Armour & Encumbrance, Fatigue and Movement  [14SEP08] armour.htm

Common Armour Types

Armour AP Cost Wt. Burden AP by Location Composition
Cloth 1 120 6.0/7.0 -/L H1,C1 Ab1,A0,L1 Heavy clothing/soft leather jack, soft leather cap, low soft boots
Leather 2 200 9.0lb L H2,C2,Ab2,A1,L1 Hard leather hauberk, hard leather hood, low hard boots
Cuirbouilli 3 900 12.0lb M H3,C4,Ab2,A1,L2 Cuirbouilli cuirass, greaves, vambs, helmet, s.lthr hauberk,
Ring-mail 3 700 14.0lb M H2,C5,Ab5,A2,L2 Ring mail hauberk, h.lthr hood,
Scale-mail 4 1200 25.0lb M H4,C6,Ab6,A2,L2 Scale hauberk, composite helm,
Chainmail 5 2000 30.0lb M H5,C7,Ab7,A3,L3 Chainmail hauberk, h.lthr greaves, vambs, open helm,
Splinted 6 4500 39.0lb H H5,C7,Ab7,A5,L4 Splint cuirass, q.shirt, plate v.s, scale trews, gauntlets, open helm,
Banded 6 7000 40.0lb M H5,C6,Ab6,A5,L6 Brigandine hauberk, plate greaves & vambraces, open helm, 
Plate-mail 7 10,000 45.0lb H H6,C9,Ab8,A5,L6 Plate cuirass, g&v.s, q.vest, chain skirt, sleeves, guarded helm,
Full Plate 8 40K+ 60.0lb H H7,C9,Ab8,A7,L7 Plate cuirass, g&v.s, full helm, etc. Must be custom-made to fit properly. 
Weight assumes medium size (11-15 st). Smaller or larger armours must be custom-made (SIZ 6-10 x0.8, 16-20 x1.2, etc. Cost x2).
Burden (Light/Moderate/Heavy) can affect physical (generally Dex-based) skills, movement rate and magic spell-casting (see below).

Statistics for Individual Armour Pieces

Armour Piece AP/# Cost Wt. Burden Location/s (#) Notes
Heavy Clothing 0.05 50 2.5lb - Chest, Abdomen (05-14) Heavier than normal clothing
Soft Leather Jack 0.05 50 3.5lb L Chest, Abdomen (05-14)  
Hard Leather Hauberk 0.10 100 5.0lb L Chest, Abdomen (05-14)  
Cuirbouilli Cuirass 0.15 210 1.5lb L Chest (09-12)  
Cuirbouilli Greaves 0.15 280 2.0lb L Legs (03-06) Cost/weight per pair
Cuirbouilli Vambraces 0.15 140 1.0lb L Arms (15-16) Cost/weight per pair
Ringmail Hauberk 0.25 600 10.0lb M Chest, Abdomen (05-14)  
Scale Hauberk 0.30 900 20.0lb M Chest, Abdomen (05-14)  
Chainmail Hauberk 0.35 1500 20.0lb M Chest, Abdomen (05-14)  
Hard Leather Greaves 0.10 40 2.0lb L Legs (03-06) Cost/weight per pair
Hard Leather Vambraces 0.10 20 1.0lb L Arms (15-16) Cost/weight per pair
Splinted Cuirass 0.30 1200 7.2lb M Chest (09-12) Vertical metal splints on leather (a.k.a. Lamellar)
Brigandine Byrnie 0.30 1800 10.8lb M Chest, Abdomen (07-12) Horizontal metal bands on leather (a.k.a. Lamellar)
Brigandine Hauberk 0.30 3000 18.0lb M Chest, Abdomen+ (05-14) Horizontal metal bands on leather (a.k.a. Lamellar)
Plate Vambraces 0.40 1450 5.0lb M Arms (15-16) Cost/weight per pair
Plate Greaves 0.40 2900 10.0lb M Legs (03-06)  
Scale Trews 0.30 630 14.0lb M Abdomen, Legs (03-08)  
Scale Gauntlets 0.30 360 4.0lb H Arms (17-18) Gauntlets encumber more than usual 
Plate Cuirass 0.40 2900 7.5lb M Chest (09-12)  
Chainmail Skirts 0.35 450 6.0lb M Abdomen (05-08)  
Chainmail Sleeves 0.35 300 5.0lb M Arms (13-14)  
Quilted Shirt 0.05 35 1.75lb L Arms, Chest, Abd. (08-16)  
Hard Leather Gauntlets 0.10 40 1.0lb L Arms (17-18) Cost/weight per pair; encumber more than usual
Low Hard Boots 0.10 40 3.0lb - Legs (01-02) Cost/weight per pair
Hard Leather Cap 0.10 20 0.5lb - Head (20) Caps encumber less than usual
Hard Leather Hood 0.10 40 1.0lb L Head (19-20)  
Cuirbouilli Helmet 0.15 140 1.0lb L Head (19-20)  
Composite Helm 0.20 180 2.0lb M Head (19-20) Cuirbouilli with riveted metal plates
Open Helm 0.25 300 4.0lb M Head (19-20) Metal helm with cheek/back plates
Guarded Helm 0.30 600 5.0lb M Head (19-20) Metal helm as above, with extra eye/nose protection 
Full/Closed Helm 0.35 1500 8.0lb H Head (19-20) Full metal helm, covering all neck/head except eyes
Great Helm 0.40 4000 10.0lb H Head (19-20) As above, with even more protection and decoration
Armour type base AP/Burden/ Cost/Weight per locn-point (1/20th): Cloth 1/-/5/0.25lb; Soft Leather 1/L/5/0.35lb; Hard Leather 2/L/10/0.5lb; Cuirbouilli 3/M/55/0.5lb; Ring 5/M/60/1.0lb; Scale 6/M/90/2.0lb; Lamellar 6/M/300/1.8lb; Chain 7/M/150/2.0lb; Plate 8/M/725/2.5lb. [As BRP except Burdens: Hard Leather L (not M); Ring M (not L)]
The burden of a full suit of armour is the highest of any constituent piece. Pieces give the burden of their base BRP armour type (boots/caps one less, gauntlets/full helms one more) . Multiple layers add burdens together; over Heavy is too cumbersome to move.

Burden  Light: no skill penalty, -1 Move, +10% Magic fumble. Moderate: Skills x1/2, -2 Move, +20% Magic fumble. Heavy: Skills x 1/10, -3 Move, +30% Magic fumble. Listen/Spot skills are greatly disadvantaged in Full/Great Helm; Lockpicking, Shooting Bows and Playing Instruments are impossible in Gauntlets.  Anyone not trained to the burden of armour is automatically Encumbered.
Capacity:  SIZ x (STR + 10) / 20  (x14 lbs).  Over half Encumbers: Movement, Initiative & Dex-based skills are x1/2.
  Exertion (e.g. combat) for a turn requires a CONx5 roll to avoid Fatigue (Movement, Initiative & all skills x1/2) or if already fatigued Exhaustion (x1/10). Recovery from fatigue requires rest for 1 hour; exhaustion 8 hours.

Movement Rate (MOV) is 10 for Humans (Elves 11, Dwarves 8, Halflings 6), being the number of 5ft squares moved in a full round. Each Move Action allows half that, rounded down: i.e. MOV 10 = 5 sq./move; MOV 9 or 8 = 4 sq/move; MOV 7 or 6 = 3 sq./move; etc. Running (x3/x5) is possible for short periods if not in combat. (MOV 10 = 25ft/action, 50ft/round, 300ft/min., ~2 mph, ~20 miles/day).

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