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Autumn 976, issue 3


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Pandaria is still at WAR.

The collapse of our world into chaos and anarchy is still going on.  We are happy to report that it is not all doom and gloom.  The Army of Elorinar is, as you read this, besieging the last residue of The Eye Tyrants Armies.

We have also learned that the attack on The Keep has been postponed to allow a contingent of The Watch to be sent to the aid of the  Duke of Zadara, Jamasem Strongbow.


Shift in Kings Thinking.

It has been rumoured that the Government of Melderyn, and the King himself, are unhappy with the nature of the Feudal relationship that exists between Melderyn and her ally states.

Sources tell us that the Palace believes that Melderyn must work with its allies as equals and not Vassal states.  We have obtained what is supposed to be a quote from a recent message to the Duke of Zadara from the king himself "......the world we knew is gone, and has if we are honest been gone for many years now.  The time has come that our nations should stand together as Equals...."

How will this effect the war?


Naked Dwarf for Page 3!


Irritating hobbit adventure scores critical acclaim! The only good hobbit is a Spit Roasted one!


Warhorse Glue!

Made from the bones of GENUINE Paladin Warhorse. Guaranteed to make even the most stubborn Veneer stick!

The Dark Elves are on the Move.

The Drow Nation is reported to be besieging the West Passage of the Khuzan Nation, part of their underground realm.  The Khuzan are saying little about this situation so the Melderynian does not know how this battle is going but will try to bring the latest news to the people if and when it becomes available. However, we do know that Khuzan trades and tourists have been overheard , late in the evening in various inns, muttering about "evil elves" and how to "destroy the elven threat".

EVIL Kaz visits Istrar:

Lord Kaz, overlord of Kazlonia, has conducting a state visit in north Rethem. He was warmly received by the Duke of Istrar and, we are lead to believe, also the people.

As a consequence of this "courtship" the broken lands of Istrar have joined forces and given their allegiance to the Kazlonia Empire.

Evil forces

Dwarf Chat!

Beaded and leather encased Female (Well that's what they claim!) Dwarfs waiting to "Talk" to YOU!

Comment on Our Times.

Great change is again taking place.  Melderyn is starting to regain the territory lost to the Eye Tyrant.  Will The Keep fall back into our hands next year?  The Thardic Republic is suddenly in meltdown.  Thardic Loyalists control Coranan, lead by Herodius of Denton.  Trying to restore the order of the Senate.  The rest of Thardia appears to have abandoned the democratic rule of the Senate and replaced it with a dictator.  How will this fight turn out?  "Our Times" believes that the Thardic Loyalists should be supported, allowed to gain full control of Coranan and given full diplomatic recognition by the Government of Melderyn.

This could, of course, cause problems....

Rethem has exploded into two halves.  Istrar has fallen to the dark side and is now a puppet state to Imperial Kazlonia.  Zadara is under treat and weavering on the brink of joining the Thardic Republic.  "Our Times" believes Melderyn must support the Duke and people of Zadara!

Editorial disclaimer:

The views expressed in this paper are not necessarily those of the Melderynian Government or people (All Majority and Minority groups included).  We print anything that makes a good story!

Theories, explanation and just plain rumour really can be sent to the Editor.


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