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Spring 978, Annals of Pandaria

Kazlonia defeated

South of Ugrod the Nomad forces, enraged by the insensitive nature of Lord Kaz advanced towards the southern fortress that protected that city. Lord Kaz awaited them with his Gazgar masters and was soundly defeated in the battle that followed. sacrificing the Imperial cavalry from the empire of the Eternal Flame.

In a kindness rarely shown in warfare Wizard Lord Raedil spared the lives of a few Cavalry officers, perhaps respecting their right to life and freedom as mortals allowed them to return to their imperial masters to spread the word of the perfidity of Lord Kaz.


Niga speaking in her new dress

Niga mans the breastworks

Deep in the south of the Grey Hills the hill giants including Nig mustered to the summons of the Eye Tyrant. At the battle of Elorinar fields the Eye Tyrants forces were once more soundly defeated by the Mederyn

Niga, the gorgeous Hill giantess wife of Nig was left to defeat the Stronghold against allcomers. In fact she was secure in the belief that the Orcish army would protect her any incursion from Kaldor. THe treachery of the Eye Tyrant knew no bounds however and casting aside her pleas the orc army fled into the grey hills fearful of the Rangers of Kaldor. Niga, bravely put on her best bloodstained dress, last worn it is rumoured during her wedding which was interrupted by various legendary heroes, notably Blodgett and Freda. She ordered the remaining hill giants and thei orc slaves to withstand any siege by the opposing forces and held out, awaiting for her husband to return.


Vouglas croaks with Golotha.

The renegade Duke Vouglas of Istrar unwilling to accept the will of his people following his overthrow has sought to conquer the independant city of Golotha. The puppet of Kazlonia, allied as they are to the lawful Gazgarians seeks to bring law and order to the city. Alas in a asingle season he finds a quarter of his yeoman return home to Istrar to their peaceful farming existence under benevolent rulership. Another quarter fill the sodden pits with their bodies as swamp fever ravages his army as it camps outside the city. Even the knights grow restless and they are grateful that their horses have not succumbed to an equine strain of the disease.

The Dukes rallying cry of "Glory or Death", now has an unfortunate ring to it as his troops wade through stinking bog and desperatly try to find dry ground to camp on. It is rumoured that several of his knights have been heard croaking to each other in the deep of night


News from the frogs, Temple of the Frog surfaces

The true enemy is revealed, Melderyn and Quendor mages have finally revealed the location of the hidden city. The Temple of the Frog has been rebuilt. So far little is known of this place, but it is expected that investigations will be carried out this year.

We hope to bring you news and pictures of the Temple in later issues and have despatched some brave reporters in order to bring you the latest news from that region.

We can reveal that Eclavdra, the drow priestess was due to surface last year at the behest of Grazikus, however she found pressing matters below as the Lolth demon worshipping drow had overextended themselves in an attempt to obtain the riches of Khuzan. Just shows you can't trust a drow.

The drow are now embroiled in a major civil war, that will only weaken the nation as a whole. Clearly this can only be good for the surface nations as the best way to deal with drow is to let them fight amongst themselves. If they dare show their black occursed head above ground they shall be harvested as ripe corn.

The following is our artists impression, note the frog worhispping at the shrine to the left, out of decency we have avoided showing the altar.


Ugrod-Sa Summit

In a historic meeting Margar Calenus, Clan-Chief of the Macraggen met with Raedil, Wizard Lord of Quendor after the battle of Ugrod before the gnomes returned to their mines.

Their discussions covered several topics including the recent battle and the current times.

Chief Margar was grateful for the exercise and not completely dissapointed that the enemy fled as the Gnomes arrived, clearly he felt that the presence of his imposing force did enough to dissuade the Kazlonian's from continuing to fight.

Both leaders felt that the expansionist policies of the Theocratic imperium and that of the Gazgar empire should be halted. Though chief Margar was particularly concerned by the Kazlonian alliance with the kobold nations, though grateful that they had suffered significant losses the previous year.

It also seemed that both nations were not overly concerned with the expansion of the Frog-humans to the south. As long as they did not impinge upon their lands. Chief Margar was not worried by any advances as they never threatened the hills during their last reign. The Warlord perhaps now sees, or even has always seen the war in the South as something he and a few other elves have an interest in but does not overly concern Quendor. Kazlonia and Gazgar probably provide a much greater threat.

With the emergence of the Golden One and the elves she led south to her glorious victory at Demons Vale perhaps the warlord wishes to see no more blood spilt in the Vale. It does not seem likely however that Raedil will give up the new lands to the Southern Kings and priests easily, preferring elven allies to rule in their stead.



