In the Year 969 TR...
        Giant raids begin again.
        The Second Company of Giant Slayers is formed, incorporating great
        heroes drawn from worlds beyond Pandaria by destiny: 
        Lord OGRE the Fighter, BLODGETT the Cyborg Commando, KARRAWAY the High
        Priest of Anubis, ED the Mage, RELLIK the Luckless, SANTOR the Paladin 
        and - of course - the notorious FREDA, Enemy of the Gods (who was at 
        this time simply Freda the Ranger).
        The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief is again attacked. This time not
        in a protracted series of raids but in one great battle in his own
        feasting hall the new Chief, Arneson, and most of his warriors are
        slain. It is at this time that FREDA's Magical Adamantite Plate Armour 
        outgrows her.
        The Companions go on to mop up resistance.
        OGRE finds a giant torch and puts it in his backpack.
        RAEDIL the Elf Warrior-Mage is freed from the dungeons and joins the
        ELWITA the Dwarf Warrior-Maid is found on a rack. She was already 
        known to the other off-world heroes and was evidently drawn through
        with them, but landed elsewhere and got captured.
        BLODGETT the 'Scout' is caught by renegade Dwarves in chains but with
        an OUTRAGEOUS stroke of luck he breaks free.
        ELWITA, thirsting for vengeance, is shot down by the evil Dwarves
        (she is later raised, but loses the baby).
        FREDA stabs a helpless orc prisoner in the neck and loses her ranger
        status. In a sulk she renounces the way of the warrior, apprentices 
        herself to BLODGETT and begins to practice thievery.
        The Companions commence raids against the Frost Giants' Glacial Rift.
        RELLIK is smashed to a pulp by a giant one second before being healed.
        FREDA dumps the undead-slaying sword Valor into a fissure because it
        was too 'uppity'.
        OGRE is fireballed by RAEDIL, and most of his equipment burns - but
        not the giant torch: KARRAWAY discovers it to be a giant-slaying mace
        covered by an illusion (Ogre had carried it around for six months).
        KARRAWAY dismisses two vile demons with the holy words "F*** OFF!".
        ED the Mage dies during a lethal attack by an Ogre Mage.
        BLODGETT is killed in an icefall caused by FREDA's recklessness.
        RAEDIL deduces that a certain magic sword contains some Wishes.
        The Companions use one wish to cause BLODGETT to arrive for the first 
        time at their cave: BLODGETT is confused, but alive.
        In a savage battle, the new Jarl and all of his housecarls are slain.
        BLODGETT, seized by the Jarl's warrior-wife, reflexively lashes out:
        as the light of love enters her eyes, his sword strikes and she dies.
        FREDA uses the last Wish from RAEDIL's sword to study as a Bard.
        Despite FREDA's demands, Holy Father Hubert of Tashal, Primate of the 
        Ammonite Faith, refuses to resurrect the dead cat in her backpack.
        FREDA sneaks back later and attacks his Temple: while some magically 
        summoned berserkers chop up poorly-armed acolytes, FREDA desecrates 
        the Altar with cat urine and gets away. FREDA is named The Defiler. 
        She is declared outlaw and leaves the plane soon afterwards.
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