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Summer 977, issue 5


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 Elorinar Falls to Evil Once More!

Despite the brave battle fought to save Elorinar Last Year the shear CHAOTIC act of our field commander at The Keep has left use unable to defend Elorinar.  The Armies of the Eye Tyrant once again put our beloved Elorinar under siege and, with its defences of the Province already weak, the region fell quickly.

Sources in the Government say that the swift recapture of Elorinar did come as a surprise to the Army Commanders.  They were hoping that it could hold out until a relief army could be sent.

We, at this august publication, feel, regrettably, that this was a little over optimistic but had hoped the siege may last a little longer to give us some pride.

Kaldor frees Dappershire.

After many long months under the rule of the warped Thardic Republic the Army of Kaldor, lead by the Heroic Dragon Slayer, Prince Taffas, has broken the occupation of Dappershire by the "Axis of Evil".

The province of Dappershire is now safely back in the hands of Kaldor and the twisted and warped creatures that were plaguing the area are being exterminated.

Comment on Our Times.

Editorial disclaimer:

The views expressed in this paper are not necessarily those of the Melderynian Government or people (All Majority and Minority groups included).  We print anything that makes a good story!

Theories, explanation and just plain rumour really can be sent to the Editor.


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