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Spring 977, issue 4


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Kaldor Moves on Dapparshire!

At last it would appear that the nation of Kaldor has been released from its  catatonic state and is marching to the defence of its own people.

Disaster at the Keep:

After a good winter in 976 the armies of Melderyn looked ready to take the fight to the Eye Tyrant.  Battle was joined with the Goblins near to the Keep.  By all accounts the opening few maneuvers went well for our forces and fortune looked to be smiling on us.  But, in a cruel repeat of the start or this war things fell apart rapidly.  Our own mages were responsible for killing many of our finest Troops.  The newly recruited Archers were cut down mercilessly by the foe but by accounts acquitted themselves before their end came.

Our field commander showed a reckless disregard for the lie of the battle as if embracing CHAOS!!!

The battle quickly disintegrated and the our once great army was forced to withdraw from the field, decimated!

We find ourselves back were we started.  The army weak.  Elorinar once again exposed to invasion that will surly come.  The people waiting for the respite of Winter so that we may rebuild.

But now our Treasury is depleted and our foes multiplied.  How long can we hold out?

The Kings Address to his Nation!

King Chunel gave a rousing address to the people of our Nation (see Events Page for a full transcript).  The King expunged the virtues of the Melderynian Spirit.  The reliance of Our nation to withstand the onslaught ranged against it 


Naked Dwarf for Page 3!





New King of Lorne Crowned.

Puppet King to the Dark Empire crowned King of Lorne.

In an attempt to appear noble the new King has spared the life of Prince Andray.  The people of Lorne are now under the Tyranny of Evil disguised by falsehood.

In a Surprise twist of events the High Elves, so long thought to be aloof from this crisis, have attacked and besieged Lorne in an attempt to return Andray to the throne.

Cynical members of our community say that, if he were returned to power, he himself would have become a puppet to the Elves.

Thardic Republic blow their own horn.

The "Snail eating Frogs" as this paper like to call them now are showing their true colours.  They are out for dominion of the known world and have no respect for Good or Law.  What with the reports of the Black Arts being performed. The old Thardic republic and the values that the senate once stood for have evaporated into a pool of EVIL.


Eidel has risen from the mire and joined the True Thardic Nation and her Loyalist leader Herodius.
Comment on Our Times.

Editorial disclaimer:

The views expressed in this paper are not necessarily those of the Melderynian Government or people (All Majority and Minority groups included).  We print anything that makes a good story!

Theories, explanation and just plain rumour really can be sent to the Editor.


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