In the Year 972 TR...
        RAEDIL transcribes spells from books recovered by ARATHRAM from Mind 
        Flayers beneath the Hall of Snurre.
        RAEDIL and BLODGETT act as security consultants for ARATHRAM's Temple.
        Lord OGRE becomes the leader of Berserker Castle in south Pandaria.
        ARATHRAM investigates a series of bizarre and horrific murders in 
        Adventurers are gathered to pursue goblins in the Grey Hills: 
        GRMOK & THULAK, Dwarf veterans, FELDAS an aspirant druid and his dog
        RUFUS, two half-elves ALFIE the acolyte-mage and DIXON the acolyte-
        ranger, and two mercenary men-at-arms Fred and Dave.
        During a night-time shoot-out with goblin raiders, ALFIE, DIXON and
        Dave are shot dead. 
        The survivors struggle home carrying their wounded and goblin heads.
        The party is joined by GAELOS ('Chubby') the Healer-Mage and DENIS,
        an elf.
        GRMOK's strength is drained by Wights during raid on an old ogre lair.
        GRMOK, THULAK & their companions travel to Khuzan, the Dwarven city.
        ARATHRAM's Paladins trail a suspect to a cellar room in a tenement 
        off Heru Street. Pieces of his family and other victims were later
        found hidden all around it. The Paladins claim he hacked off his own 
        head with an axe before they arrested him. Summary justice assumed.
        GRMOK, THULAK etc explore Dungeon of Skulls, west of Khuzan.
        Fred dies heroically defending the paralysed bodies of GRMOK, THULAK
        and RUFUS. FELDAS, CHUBBY & DENIS run away. But DENIS loses his mind,
        returns and single-handedly shoots down six ghouls, saving RUFUS and
        the Dwarves, but too late to stop Fred's throat being bitten out.
        Fred buried with honour in Khuzan.
        Fred returns as a ghoul, but is put to rest by the party.
        BROBON ARMEPITTE, a halfling thief, joins the party. 
        THULAK Breathstealer joins the Khuzan Militia.
        CHUBBY (Gaelos the Healer) retires to found a chapel in Khuzan.
        The party meets a few dwarven prospectors, but falls foul of a large 
        goblin war band with wargs: GRMOK the Dwarf and BROBON the halfling 
        keep them occupied from a tree while the rest of the party escape. 
        The others return later with a Dwarf patrol but find only the bones 
        of a halfling and a dwarf...
        THULAK rejoins the party, with another Dwarf called 'Digger' MURZAK.
        Party meets a group of human adventurers, including EMATAG the Chaos
        Cleric, and go with them to the Dungeon of Skulls.
        MURZAK, FELDAS, RUFUS, DENIS and three of the humans are slain by an
        attack of mutant trolls. Only THULAK and EMATAG escape.
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