The Melderynian

Summer 975, issue I (Late Edition)

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Thardic Republic Do It Again!

Where will it all end?  Coming hot on the heels of their earlier TREACHERY in the Battle for Elorinar the Senate of the Thardic republic, one time ally of Melderyn, has once again shown its contemptuous views on our beloved country.   The Senate has allowed the Army of the Dragon Prince Aaz to march through it's Empire unopposed and attack the Free City of Chenat, a Melderynian Protectorate since 756.

It is widely known that the intervention by Melderyn in the conflict over 200 years ago between, the then, Sparnford and Thardia in 756 has never been forgotten in the ruling circles of the Republic.  An action that has itself been much debated within Melderyn.

After Elorinar King Chunel II declared that the act broke the Pandarian Alliance.  This action must surely kill the alliance once and for all?

This paper also knows that there is nothing that the Melderynian Army can do to defend Chenat this time.  Unless another Nation steps in the City will end up in the claws of Aaz.

A further twist to this story has come into the hands of this publication.  We have reports, though unconfirmed at this time, that it was Drahena who negotiated the passage of Aaz's army through Thardia.  Shocking revelations regarding someone who has taken the hospitality and protection of Melderyn in the past.  Indeed it was through the generosity of King Chunel himself that the Arch Mage Herodius was released from his important works at the Guild to accompany her on the "Vital" quest.

It transpires that it was this reckless quest that has plunged Pandaria into this terrible war.  Were our leaders right in offering help to this desperate band!!

Army Cedes control of Elorinar to "Eye Tyrant"!

In a shocking revelation, the Chiefs of Staff have agreed to the surrender of Elorinar to the control of the Eye Tribe Goblins and their Beholder leader.

Information on this sudden development is very thin on the ground at present.  No one was available for comment when we pressed the matter with Ministers.   But we do know that Thay will remain under the control of Melderyn.

Rethem Takes a Beating but still Battling On.

The contingent of troops sent to aid the Dwarven forces at the battle of Hold took a pasting.   All the units were destroyed in the battle and accounted for the bulk of Dwarven losses on the ground.

However, despite having one quarter of it's armed forces put out of action, and after the rather paltry payment of only 3m from the Dwarves, the Dukes are still willing to throw more troops into any coming fray.  Provided the money is right, of course!

And who can blame them in these troubled times.  The Melderynian salutes you.

What About Aaz?

The waking of the Beast makes for "Interesting Times". Which way will he jump?  The "Quest" to rob the Eye Tyrant and give his treasure to the Dragon to appease him appears not to have worked in the way we were lead to believe.  When Chenat has fallen will he move on Thardia?  (The Melderynian for one would not be sorry to see a Dragon raze Corani Province).  Or will he attack the Eye Tyrant?  A VERY large gun has slipped its hawsers and is loose on the heaving deck that is the storm ravaged Pandaria.

Dwarven King Slain!!!

The Hero of the Khuzan people of the North has been killed during the Battle of Hold.  All reports say that the Dwarven Army were sweeping through the Goblin ranks.  The hordes had been routed off the field and the rest of Varmok's Army seemed to be ineffectual.  However, through a cruel twist of fate, a band of Goblin hoard were able to rally and return to the battle field at the crucial moment.   Unconfirmed reports say that the King was in such a rage with the Goblins he was fighting that he lost sight of the greater battle!

This is the second time that Varmok has attacked the Khuzan nations.  He was engaged in a war with them between 860 to 867 before this was drawn to a close when he (Varmok) was rudely, and we believe somewhat accidentally, destroyed by some passing adventures. 

In a late breaking development to this story it has been confirmed that Lord Varmok was NOT present at the battle, leaving command to one of his Lieutenants.

There was obviously something far more important that took his attention.

The Melderynian would like to know why?

Theories, explanation and just plain rumour really can be sent to the Editor.

Comment on Our Times.

The Pandarian Alliance is very probably over, at least in the form that we have come to know it over the last 200 years.  With the Goblin control of the Grey Hills, and now Elorinar, the world is about to change out of all recognition.

The move to openly oppose Melderyn by the Thardic Republic puts a whole new complexion on the war.  At a time when the threat from the "Eye Tyrant" and his hordes is increasing the Nations of Pandaria do not even know who they can trust anymore.  Thardia has attacked Melderyn.  Who else will they betray in their quest for power?  The rumours are that the Drow are rising.  The view of this paper is that they will break the surface with the aid of the Dragon Prince Aaz at the city of Chenat!

Other nations are conspicuous in their very absence, the Elves of Quendor are silent in their realm, Kaldor also!

We have become fragmented and because of this very fact the Enemy will be able to grow in strength as they pick off the Nations one by one.

Editorial disclaimer:

The views expressed in this paper are not necessarily those of the Melderynian Government or people (All Majority and Minority groups included).  We print anything that makes a good story!

Theories, explanation and just plain rumour really can be sent to the Editor.


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