Psionic Abilities System [06FEB09] psionics.htm

Psionics are various powers derived from the brain, and they enable characters so endowed to perform in ways which resemble magical powers. They are gained only by special individuals as inborn traits, by unnatural disturbance of the mind, or monkish mental discipline. 

Psionic Ability
Psionic characters have a  number of Psionic  Disciplines, with a separate skill for each:  Base POW(WIS)% (normal difficulty, i.e. DF 2, +3 or +d6 per increase). They will also have Psionic Attack/Defence Modes for psionic combat. 
[Conversion from AD&D: Psionic skills should approximately equal half the total Psionic Ability, i.e. Attack/Defence Strengths]

Using Psionic Abilities
Using psionic powers costs Power Points (roughly 1/5th cost or 5x duration listed in the PHB). The Level of Mastery with each is 1 per 10% skill with that discipline. 

Psionic Powers

Psionic powers include attack modes, defence modes and disciplines (the magic-like abilities). The number of each type of power is determined by rolling percentile dice, adding the bonus, and consulting the following tables (the bonus is +1 for each unmodified Int/Wis/Cha above 12 and, in addition, per point above 16 a further +2 for Int, +1 for Wis and + for Cha):

  d100 Attack Modes   d100 Defence Modes   d100 Minor (Devotions) Major (Sciences)
  01-25 1 attack mode   01-25 2 defence modes   01-10 1 0
  26-50 2 attack modes   26-75 3 defence modes   11-25 2 0
  51-75 3 attack modes   76-90 4 defence modes   26-40 3 0
  76-95 4 attack modes   91-100+ 5 defence modes   41-55 2 1
  96-100+ 5 attack modes         56-70 3 1
              71-80 4 1
              81-90 3 2
              91-95 5 1
              96-100+ 4 2

Psionic Attack/Defence Modes
The modes available to a psionic character may be chosen from the lists below. Psionic individuals always have Defence Mode F (Mind Blank) but other modes are optionally selected. Note that Attack Mode A (Psionic Blast) is the only one which can affect non-psionics.

A. Psionic Blast - a wave of mental force much like 'stunning news', affecting all creatures, even non-psionics, in a conical area.
B. Mind Thrust - a stabbing attack which seeks to short-out the synapses in the brain of one psionically-sensitive individual.
C. Ego Whip - attacks the ego of one psionic creature, either with feelings of inferiority/ worthlessness or of superiority/megalomania.
D. Id Insinuation - seeks to loose the uncontrolled subconscious mind against the super-ego, in all psionically-aware creatures in an area.
E. Psychic Crush - a massive assault upon the target psionic's neurons, attempting to destroy all by signal-overload. (Usable only with G).

F. Mind Blank - attempts to hide the mind from attack, making its parts unidentifiable. (All psionics have this defence mode). 
G. Thought Shield - cloaks the mind so as to hide first one part, then another. (This is the only defence mode usable with E).
H. Mental Barrier - a carefully built thought-repetition wall which exposes only that one small portion of the mind.
I. Intellect Fortress - calls forth the powers of the ego and super-ego to stop attacks. (Protects a 10ft radius around the user).
J. Tower of Iron Will - relies upon the super-ego to build an unassailable haven for the brain. (Protects a 3ft radius around the user).

Psionic Combat
Psionic combat is similar to Spirit Combat. It takes place at a rate equal to normal melee combat and the creatures involved can engage in other activity. One psionic attack takes a Standard action and one psionic defence can be taken as a Free action per round. Psionic attacks are instantaneous but defences persist for 5 full rounds. The procedure is as follows: on their initiative a psionic character may use a psionic attack and rolls their Current Power Points x5 to determine it's effectiveness - if successful, the target(s) lose 1/2/3PP as for normal spirit combat; then any target psionic character may select and use a psionic defence - if not blocked, any target character must save (WISx5) against the extra effects (+1/+2 at medium/long range). Defences either block the attack entirely, or do not affect it. Critical/Fumbled psionic attacks also require the defender/attacker to save (WISx5) versus insanity. Normal/Special/Critical effects are given on the table below: 

Attack Mode Cost/Usage Range [Area] Effects (+ Special/Critical effects)
A. Psionic Blast 5 20/40/60ft [20ft cone] Confusion + wander for 1rnd (Special: wander 1 min; Critical: wander 1 turn)
B. Mind Thrust 1 30/60/90ft [individual] Dazed  (Special: Stunned; Critical: Unconscious)
C. Ego Whip 2 40/80/120ft [individual] Rage  (Special: Panic; Critical: Robot)
D. Id Insinuation 3 60/120/180ft [20x20ft] Idiocy  (Special: Feeblemind; Critical: Coma)
E. Psychic Crush 4 50ft [individual] D6 damage to head/skull (Special: 2D6; Critical: 3D6).
Defence Mode Cost/Usage Area Protected Effects Blocked
F. Mind Blank 1/min Self Psionic Blast blocked
G. Thought Shield 2/min Self Psionic Blast/Mind Thrust blocked
H. Mental Barrier 3/min Self Psionic Blast/Mind Thrust/Ego Whip blocked
I. Intellect Fortress 8/min 10ft radius Psionic Blast/Mind Thrust/Ego Whip/Id Insinuation blocked
J. Tower of Iron Will 10/min 3ft radius All psionic attack forms blocked.