Kaldor spring offensive


In this issue of the Melderyn, Kaldor has spent vast amounts on advertising for the recruitment of pure humans to fight the enemy. With the reforming of the Queen's cavalry complete the army can only now be expanded.

The Current issue of The Melderynian

Bretaine resists the Imperial Flame.

Bretaine has resisted the call to be annexed by the Theocratic empire, the last of the truly independant petty kingdoms in the North now must fight alone unless Leonia and the High Elves are willing to aid them. It is suggested however that the Empire is patient and the success of its spy network in subverting the other nations to its control means that perhaps Bretaine has a few more years of independance before the noose of undeath tightens. By then the

Chybisa aids Melderyn

Chybissan warriors marched to aid Melderyn at Elorinar fields this spring, aiding them in the battle against the Orcs. Chybissa itself is at peace, and the beachcombers this year have already. Unseasonable storms further out to sea have brought ashore the wreckage of several Zishian ships and their contents.

Araby2. Thay
Tristan Nehimaih, of Tisselles has been following the progress of the
Melderyn army and reports back on Casualties, success and opponents found in
the Ash Wastes.
*** Many have diesd of thirst and exposure to the heat. The army has been
harried by the local Gnolls.

3. Steading
The prince of Kaldor has many elven friends amongst its troops, especially
some of the rangers and scouts. Raedil once worked with Kaldor as a scout
in the area and still retains "friends" from those days. He seeks to find
Turin Strongbow, a half elf ranger to find out what has become of the army
that once defended the steading.
*** OK. Most rangers are human nobles. The Rotting Eye Tribe goblin army
withdrew to their capital, Black Scar. Giants and their orc slaves hold out
in the Steading (and various cave complexes & minor forts throughout the

Raedil will also do a clairvoyance on the Steading (from outside) and of the
Giant Chief's Wife if possible, for an updated report of Niga's doings
*** The hatches are battened down. I expect the Kaldoric forces are nearby.
You didn't have any facts for last season's Niga report, so why now??

4. Istrar Army in Zadara
Again Raedil will do a clairvoyance on these troops, but will also look to
continue the distribution of leaflets especially to the militia and to the
yeomen. No doubt some will desert and will be interrogated/questioned upon
their return.
*** A very sorry bunch - you have trouble locating them. No result from
leaflet drops - the ones clever enough to read have run away already.

5. Gnomes at Stumblehole Leigh.
Raedil some time chatting to the gnomish chieftain looking to cement the
relationship, and see what can be done for the Gnomes, also to discuss the
growing threat of the Thardic republic and to gauge the Gnomish attitude
towards them. The Gnomes also probably have closer relationship with the
Peran barbarians and raedil would like to see if they can be accomodated in
a greater alliance. He is worried about the Gazgar=Kazlonian alliance and
what that will do as well as the Frog God/Thardic republic mobs...
*** Interview will deal with this.

6. Ugrod
Well the Raiders should find lots of information, from captured Cavalry men
about the state of the empire, Raedil will also try and greet some of the
senior commanders so that word can be taken back to the Imperial throne,
informing them of the dangers of allowing Kazlonia to allow Gazgar troops on
her soil and to continue to treat with that empire. It seems strange that
Kazlonia can be a vassal state of two empires at once...
*** Yep, I would've thought so too. But aside from the withholding of the
Zombie Legion, no sanction seems to have been applied. It should be brought
to the attention of the Theocracy (no need to trouble the Emperror himself).

Several will be released to take word of their treachery. They will also
carry a message from Raedil to the Imperial hierarchy.
*** Send messages to Paul S and cc me, please.

7. Zvol
The Raiders can scout this centre and see what pickings it migt provide...
what do we know about it?
*** You tell me!

8. Kazlon
The Raiders can scout this centre and see what pickings it migt provide...
what do we know about it?
*** Mostly human city. It's basically just Kaz and his immediate cohorts
that are vampires.

9. Thessus
Cuthbert of Tisselles is a well travelled merchant who will investigate this
nation sending back messages by bird and river to see what this city state
(?) thinks of Gazgar and he can spread the word of Kazlonia's alliance with
Gazgar so that the Thessians might be attacked on two fronts soon, unless
Kazlonia is put down.
*** Not bothered. They have been surrounded by enemies for centuries. If
they get attacked by Kazlonians instead of Nomads from that quarter, it'd
make a pleasant change.

10. Demon Vale
Well there must be one loyal soul who will bring word of the doings there...
*** Demon's Vale. No loyalty and no soul - but see the Drahena Interview...!

