In the Year 971 TR...
        Another expedition to the the Hall of the Fire Giants.
        FREDA arrives, brought from adventures in another world. 
        The assault upon the Hall begins: a vicious battle ensues which is
        watched by a bored Fire Giant lolling upon the throne.
        Wave upon wave of Giant Warriors - driven on by fear of their unholy
        tyrant - are sickeningly massacred by RAEDIL using overwhelming magic
        violence, in full view of the friendly giants outside the Hall.
        FREDA hacks her way through several giants to reach the throne and, 
        with her Vorpal Sword, hews the neck of the King: it causes a nick.
        FREDA is worried by her virtual impotence: the King is still relaxed.
        The King is Lightning Bolted and slightly injured: now he's worried.
        After more lightning, the body crumples - but OGRE has a funny turn
        and starts running - further bolts drive out an Intellect Devourer.
        OGRE gave the Devourer a piece of his mind.
        Exploring, RAEDIL thinks he sees a vague movement and immediately 
        opens fire - killing a cute little bat-winged toad (remember this if 
        you're ever thinking of travelling with RAEDIL).
        BLODGETT and FREDA charge to investigate a nearby shriek, while OGRE,
        SANTOR and KARRAWAY head around the long way.
        FREDA is paralysed and Ogres move in for the kill: but the Diamond
        Sword saves her by putting up a Prismatic Sphere, which despatches
        all but one, then tugging itself from her nerveless fingers to slay
        the Ogre inside the Sphere in one stroke.
        BLODGETT goes on to earn the title "Frail-Old-Woman's Bane": even a
        hobbit-slaying dagger can't save her from the diminutive bionic hero.
        OGRE is possessed (again) and slices off KARRAWAYS arm with his Sword
        of Sharpness, but when he chops at the stricken priest's neck, SANTOR
        bravely interposes himself, deflecting the blow and OGRE runs away 
        ("Don't do that, Ogre, 'e's 'armless.").
        The Heroes penetrate deep beneath the Hall: in this dangerous area,
        FREDA and BLODGETT run off after a solitary kobold, leaving the rest 
        of the Companions to face the onslaught of Brazzemal the red dragon.
        OGRE, KARRAWAY and ELWITA are felled by the first swipe of it's tail.
        RAEDIL jumps clear and shoots some arrows and ineffectual spells, and
        does not polymorph into a dinichtys.
        The Great Beast breathes fire over the fallen and KARRAWAY dies.
        SANTOR the Paladin stands alone against the Huge Ancient Red Dragon:
        after a titanic struggle he is victorious: SANTOR DRAGONSLAYER.
        When it's over FREDA and BLODGETT return, saying they were ambushed
        by some Drow.
        The Companions hide in the Dragon's cave which contains a vast hoard.
        Using his Secret Jewel of Wishes, BLODGETT transports the group - and 
        the treasure - to a field near the city of Tashal. 
        TOBY carries some of the treasure for them.
        KARRAWAY is returned to life at the Temple of Ammon, which has almost
        recovered from FREDA's desecration. FREDA decides to be a fanatical
        worshipper of Anubis, disguises herself with a mask and pretends to be 
        KARRAWAY's henchman.
        A treaty is made between Pandaria and the Fire Giants. 
        The Heroes who helped to slay the False Fire Giant King are proclaimed
        Giant Friends (except for RAEDIL who was seen slaughtering too many).
        The Giant Wars are over.
        KARRAWAY leaves the plane with his henchman ELWITA and FREDA.
        BLODGETT settles down as a locksmith's apprentice in Tashal.
        Lord OGRE, now not so clever, goes adventuring in south Pandaria.
        SANTOR DRAGONSLAYER returns to his home plane to fight giants.
        RAEDIL retires to the Elven Woods to develop a "Tent of Infidelity".
        REKYLL & VIBRO, assassins, murder the acolyte-mage NESTOR in Lilford.
        A Dwarf is cut down by an assassin in a street in Lilford, and dies.
        BLUEBIRD the Mage flees Lilford to avoid assassination (?).
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