The Melderynian

Summer 975, issue 2

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VICTORY! But also mystery!

Chenat is Saved.     The Free City of Chenat has been saved from the fiery destruction that was planned for it by the Dragon Aaz and his Mother.

In a completely unexpected move the Thardic Republic sent it's Legions to defend Chenat.  And with some frantic, and by all accounts frank, diplomacy the Knights or the Hart were sent to aid the Republican army and the Royal Garrison in this action.  Sir Tristram of Nurisel, commander of the Knights, on his return reported to King Chunel on what he observed.  The Melderynian has managed to obtain a copy of this report.

"Sire, I vouchsafe the Duke of Zadara and his so-called Knights of Rethem are naught but traitors! He rode against us on the fields of Chenat. I would have broken lance upon him myself had he not fled from the Thardan spearmen who were there before us.
The day went with us. We stood against the onslaught of the great demon dragon. When the beast flew off to attack the city we took the fields south of the river, allowing the Thardan spearmen to cross the ford and reinforce the city. We sought to cross the Sparn behind the main Chaos army but our crossing was opposed by the goat-men and lizard-men. When their dragon-prince fled their leaders lost heart and the Thardan commander allowed them to withdraw, with whatever passes amongst their kind as 'honour'. Thus, although the walls were breached by dragons and trolls, the city did not fall!
The villainous Eidel Legion were far from us and we did not meet. They were on the far side of the city and, I hear, also withstood the demon dragon. They are a worthy foe, it seems.
Afterward, I entered the city. There was much damage. The Temple of Ammon - praise His name! - had been reduced to smoking rubble. Likewise the Temple of Law was in flames, and the Temple of Halea was naught but a weed-choked ruin. The Temple of Hecate had just survived and very fierce fighting had been there. The City Guard must have fought like demons for I saw the lifeless bodies of not a few trolls and many particularly vile Chaos beast-men lay dead, some torn limb from limb.
I sought for the Lord Vizier Jeral Tordo and found he had survived. Lord Tordo was unwilling to meet with me at first, and when I saw him I understood. He was cowled and wrapped in the manner of a leper, his skin grey and clammy. He said the Chaos beasts had brought plague to the city and advised I leave at once for my own safety. Since he was already afflicted, he said he would stay to oversee a forthcoming 'referendum', whatever that may mean.
Likewise the brave Thardan spearmen who defended the city chose to remain as garrison against further incursions of Chaos, as most of the City Guard were slain. As I left, the city was quarantined by order of the Guild Council which administers the city. The Constable of the Royal Garrison believes his men, who defended the Citadel which stands on a crag above the main city, were not exposed to any beast men's contagion, and asks leave to vacate what is now a Plague City.

Read the account for yourself, several times if you must.  But we at the Melderynian can only get accounts of Trolls entering the city.  Where did the Chaos Beast-men bodies come from?  No one saw Beast-men so where they IN the city already.  We have heard much about an increase in leprosy in recent times but even we here at the Melderynian know that the symptoms being exhibited are not consistent with leprosy.  Even our own Vizier seems to be affected.

Rumour of the return of the Frog God abound!  


Valiant Dwarfs Go Back for More

The Khuzan people of the North once again move to release the grip of Varmok from Hold despite the loss of their King. 

The Dwarven army has marched straight back to Hold after their rout from the field in the Spring when their King was slain.  (See Issue 1).  It is important that the Khuzan do well as Varmok obviously has plans for the region.

The Melderynian will bring news of this battle when we get it.

Rethem Takes a Beating Again, but still Battling On?

The contingent of troops sent to aid the Dragon Aaz and his Chaos forces at the battle of Chenat took a pasting.   Many of the units were destroyed in the battle and accounted for the bulk of Chaos losses on the ground.

We seem to have read this story before!

The Dukes are still willing to throw more troops into any coming fray.  Provided the money is right and regardless of the cause.

Love Triangle

The Melderynian may be the first to reveal the Love Triangle that exists between Drahena Giantbane and the two Dukes of that now much weaker nation.

Elves to Invade

The nation is so weak militarily now that if the Elves were to invade they would easily capture territory.

Comment on Our Times.

"Our Times" is staggered by the speed at which event are changing.  With the sudden death of the Thardic Proconsul the balance of power seems to have shifted.  We now hear of meeting between King Chunels personal advisor, the magician Kalan, and the Thardic senate.  Although what was said has not yet come into the hands of this publication we have been insured by our sources in the Government that there was no secrecy in them.

Melderyn sent a full contingent of Knights to fight along side the Thardic army in the defence of Chenat and the Republic are talking about a New Pandarian Alliance where Thardia stand as equals with Melderyn and not their vassals.

When "Our Times" talked about a new alliance between Melderyn and Thardia no one seemed to deny it..........

Editorial disclaimer:

The views expressed in this paper are not necessarily those of the Melderynian Government or people (All Majority and Minority groups included).  We print anything that makes a good story!

Theories, explanation and just plain rumour really can be sent to the Editor.

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