Psionic Attack Effect Definitions
CONFUSION - Roll d6/round: 1-3 Stand Dazed; 4 Attack nearest; 5 Attack assailant; 6 Wander away (for 1 min/rnd/turn - then ends).
Stand still, unable to perform actions except Parry and Defence (duration 1 round). 
- Stand still, unable to perform any actions except Defence (duration 1 round).  
UNCONSCIOUS - Fall unconscious, unable to perform any actions (duration 1 minute).
- Run towards the assailant, attacking anyone met with whatever comes to hand (WISx5 save per minute to recover).
- Run away from the assailant, dropping anything in hand (WISx5 save per minute to recover).
- Mentally controlled, stand Dazed unless their assailant concentrates to force movement (WISx5 save per minute to recover).
IDIOCY - Intelligence & Wisdom reduced to 3 and incapable of reasoned/sensible actions (duration 1 minute).
Intelligence & Wisdom reduced to 3 (as Idiocy, but duration permanent until cured by Heal, Restoration or Wish).
Fall unconscious, unable to perform any actions (duration d6 days, so may die of dehydration unless tended).
INSANITY - Roll d30: 1 Dispsomania; 2 Kleptomania; 3 Schizoid (copycat); 4 Pathological Liar; 5 Monomania; 6 Dementia Praecox (pointlessness); 7 Melancholia (hopelessness); 8 Megalomania; 9 Delusional (think they're a king/hero/god); 10 Schizophrenia (split- personality); 11 Mania; 12 Lunacy; 13 Paranoia; 14 Manic-depression; 15 Hallucinations; 16 Sado-masochism; 17 Homicidal Mania; 18 Hebephrenia (silly games); 19 Suicidal Mania; 20 Catatonia; 21Agoraphobia; 22 Claustrophobia; 23 Demophobia; 24 Dendrophobia; 25 Nyctophobia; 26 Ophiophobia; 27 Xenophobia; 28 Batrachophobia; 29 Satyriasis/Nymphomania; 30 Other Insanity. Lasts until Healed.

Gaining Psionic Disciplines
One randomly-determined psionic discipline is gained initially. Other disciplines can be gained through either intensive training (monkish tuition) or special circumstances (GM whim) - see the standard BRP rules for details.  'Natural' psionics may gain up to their inborn limit (as rolled); monks have no such limit but may only learn disciplines their sect can teach. Note that, due to limited availability of the monastic masters who give such training, monks will only be taught new disciplines when they prove themselves 'worthy' or have sufficient 'spiritual development ' (which can be abstracted as meaning they can only have one discipline per 10% Defence, but may also involve performing special quests or other services for their master/mentor). Other limitations may also be imposed, such as gaining minor abilities ('devotions') before related major abilities ('sciences'), or gaining all potential minor abilities (or at least 5) before any major ones, or similar restrictions. 

d20 Minor (Devotions) Description (for full details see below)
1 Animal Telepathy Communicate with creatures including plants. (~PHB)
2 Body Control Resist cold, heat, fire, acid, poison, etcetera.  (~PHB, was major)
3 Body Equilibrium Walk on mud, quicksand, water etc and fall slowly. (~PHB)
4 Body Weaponry Skin and limbs become tough as armour and weapons. (~PHB)
5 Cellular Adjustment Cure wounds and diseases. (~PHB)
6 Clairvoyance/Clairaudience Psychic viewing and/or listening. (~PHB, combined)
7 Detection of Aura Sense alignment of creatures and objects. (~PHB, 'D.of Good/Evil' renamed)
8 Detection of Magic Sense magic, including type and strength. (~PHB)
9 Domination Take control of a creature's body. (~PHB)
10 Empathy Sense emotions. (~PHB)
11 Hypnosis Influence the mind of others with verbal suggestion. (~PHB)
12 Levitation Raise own body from the ground with mental power alone. (~PHB)
13 Mind Bar Resist charms, possession and similar mental control/attack. (~PHB, was major)
14 Molecular Agitation Heat boil or burn substances from a distance. (~PHB)
15 Movement Trance Bound along at treble normal running speed for long distances. (New. RW "lung-gom")
16 Psionic Combat Mastery Mastery of all psionic attack and defence modes. (New)
17 Psychic Sensitivity Discern significant history/ownership of an object or area. (~PHB, combined S to P Imp, Obj Read.)
18 Suspended Animation Sleep as if dead for extended periods. (~PHB)
19 Telekinesis Move objects using mental force. (~PHB, was major)
20 Transcendent Mastery Go without food, water and/or sleep for extended periods. (~PHB, 'Mind Over Body' renamed)
d20 Major (Sciences) Description (for full details see below)
1 Astral Projection Send spirit into the Astral Plane and beyond.  (~PHB)
2 Aura Alteration Remove curses or hide alignment of self or others. (~PHB)
3 Energy Control Immunity to fire/lightning/cold and similar attacks. (~PHB)
4 Etherealness Shift body into the ethereal plane and beyond. (~PHB)
5 Expansion/Reduction Increase or decrease body size dramatically. (~PHB, combined)
6 Extrasensory Perception Mind reading, also known as E.S.P. (~PHB)
7 Immanent Mastery Immunity to ageing. (New)
8 Invisibility Mentally block others from seeing subject creatures/objects. (~PHB, was minor)
9 Mass Domination Take control of multiple creature's bodies simultaneously. (~PHB)
10 Molecular Manipulation Break objects of various materials. (~PHB)
11 Molecular Rearrangement Transmute metals into other types. (~PHB, also change shapes)
12 Precognition Foresee and influence the future. (modified radically, was minor)
13 Psionic Strangulation Force another creature's body to stop breathing. (New)
14 Reincarnation Find, awaken and accelerate growth of a reborn spirit. (New)
15 Shape Alteration Change shape into animal form. (~PHB)
16 Telempathic Projection Create semi-real images of objects and creatures. (modified: ~Create Image, RW 'tulpas')
17 Telepathic Projection Project image of self to communicate across unlimited distances. (modified: ~Project Image)
18 Telepathy Mental communication over virtually unlimited distances. (~PHB, also influence)
19 Teleportation Instantly transport body over large distances, correctably. (~PHB)
20 The Quivering Palm Set up lethal vibrations in another person's body. (New, from monkish ability)

