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Languages are normal skills which can be used, trained, studied or learned by experience in the usual ways.
Here is a guideline to what the raw skill percentages actually mean:

10% Rudimentary - communication may be possible: "Food!"
25% Basic - can get by amongst native speakers: "What moneys for sheep?"
50% Normal - communication is assured: "How much for that leg of lamb?"
75% Advanced - as fluent as most clever natives: "But that mutton was rotten before it was butchered!"
100%+ Courtly - the language of poets, philosophers, diplomats and emissaries: "Surely the assessment for this specimen of decomposing provender should be re-evaluated in consideration of it's advanced state of putrefaction."

Ticks for language skills may be awarded for roleplaying the appropriate level of fluency.

Learning Languages
Most non-player characters will know their native tongue to about 50% but will be illiterate.
Most player characters will speak their native tongue at INT x 5% and read/write its associated script at (INT - 5) x 10%.

Languages related to each other can be spoken at half the skill of the highest in their group. An averagely intelligent character would thus have the basics (25%) of all languages related to their native tongue. Day-to-day communication in a language counts as training under a Tutor with a 50% skill (see "The Experience System"). Tuition usually under a tutor with about 100% skill) may be undertaken in addition to this. Scripts are easier to learn than languages - but note that a higher skill is required to be fully literate.

25% Inadequate - Cannot understand most of what is read, almost everything written is illegible.
50% Slow reader - Can get the gist of most things but has to trace with a finger and speak out loud.
75% Adequate - Reads and writes correctly most of the time but often misreads or writes illegibly.
100%+ Fully literate - Can read and write accurately and quirckly, only erring rarely, perhaps when under pressure.


Language Groups of Pandaria
COMMON: Central/Common Tongue (1), Westron/Beaulangue (1), Northron/Kurlish (1), Old Kurlish (2), Algandarve (1), Bacchile (1).
EASTERN: Eastron/Emphidian (1), Ancient Emphidian (2), Unno (1), Raukil (1), Klav (2).
SOUTHERN: Southron/Orbaalese (1), Modern Sheban (2), Ancient Sheban (3).
GOBLIN: Gazga Dialects (1): Goblin, Orcish, Hobgoblin, The Black Speech (1).
ELVISH: Elvish/Sindarin (1), High Elvish/Quenya (1), [Entish (10) - elvish speakers can understand some Entish but not vice-versa].
KYMERIAN: Vasic (1), Latter Mercanian (1), Old Mercanian (2).
WOE: High Cabbandari (5), Low Cabbandari (3).
DRACONIC: Kobold (2), Lizardine (2), Draconic/Auld Wyrmish (10).
OGREISH: High Ogreish (3), Ogreish (2).
Others (unrelated): Magic(10), Thieves Cant (1), Temple Tongues (1), Etya'be'yely(3), Kaikuhuran(3), Tsutsuneng(3), Centaur, Gnollish, Dwarvish (2), Old Pandarian (2), Lughwyd (3).
[Bold:Major Language; Normal:Minor Language; Italic: Ancient Language; (+Difficulty)]


D.F. Difficulty Increase %
1 Normal +5%
2 Complex +3%
3 Demanding +2%
4 Abstruse +1%
5 Formidable +1%
10 Impossible! +1%
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