and loot.
The robber gang goes around behind the shop and sees the Watch men in
the back room - but think nothing of it and attack anyway. A fight
ensues during which many Watch men are killed and the Guard are called
out. ZORROW takes the opportunity to murder DEV. As a result, HAGAR
attacks ZORROW but is killed by CUBIC.
NUMB is killed.(?)
The survivors fight their way out of the shop and down a back alley:
to be faced with more guards.
LAMROFIN climbs a wall to escape.
NARAT is pulled up on a rope by LAMROFIN.(?)
CUBIC commandeers an officer's horse and rides away.
ZORROW is hauled up by CUBIC as he rides past.(?)

NARAT & LAMROFIN escape over the rooftops. Pausing briefly to hack
up some innocent proles, they flee the city (?).

NARAT kills OPALOKA (?).
LAMROFIN wanders away into the mists of the hills.

NARAT is tracked by a Ranger, captured by a Paladin fighting with
only one hand, and dragged back to Chenat for justice.
NARAT is brought for trial at the Lower Canon Court in Chenat.

A man calling himself Brasenaze convinces the court officials that
the adventurers are really a fanatical group of Lawful hermits whose
vows only permit them to say "Guilty!" (and, if they have performed a
major quest, they may once say "Off with his head!"). The officials
allow the party into the Canon Court, despite the Dwarf's twanging
habit, and NARAT's trial begins.
PANDEMONIUM breaks out in the Court of Law!
The party is a catalyst for violence and soon clerics of the various
religions are at each other's throats.
The climax of the incident arrives when a huge black dragon appears
from nowhere - ridden by a large GREY MAN with an enormous club.
The GREY MAN slays many of those present before bursting out of the
building and flying out on his draconic steed. Pausing merely to
spew acid over the terrified crowds outside the Court, the dragon and
it's demonic rider rise high into the air and disappear - "WHOP!".
During the mayhem, the party free NARAT and get away.

(Running Dwarf swerves to gratuitously hack down a passing artisan,
and is forced to maim his enraged friend as well (?)).

NARAT gets STRAD to Sleep the Dwarf, and tests out his new magic mace
by battering it to death.

LYSANDER the Hermaphrodite, CELEBIL the Elf, MAZDAK Grey Mane,
STRAD the Thief, LEOTARD the Suspicious, two gnomes.

Ogre lair stairway fiasco.
NARAT is killed by an Owlbear while running away.(?)
LYSANDER killed by the Owlbear's mate. (?)
A GNOME heroically defeats several goblins singlehanded and captures
a their hobgoblin leader. After exchanging his prisoner for a fellow
gnome the goblins were holding, he nearly gets away but is tragically
shot by goblin snipers. Mule carrying the gnomes' bodies gets away.

FIREFINGER the Elf Mage, EXMAS the Elf Mage/Cleric/Fighter.
TACK REPUS the Acolyte, ZANTAK of Chaos. (Did nothing)

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