PSIONICS - Unnatural spell-like abilities, available to insane followers of the blasphemous old gods of ancient Pandaria, other bizarre creatures and monks.

Psionic Attack Modes Psionic Blast, Mind Thrust, Ego Whip, Id Insinuation, Psychic Crush 
Psionic Defence Modes  Mind Blank, Thought Shield, Mental Barrier, Intellect Fortress, Tower of Iron Will
Minor Abilities (Devotions) Animal Telepathy, Body Control, Body Equilibrium, Body Weaponry, Cellular Adjustment, Clairvoyance/Clairaudience, Detection of Aura, Detection of Magic, Domination, Empathy, Hypnosis, Levitation, Mind Bar, Molecular Agitation, Movement Trance, Psionic Combat Mastery, Psychic Sensitivity, Suspended Animation, Telekinesis, Transcendent Mastery
Major Abilities (Sciences) Astral Projection, Aura Alteration, Energy Control, Etherealness, Expansion/Reduction, Extrasensory Perception, Immanent Mastery, Invisibility, Mass Domination, Molecular Manipulation, Molecular Rearrangement, Precognition, Psionic Strangulation, Reincarnation, Shape Alteration, Telempathic Projection, Telepathic Projection, Telepathy, Teleportation, The Quivering Palm


ANIMAL TELEPATHY [Range: 10ft/level; Duration: 1 minute/level; Area: 10ft wide path; Save: n/a]
    This discipline allows the possessor to communicate with various forms of living things, the type of animal life and the range determined by the level of mastery of the possessor. Animal telepathy allows clear communication but no command or influence beyond the possessor's own persuasiveness. The discipline operates as follows: 1st Level of Mastery allows communication with mammals etc.; 2nd amphibians; 3rd avians; 4th reptiles; 5th fish etc.; 6th arachnids etc; 7th plants.

BODY CONTROL [Range: 0; Duration: 1 hour/level; Area: individual; Save: None]
    This devotion allows the possessor to exist in hostile environments or elements or withstand substances or radiations destructive to his/her body, viz. cold, heat, poisonous gases, acids, flame, etc. For each level of mastery the possessor can withstand what would normally inflict 1 hit point of damage to his/her body in a single round of exposure. The duration of such body control is 1 hour maximum for each level of mastery. This discipline allows breathing under water at 1st level. Takes one round of concentration to start. [PHB: Major]

BODY EQUILIBRIUM [Range: 0; Duration: concentration; Area: individual; Save: None]
    This discipline allows the user to adjust the weight of his/her body to correspond with the surface upon which he/she is. Thus, the possessor can walk upon mud, quicksand, water or whatever. With respect to falling, this discipline allows the practitioner to slow their fall so that no damage is sustained, provided they have opportunity to periodically make contact with a wall or similar surface during their descent: at 1st Level of Mastery they can fall up to 20ft if within 1ft of a wall; at 3rd level 30ft if within 4ft; at 10th level any distance if within 8ft. [cf.: monks controlled falling ability]

BODY WEAPONRY [Range: 0; Duration: 1 hour/level; Area: individual; Save: None]
    This Body Weaponry discipline allows the possessor to use his/her body as both weapon and armour by altering the molecules in the body as needed. The  equivalent damage and armour varies according to the level of mastery: armour of 1AP per level of mastery, up to a maximum of ten; damage of D(2+level), rounded down to a standard die. If the psionic uses weapons the body weaponry damage does not apply, and if they wear armour only the better value applies. Body Weaponry is incompatible with the Martial Arts skill.

CELLULAR ADJUSTMENT [Range: 0; Duration: permanent; Area: creature touched; Save: None]
    By means of psionic attunement to the cells of an injured creature, the possessor of this ability is able to heal wounds and/or injuries or cure diseases at a rate of 1hit point per round of concentration. The maximum healing is 1 round per level of mastery per usage. (Diseases are equivalent to 5 damage for a mild, early-stage disease and up to 10 for an advanced stage of plague or leprosy; serious and critical injuries are equivalent to 5 and 10 damage respectively).  

