In the Year 970 TR...
        KARRAWAY must perform a quest to win the right to establish a Temple
        of Anubis upon the plane of Pandaria: Finish the Giant Wars.
        KARRAWAY re-forms the Second Company of Giant Slayers to assault the 
        Hall of the Fire Giant King.
        DRAHENA briefly joins to act as guide and advisor.
        SANTOR, Paladin of the Broken Sword, also joins.
        A band of Fire Giants outside the Hall ask the Companions for help to
        oust the evil creature which is their King and drive out the Drow who
        turned the giants away from their true gods and caused the disasters.
        DRAHENA and BLODGETT scout the entrance, but are surrounded by giants
        in the Main Hall: DRAHENA is cut down and killed; BLODGETT leaps for 
        his life, but is cleanly beheaded by a Fire Giant from behind.
        The whole bodies of DRAHENA and BLODGETT are Wished out, and restored
        to life later. The group returns to Tashal.
        DRAHENA leaves and returns to the Elven Wood. 
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