In the Year 974 TR...
        War-torn Lorne is overrun by Legions of the Dark Empire.
        MAGNOX and LANDOR set out for Cragside, to complete the mission they
        abandoned last year. Too late - it's been done. They go home again.
        MAGNOX, LANDOR, LANA, SERGIO & GRMOK set off for the Abbey, but find
        it guarded by a Troll, surrounded by Killer Frogs and occupied by a
        Priest of Melkor with Undead and Goblins at his command. They leave.
        LANDOR is captured and, after his companions fail to raise a ransom,
        he is sold to the Arena in Shiran.
        GRMOK sets off back to Khuzan.
        LANA takes SERGIO on a pilgrimage to Thay in an attempt to redeem his
        soul. MAGNOX & his Paladins accompany them, just to make sure.
        SAMOA the female Mage and CORTEZ the White Monk embark upon the Quest
        of the Travel Stone, at the behest of the Guild of Arcane Lore.
        From Coranan, they journey east to Silver Rise, a border village.
        They find that Lenchros the Sage has opened a portal to a void from 
        which evil dark shapes are emerging to devour the local people.
        Bravely venturing through the portal, they travel beyond the void to
        a city of undead where they discover that Lenchros has perished.
        Realizing that closing the portal is beyond their powers, SAMOA and
        CORTEZ befriend Nightshade, a specialist sorceress, and persuade her
        to return with them to seal the portal.
        Following the success of their previous mission, the Guild of Arcane
        Lore asks SAMOA and CORTEZ to undertake another delicate assignment.
        Accompanying them is DEATHSTALKER, an Unordered Priest of Chaos.
        They journey to Embrick, a village in the north of Eidel Province, 
        whence they begin their Quest to liberate the Royal Tombs from ogres.
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