CLAIRVOYANCE/CLAIRAUDIENCE [Range: special ; Duration: 1 minute/level; Area: special ; Save: None]
    This discipline empowers the user to see in his/her mind whatever is within sight range, or hear whatever is within hearing range, from a chosen locale. Distance is not a factor but the locale must be familiar and on the same plane of existence, except that unknown areas up to 20ft distant can also be scanned. Furthermore, light is a factor whether or not the user has the ability to see into the infrared or ultraviolet - if the area is dark nothing will be seen. Metal sheeting or magical protections will foil clairvoyance/clairaudience. Concentration is required, and the maximum time is 1 minute per level of mastery. Each usage allows only one mode, either clairvoyance or clairaudience, although both may be performed simultaneously at a cost of two daily usages.

DETECTION OF AURA [Range: 30ft; Duration: concentration; Area: one creature/object per level; Save: special]
    By means of this discipline the aura of creatures and objects can be viewed. As level of mastery goes up, the aura of objects becomes more visible. At 1st level of mastery only extremes of Good/Evil can be discerned, such as the auras of high-level good/evil clerics and paladins, or angels, demons and such like creatures of the outer planes; at 2nd level similar extremes of Law/Chaos can also be noted; at 3rd level strong but ordinary alignments can be seen, such as those of lower-level clerics or similarly dedicated persons/creatures; at 5th level the alignments of normal persons/creatures can be seen; at 7th curses/geases/charms are noticeable; and at 10th level of mastery the precise alignment, including any tendencies, can be clearly seen. The discipline requires concentration and the aura of only one creature/object per round may be viewed.

DETECTION OF MAGIC [Range: 30ft; Duration: concentration; Area: 5ft wide path; Save: none]
    This discipline allows detection of emanations of magic and also the type of spell (abjuration, conjuration/summoning, etc.) or magic which has been detected. Determination of type of magic is 5% per level of mastery, i.e. at 5th level of mastery there is a 25% chance.

DOMINATION [Range: 30ft; Duration: concentration, up to 1 round per level; Area: one creature; Save: negates (WIS/20)]
    By exercise of the discipline of Domination, the psionic forces the body of another creature to accept signals from his/her own brain, thus causing the former to do his/her will. The creature is controlled for up to 1 round per level of mastery. The level of mastery also determines the maximum Hit Dice of  creature that can  be dominated: up to 1/4 HD at 1st level of mastery; 1/2HD at 2nd; 1-1HD at 3rd; 1HD at 4th; 2HD at 5th; 3HD at 6th; and so on. (Note that humans are classed as 1HD creatures). The creature is allowed a saving throw against the domination effect. Furthermore if the creature dominated is forced to do something totally against its nature or self-destructive, the victim is allowed an extra saving throw for each such act (at a further bonus of +4).

EMPATHY [Range: 10ft/level; Duration: 1turn; Area: 10ft wide path; Save: None]
    This discipline allows the basic needs, drives and/or emotions generated by any unshielded sentient mind to be sensed by the possessor of the psionic power. Thus he/she can sense thirst, hunger, fear, fatigue, pain, rage, hatred, uncertainty, curiosity, hostility, friendliness, love and like emotions. The discipline functions in a directional path determined by the direction in which the possessor is facing. Each usage allows emotions to be sensed in up to one person per level of mastery.

HYPNOSIS [Range: 30ft; Duration: special; Area: one person/creature; Save: special]
    This discipline is similar to suggestion and charm person/monster spells. It particularly affects creatures with low intelligence and/or wisdom. By employing this discipline the psionic is able to instruct the creature as to a course of action which seems reasonable - no orders to kill self, friends, associates, etc - and perhaps plant a post-hypnotic suggestion as well, the latter having a 5% per day cumulative chance of wearing off. Hypnosis affects one person/creature of up to 1 level or hit die per level of mastery of the possessor. Creatures are entitled to a saving throw (at +2 for range, plus INT and WIS bonuses) and if it is successful, the hypnosis as no effect.

LEVITATION [Range: 0; Duration: 1 turn/level; Area: individual; Save: none]
    This discipline is similar to the magic-user spell Levitate. The user can levitate his/her person. They can move vertically at a rate of 20ft per round. Horizontal movement is not empowered. The psionic can carry equipment and other persons in contact with them, subject to a weight limit of 100lbs per level of mastery

MIND BAR [Range: 0; Duration: 1 hour/level; Area: individual; Save: special]
    The discipline of constructing a Mind Bar protects the individual from such magical attacks as charm, confusion, ESP, fear, feeblemind, magic jar, sleep, suggestion. It prevents the possessor from suffering telepathic influence or possession by such creatures as demons or devils. Psionic (or magical) powers of domination (any form), empathy, hypnosis or telepathy do not work against an individual with a Mind Bar; and he/she can see a psionic trying to use the science of Invisibility. A Mind Bar can be placed upon the physical body while astrally projecting. The chance of a Mind Bar successfully blocking such an attack is 50% plus 10% per level of mastery, i.e. 100% at 5th level. Even if this blocking is not successful, the protected individual gains +5 on saving throws versus psionic or similar attacks. There is a 10% per level of mastery chance that the possessor of this power will be able to locate the source of any attack upon his/her mind the instant it is made, and this includes psionic attacks, as well as any attempts to magic jar or possess him/her (in the two latter cases this means identification of the magic jar or the amulet of the being attempting the attack!).