11. Coronan
Capital city of Melderyn where rumour is rife from all parts of Pandaria,
the half elf, Lissa will reveal what she can from the streets and the court
of Melderyn.
*** The capital of Melderyn is Cherafir. Many rumours, yes...
Worry about the reported return of the Temple of the Frog. The people think
Cherafir will be safe, of course, but many want the army to prevent refugees
from outlying towns flooding the city. The frog-folk may take advantage of
the civil war in Tharda to gain power - The King should intervene to end the
war sooner. The renegade self-styled 'arch-mage' Herodious and his rebels
should be dealt with. He is known to have dabbled with demonology and most
unsavoury things. He has been charmed by Drahena of Chaos and is in her pay.
The Mentalist College tried unilaterally to stop Herodious. They failed and
the King may punish them, yet the Evocationist College who treacherously
blasted the army escape any punishment. Several top mages gathered one
stormy night recently for a mysterious ceremony. Scandalous rumours continue
to circulate about certain prominent Guild members.

12. Gazgar
Difficult to know what goes in within the mighty empire of Gazgar, raedil
will find out whether any barbarians have been to this land at all or if any
have knowledge of it.
*** Nope.

13. Greenheart Forest
How does the fight fair in the Greenheart forest, he will thanks the
Centaurs, Mage and Knights for their attendance and the centaurs for their
bravery, and their skill. If they can continue to harass the empire,
especially at the choke point of Landshut on the route south this will be to
a great advantage and one day the woods of Quendor and Greenheart can be
joined once more...
*** Normal raiding and counter-raiding only.

14. Peran Hills
Frongh of Tisselles tarvels often to he Peran hills and the priests of the
town know the region well, what is happening in the hills, who are the most
powerful war leaders and will they send aid should we ask, whom would they
prefer to fight.
*** They are quite likely to aid the people of Tisselles, despite continuing
concerns about the Elves and their apparent expansionism. The Warlord Raedil
has been seen plotting with other non-humans, namely the Gnomes...

15. Fields of Elorinar
Friendly troops wihin the Melderyn army can bring us word of the fight,
Captain Leaf knows much of what occured during the battle, he saw the fall
of the Thardic spearman and the crushing of the Melderyn knights, what news
of after the battle with the castle captured the forces of the goblins
dissapated but they were hardly beaten. Do his scouts think that they will
be back, did they declare that in the insults they flung?
*** You're better placed than I to say what insults they hurled. But would
the Tyrant confide his future plans to loud-mouthed goblins?

Hero Herodius



Drow civil war.

From the underdark,


Top ten attractions for Heros out to make a name


Just the minor matter of the owner who might now want his place trashed for a second time. "Iiiiiiiiiii", The beholder was disgruntled after the last invasion of his privacy and untimely death of his pets, future visitors can expect no mercy, but the war chest of the Eye Tyrants forces is still believed to be held here.


Nig is Mad, but with his Giants raiding Kanday perhaps now is the time to raid the steading and carry out the treasure. Is anyone at home?


Return to the greatest triumph, find out whether the Frog God has been raised again and then replicate the feat of three long dead kings.


The doomed city, join with Herodius the pessimistic in his lone attempt to stave off the massed hordes of the Hajj.


Destroy the besieging army and then defeat the three dragons, one of which is half demon. Auguries reveal "Those who survive will be rich". The dungeons run with gold.


Join in the sacking of the Kazlonian city, treasure and wealth for all. The centuries of wealth that Kazlonia has gained will be redistributed.


Valor was a flaming sword, an artifact of Pandaria that was lost in the Glacial Rift, home of the Frost Giants.


Find and destory Duke Vouglas, the vampiric minion of Lord Kaz.


More powerful than the legendary three swords and yet lost for all time, or is it? Will this weapon turn the tide of War.


This charismatic man could raise a rebllion in the Nrth West against the Theocratic Empire. This would be a daring rescue from under the nose of King Lembair. Once he is found will Andray be himself, or will he have been corrupted by the Imperial inquisitors.


Little is known of this massive country to the East, is it once more seeking to annex Pandaria or is it becoming more decadent and ripe for Invasion.

The Golden One reveals Aura.


Thardic noble stabs himself at ceremony.

The representative that Grazikus sent to pick up his award stabs himself in the thigh whilst approaching the Dais.

978 Oscar Nominations

It is early in the season but the committee are seeking new categories and nominations for this year to follow those of last year.

Most Ignominious Death

Most Spectacular death

Worst Prediction

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Editor : Steve Brooks Honorary Publisher : Raedil, Warlord of Quendor, Liberator of Denaria

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