MOLECULAR AGITATION [Range: sight; Duration: special; Area: one item or creature; Save: special (WIS/20)]
    The power of molecular agitation enables the possessor to cause the molecules of an item to move more rapidly than is normal. Although only a small number of molecules can be so moved, continued exercise of the ability will have the following effects after 10 rounds: paper/parchment/straw - aflame, burning brightly; dry wood/heavy cloth - scorching and smouldering; water/wine - boiling (if a small amount); flesh - blistering (each round thereafter the victim will sustain 1 hp of damage, unless an initial save succeeds in breaking the psionic attack); metal - hot to touch (at this point the effect is the same as the druid spell Heat Metal).
While the amount of material that the psionic can affect by molecular agitation does not appreciably increase, the time requirement does shorten by 1 round per level of mastery, so that at 10th level and beyond the molecular agitation effect shown here requires only 1 round to achieve. Note that the item affected must be in view (clairvoyance included) of the psionic individual.

MOVEMENT TRANCE [Range: 0; Duration: 1 hour/level; Area: self; Save: none]
    This discipline allows the psionic to enter a trance-like state during which they will bound along at high speed towards a specified destination. They travel at  about three times normal running speed, i.e. approximately 36 miles per hour (a rate of 36" or 18 sq/move) .The destination must be chosen at the outset, and the psionic's gaze will be fixed thereon as they lope along directly towards it, simply leaping over intervening obstacles such as gullies, boulders, houses, rivers, etc. The trance will normally last until the destination is reached or the duration expires. If the psionic is physically prevented from continuing, they will collapse in a shaking fit for the remainder of the duration. [cf. monks fast movement (PHB), "lung-gom" ability].

PSIONIC COMBAT MASTERY [Range: n/a; Duration: n/a; Area: n/a; Save: n/a]
    Possession of this discipline allows the psionic to learn usages of any psionic attack and/or defence modes. [New]

PSYCHIC SENSITIVITY [Range: touch/20ft sphere; Duration: concentration; Area: object touched/10ft to every side; Save: none]
    This ability enables the possessor to detect psychic impressions left on an object by its previous owner. Thus, by handling an artifact found in a dungeon, the psionic would possibly be able to tell its owner's race, alignment and probably fate. If the object had a long and legendary history he would have visions of its past, back through history. Not all objects (and certainly not all magical objects) give off these impressions, however.
    Deaths and other highly dramatic events leave a psychic residue i the very earth and stones were they occur which may last for centuries. The possessor of this ability can sense emotions, perhaps see momentary visions, of those who have died or suffered some powerful emotion in a place just by standing in it for a moment, though only one significant detail is gained per round. [cf. Object Reading, Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions (PHB)].

SUSPENDED ANIMATION [Range: 0; Duration: special; Area: individual; Save: none]
    This discipline allows the possessor to virtually cease all life functions (as far as any but minute examination can determine, the individual is dead). The psionic is able to program his/her body to awaken again after a set period of time has elapsed, so normal functions will then resume. With each level of mastery of this ability the individual is able to suspend animation for 1 week per level cumulative (1 week at 1st level, 3 weeks at 2nd level, etc). The sleeping individual cannot be awakened before the time he/she has "set" himself/herself to reawaken. For each week spent in suspended animation, the individual must spend one day of normal activity before being able to return to suspended animation. Air is not needed, and temperature can be as low as 35 degrees Farenheit.

TELEKINESIS [Range: 30ft+10ft/level; Duration: concentration; Area: special; Save: none]
    This ability resembles the magic-user spell Telekinesis. The psionic individual is able to use the discipline to mentally move (telekinese) objects weighing up to a maximum of 30gp weight equivalence, cumulative, per level of mastery, i.e. 30gp weight at 1st level of mastery, 90gp (30+60) at 2nd, 180gp (30+60+90) at 3rd, 300gp at 4th, 450gp at 5th, etc. Duration is a function of the psionic strength of the individual (cost 3/round). The object to be telekinesed must be in clear view of the psionically endowed individual.

TRANSCENDENT MASTERY [Range: 0; Duration: 2 days/level; Area: individual; Save: none]
    This discipline allows the possessor to suppress or mentally satisfy the need for water, food, rest and/or sleep. For each level of mastery, the psionic can use use the discipline for up to 2 consecutive days, so at 2nd level he/she can go 4 days without water, food, rest or sleep, at 3rd level 6 days, etc. At some point, however, the possessor must spend an equal number of days of complete rest so as to restore this power. While the individual is not harmed, the discipline cannot be used again until complete rest is taken. [cf. Mind Over Body (PHB)].


ASTRAL PROJECTION [Range: special; Duration: special; Area: individual; Save: none]
    This discipline is very similar to the cleric Astral Spell. Only the psionic can use this power to travel, however, unlike the magic astral spell. For information on astral travel see PHB Appendix VI, The Known Planes of Existence.

AURA ALTERATION [Range: touch; Duration: 1day/level; Area: individual; Save: none]
    Aura Alteration is a power which can be used in two different ways: it can be used to change the personal aura of an individual (to disguise true alignment and show one which is different from the actual) or it can be used to recognize and remove unfavourable (cursed, geased or quested) aura in another. [cf. Aura Alteration (PHB)]

ENERGY CONTROL [Range: 0; Duration: special; Area: 10ft radius; Save: none]
    This science allows the possessor to channel energies directed at or in the presence of his/her body so as to make such energies harmless or dissipate them. If a spell or energy weapon (fiery breath, lightning, cold, etc) is directed towards the psionic individual's area, it will not harm him/her provided the individual expends one daily usage of the ability. Damage up to to 5hp/level of mastery can be dissipated. Optionally, other individuals within the area can also be protected, at the cost of one additional usage each.

ETHEREALNESS [Range: 0; Duration: concentration; Area: individual + special; Save: none]
    This discipline enables the psionic to shift his/her material body to an ethereal state. At each level of mastery the possessor is also able to cause up to 50gp weight of material which he/she is touching to likewise become ethereal. The ethereal individual is able to function on the Ethereal Plane (for details see PHB Appendix VI, The Known Planes of Existence). He/she can likewise alter bodily vibrations to materialize in the various planes touched by the Ethereal (the Elemental and Positive and Negative as well as Alternative material planes).

EXPANSION/REDUCTION [Range: 0; Duration: 1 turn/level; Area: individual; Save: none]
    This discipline allows the psionic to cause his/her body to become larger or smaller in size, with proportionate increase or decrease in mass and strength. Increase is limited to a maximum of 1ft growth per level of mastery of the discipline; decrease is limited to 1ft per level of mastery down to 6 inches height, then 1 inch per level down to a minimum of 1" in height. Note that apparel worn can be caused to expand/reduce with the body, as can weapons used, but magical items so treated have a 5% chance of being destroyed (d20, 1 in 20). With each level of growth the possessor gains hit points and strength (if the possessor of this discipline already has strength equal to that gained by growth, there is no bonus); with each level of reduction the possessor may lose hit points and strength (down to the stated maxima). Compare the table below:

Level of Mastery Height Increase HP/Damage Bonus Strength Equivalent Level of Mastery Reduced Height Max. HP Max. Strength
1st 1ft +1 17 1st 5ft (from 6ft) 5 16
2nd 2ft +2 18 2nd 4ft 4 14
3rd 3ft +3 18/51 3rd 3ft 3 12
4th 4ft +4 18/76 4th 2ft 2 10
5th 5ft +5 18/91 5th 1ft 1 8
6th 6ft +6 18/00 (ogre) 6th 6 in 1 6
7th 7ft +7 (hill giant) 7th 5 in 1 5
8th 8ft +8 (stone giant) 8th 4 in 1 4
9th 9ft +9 (frost giant) 9th 3 in 1 3
10th 10ft +10 (fire giant) 10th 2 in 1 2
11th 11ft +11 (cloud giant) 11th 1 in 1 1
12th+ 12ft +12 (storm giant) 12th+ 1 in 1 1

EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION [Range: 90ft; Duration: concentration; Area: 10ft wide path; Save: none]
    This discipline allows the user to "tune in" to the unshielded thoughts of the minds of any creatures within range when the power is employed. In most respects it is identical to the magic-user spell, E.S.P.. Thoughts received in non-understood languages will be meaningless. Non-intelligent creatures will transmit "pictures" or raw drives.

IMMANENT MASTERY [Range: 0; Duration: 1day/level, cumulative; Area: individual; Save: none]
       This discipline allows the possessor to halt the effects of ageing. To use this power, the psionic must spend a complete day (eight hours) in meditation. Each usage prevents ageing for one day per cumulative level of mastery (i.e. 1 day at 1st level, 3 at 2nd, 6 at 3rd, etc).

INVISIBILITY [Range: touch; Duration: 1 turn; Area: 1 HD/level per level of mastery cumulative; Save: none]
    This discipline closely resembles the Invisibility spell, but it is weaker in some ways more powerful in others. It enables the possessor to become invisible to creatures with only as many levels/hit dice as the psionic has cumulative levels of mastery: 1 at 1st; 3 at 2nd; 6 at 3rd; etc. However, psionic Invisibility cannot be detected by any form of magic, only a Mind Bar being able to prevent the power from operating with respect to that particular creature, for this power affects minds, not light waves or similar physical manifestations. The psionic can also place such an invisibility field upon another person, creature or object.

MASS DOMINATION [Range: 30ft; Duration: special (5 turns per level); Area: special (up to 5 creatures); Save: negates (WIS/15)]
    Mass Domination is the power of being able to Dominate (see Minor Devotions, Domination) up to 5 creatures at one time and to do so for extended periods of time. The level of mastery also determines the maximum Hit Dice of  creature that can  be dominated: up to 1/4 HD at 1st level of mastery; 1/2HD at 2nd; 1-1HD at 3rd; 1HD at 4th; 2HD at 5th; 3HD at 6th; and so on. (Note that humans are classed as 1HD creatures). Mass Domination lasts for 5 turns per level of mastery of the psionic exercising the science. Creatures under a Mass Domination attempt are entitled to a saving throw (WIS/15) to determine if the power affects them and will never act in any manner which is obviously self-destructive or against their basic nature.

MOLECULAR MANIPULATION [Range: 10ft; Duration: permanent; Area: special; Save: none]
    By exercise of this science, the possessor is able to alter the molecular arrangement of an item so as to make it weak and fragile and easily broken. The science requires 1 round to exercise the Molecular Manipulation. All magical items so attacked are entitled to a saving throw versus magical fire with each basic +1 giving the item +1 on the saving throw dice. The ability increases with each level of mastery as shown below: 1st thin cord; 2nd thick cord, leather thong; 3rd thick rope, leather strap, thin wire; 4th thick wire, inch-thick wooden board; 5th light iron chain, two-inch-thick wooden board; 6th heavy iron chain, light steel chain; 7th stock and shackles, foot-thick wooden board; 8th iron bar of one inch diameter, heavy steel chain; 9th iron bar of two-inch diameter, steel bar of one inch diam.; 10th 2ft thick stone wall (man-sized hole); 11th magical chain armour, magical dagger; 12th magical splint armour, magical mace; 13th magical shield, magical axe or flail; 14th magical plate armour, magical sword.

MOLECULAR REARRANGEMENT [Range: touch; Duration: permanent; Area: special; Save: none]
    This science allows the possessor to rearrange the atomic structure of metals so as to change their shape or transmute one to another. Up to 10 oz of metal can be transmuted per level of mastery. The change, however, is dependent upon the relative softness of the metals involved, and the level of mastery of the psionic as well. This science is so demanding that it takes 1 turn per ounce of metal transmuted, although shape-alteration only takes a shorter time: crude work just one round (e.g. squishing  a coin to a blob, bending a sword); but fine work several minutes (reworking a face on a coin, giving a sharp edge to an iron bar). The hardness of metals which can be affected increases with Level of Mastery: 1st-3rd gold, lead, very soft; 4th-6th copper, silver, tin, zinc, etc; 7th-9th platinum, nickel, iron, etc; 10th-12th steel; 13th-15th mithril, steel alloys; 16th+ adamantite.

PRECOGNITION [Range: special; Duration: 1 hour/level; Area: special; Save: None]
    This discipline allows the psionic to see the possible future, and perhaps choose a different path if they wish. When the psionic uses this discipline, they go into a trance for an hour and 'see' up to 1 hour per level of mastery into the future. In game terms, this possible 'future' is played out as normal but the psionic has the option to cancel these events and return to the moment they emerged from their trance. During the 'future' they may describe what they have seen only in vague, cryptic and ambiguous ways, but this will be deemed to have been uncannily accurate if the 'future' is allowed to remain reality.

PSIONIC STRANGULATION [Range: eye contact (normally up to 30ft); Duration: up to 1 round/level; Area: 1 person; Save: special]
    With this discipline the psionic prevents a person from breathing, for as long as the psionic concentrates up to the duration. The victim suffers asphyxiation, losing 1hp per round (unless saving throws (CON/20), each requiring a standard action to attempt, succeed).

REINCARNATION [Range: touch; Duration: permanent; Area: special; Save: none]
    This discipline allows the psionic to locate, awaken and even accelerate the growth of a reborn spirit. This process must follow these stages (note that all earlier stages must be performed before later stages are possible):
1 Attunement. Firstly, the psionic must attune themselves to the sought spirit by contact with the previous material shell (i.e. body). This must be done within one week of the departure of the spirit (i.e. their death). Each attempt takes on hour. The chance for success is 10% per level of mastery per attempt. This will also reveal the form in which the spirit has been reborn.
2. Approximation. Secondly, once attuned, the direction of the new form can be sought. Each attempt takes one hour. The chance for success is 10% per level of mastery. There is no time limit for this to be performed.
3. Awakening. Thirdly, once found, the spirit within the new form can be awakened to knowledge of  its previous existence. This requires contact with the new body. Each attempt takes one hour. The chance for success is 10% per level of mastery. There is no time limit for this to be performed.
4. Acceleration. Lastly, once awakened, the maturation of the new physical form can be accelerated until harmonious with the development of the spirit within. Each attempt takes one hour. The chance for success is 10% per level of mastery. There is no time limit for this to be performed. The effect is to age the body by one year (or racial/species equivalent) up to the stage of maturity reached in the spirit's previous bodily existence, but not beyond physical maturity. 

SHAPE ALTERATION [Range: 0; Duration: until again altered; Area: individual; Save: none]
    The science of Shape Alteration closely resembles the magic-user spell, Polymorph Self. By means of this discipline, the individual is able to alter his/her body size, form and composition to nearly any other, the garments and equipment he/she wears and carries being altered to conform to parts of the new body shape assumed. Note that Shape Alteration bestows the normal means of respiration and locomotion of the new form assumed, and strength proportionate to the size and characteristics, but no other characteristics peculiar to a certain life form are thus gained, i.e. assuming the shape of a red dragon does not allow the individual a fiery breath weapon. Note also that the new shape might preclude the use of weapons, spells, etc. The level of mastery required for alteration depends upon  the type and/or weight: 1 level for each +/-100lb body weight; 1 level for each 10lb vegetable material to animal material or vice versa*; 2 levels for each 10lb mineral material to vegetable material or vice versa*; 3 levels for each 10lb mineral material to animal material or vice versa*. (* includes alteration of garments and equipment if any class exceeds 5lb weight). Example: The psionic individual wishes to make a shape alteration to become a read dragon. The individual is a fighter wearing/carrying 20lbs weight equivalent of vegetable material and 50lb weight equivalent of mineral material. These require 2nd and 15th level of mastery respectively. The dragon size desired is assumed to be about 5 tons, or 10,000lbs. This means that 100th level of mastery would be required to perform the transformation directly! However, a psionic of lesser mastery could effect the change in stages: e.g. a psionic with 10th level of mastery can increase weight by 1000lbs per usage, so could complete the transformation after a series of 10 alterations. Assuming the individual has this level of mastery, the equipment et al. would become parts of the dragon shape - the armour scales, weapons claws, etc.

TELEMPATHIC PROJECTION [Range: special; Duration: permanent; Area: one object/creature; Save: special]
    This science creates a semi-real phantasm which requires no concentration and lasts until dispelled. As well as the visual component, minor sound, smell, tactile and thermal effects are included, though not intelligible speech . The psionic can maintain one such projection per level of mastery. The projection can be of an object or creature, of size up to approximately 1 cubic foot per level of mastery. It will display the properties/behaviour normal for such an item/creature. The psionic cannot control these creations, beyond his/her normal persuasive ability. Projections must remain in proximity to the psionic (roughly sight range, though not necessarily remaining in sight all the time) or they will cease to exist: created creatures will naturally attempt to remain close to their creator. While they have a lasting existence, the projections are fundamentally illusionary and so anyone can avoid their physical effects simply by disbelieving them and making the appropriate saving throw
. The psionic can use this science to dispel such projections: automatically for one of their own projections, or with a chance of 10% per level of mastery for projections/illusions created by others. [cf. PHB Telempathic Projection - which is entirely different, "tulpas" ability]

TELEPATHIC PROJECTION [Range: special; Duration: concentration (up to 1 round/level); Area: special; Save: negates (automatic)]
    Telepathic Projection enables a form of telepathic communication with other telepaths or psionics. A translucent image of the psionic will appear in the vicinity of the individual being contacted, and conversation is possible with them and/or others nearby. The projection cannot activate psionic abilities or spell-effects and does not impart knowledge of the target locale. Such telepathic projections are easily dispelled, failing if the contactee does not also concentrate on communication, or if there is any type of psychic/magical interference. Otherwise, the projection can last for up to 1 round per level of mastery. There is no range limit, and telepathic projection can even communicate between different planes of existence but note that outer planes typically disrupt incoming projections and outgoing projections of individuals not attuned to that plane. [n.b. PHB Telepathic Projection is quite different; cf. Project Image]

TELEPATHY [Range: special; Duration: concentration; Area: special; Save: special]
    This discipline allows the possessor to communicate mind-to-mind with any other creature with intelligence of 5 or greater. This obviates the need for knowledge of the language of the creature. The creature to be communicated with must be in sight or be well-known mentally by the possessor of this science. In the latter case the distance is not a factor as long as the telepath and the receiver are on the same plane of existence and not separated by distances greater than 186,000 miles (1 light second). Telepathic waves can traverse greater distances only if all the individuals involved are telepathic. Note that multiple-mind communications by telepathy are possible. While normal communications are possible, a special form of influence may also be gained by the exercise of Telepathy. By expenditure of an extra psionic usage, the psionic can also implant a suggestion of a particular course of action, but a save applies (WIS/20). [cf. PHB Telepathic Projection]

TELEPORTATION [Range: 0; Duration: instantaneous; Area: individual + special; Save: none]
    This discipline is very similar to the magic-user spell, Teleport. When this discipline is used, the psionic instantly transports himself or herself and, along with a certain amount of additional weight, which is upon or being touched by them, to a well-known destination. Distance is not a factor, but inter-planar travel is not possible. The psionic is able to teleport a maximum weight of 50lbs per level of mastery. If the destination is very familiar (the psionic has a clear mental picture through actual proximity to and study of the area) it is unlikely there will be any error in arriving exactly at the place desired; lesser- known areas increase the probability of error (see 5th-level Magic-user spell, Teleport, for percentage chances). The only major difference is that psionic usages can be spent to alter the roll (for coming in too low or too high) by 1% per additional psionic usage expended either to correct low or high mis-teleporting. 

THE QUIVERING PALM [Range: touch; Duration: special; Area: one creature; Save: special]
, perhaps most terrible power, is that fabled attack which enables the psionic to set up vibrations in the body of the victim, and the psionic can then control such vibrations so as to cause death to occur when the psionic stops them. The psionic merely touches his/her victim to set up the deadly vibrations. The victim can be virtually any creature. This power is limited as follows:  It can be attempted but once per week, and the psionic must touch the intended victim within 3 melee rounds or the power is drained for one week; It has no effect on the undead or creatures which can be hit only by magical weaponry; The victim cannot have more hit dice than the psionic using the power and, in any event, the total hit points of the victim cannot exceed those of the psionic by more than 200%, or the power has no effect; The command to die (the control of the vibrations) must be given by the psionic within a set time limit, or else the vibrations simply cease of their own accord and do no damage whatsoever. The time limit of death command is one day per level of mastery the psionic has gained at the time the power is used. [cf. monk Quivering Palm (PHB)].

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