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Spring 979, Annals of Pandaria

Kazlonia Ravaged

With Kazlonia in dissarray following the comprehensive victory over its army the Nomad khans rode through Kazlonia sweeping all before it. The City of Ugrod was burnt to the ground. It was never revelead whether this was a deliberate attempt to do so or not. The reporters who braved Kazonia sent back messages that it was generally believed that the inhabitants themselves had torched the city rather than let it fall into nomad hands. This act seems remarkably dim in the light of Khan Ugtosh Fivekills who is quoted as saying. "I never would have thought of doing it, now we know how to flatten the land once more into the plain from which it came. I may use this tactic in other cities.

In a kindness rarely shown in warfare Wizard Lord Raedil spared the lives of a few Cavalry officers, perhaps respecting their right to life and freedom as mortals allowed them to return to their imperial masters to spread the word of the perfidity of Lord Kaz.

Chybisa falls

The pirates launched a surprise attacked against Chybisa during the last year. Posing as merchants they managed to sail one by one into the harbours of Chybisa. Eventually their presence was noticed by the Melderyn Mages but by this time half of the cities of the region would have been sent up in flames had any action been taken.

King Chunel is said to be devastated at the loss of his southern ally and is believed to have left the reigns of power to his advisors, not reacting to any enemy movements at this time.

Within Araby the tribes are concerned. The power of the pirates has long been a threat to the southern nations and now it seems that the threat has grown even more. There are rumours of a great host forming and massive ships being built though where the finances for such an enterprise are coming from is unknown.


Grazikus declares War

Grazikus has claimed in a speech that Tharda will continue its expansion policy under his rule until the whole of the vale of Pandaria is under his rule. This clearly includes not only Melderyn but also Golotha.

Panic in Pandaria Scurrilous news reports spread throughout Melderyn, Kaldor and nearby human lands alleged that the ancient Frog-God had returned. These led to widespread panic, riots and looting. To suppress this the Melderyni and Kaldoric armies were recalled. Escaping these troubles, thousands of refugees fled to Tharda, now under the benevolent rule of Pontifex Maximus Grazikus. There the people are unconcerned by such wild claims and, following expulsion of the last of the rebels from the city of Coranan, peace now reigns, but for how long...

Grazikus caught without his robes...


News from the Golotha and Zadara

Zadara falls to the forces of Law.

The border farms of Istrar have reported devil summoning from within the bounds of Golotha, specifically the temple of Morgoth. Several regiments of Gazgar Mameluk traveled secretly through the plains and made their was to the Army of Zadara. Known devil worshippers it appears that the Duke of Istrar has finally decided to ally himself with Law. First Kazlonia, then Golotha and then Gazgar. The priests in Golotha are currently following Morgoth, at least that is until midsummer's day when they decide whom they follow for the next season.

It is with some suprise that we have noted frog fanatics from the swamp fill the ranks of Golotha's allies

Just as Eclavdra was victorius in the underdark it seems that the drow nation has been beset by the forces of primal chaos. There is little doubt that the Drow will have to see off this threat and Eclavdra has summoned her forces and it believed to be travelling through the vast distances underground. This is perhaps not the most welcome news and many Drow houses are now seeing Eclavdras interest in the upper realms as a bit premature. With their underdark realm underthreat several high ranking houses now perceive that her star is waning and whilst a return to the upper surface is always in their minds, many believe that the up coming battles will determine how succesful Eclavdra will be as a ruler.


Chaos Temples follow the way of the Frog.

Following their declaration of allegiance for the Theocratic Imperium the Golothan Priests now find themselves in the same army as the frogmen they until recently enjoyed purging from the lands. It seems as though they have been secretly following the way of the Frog for many years. Duke Vouglas has now found refuge in Zadara pushing out the original Duke and opening the way for reinforcements to swell his armies with bloated humans.



Bretaine Threatened

Bretaine has resisted the call to be annexed by the Theocratic empire, the last of the truly independant petty kingdoms in the North now must fight alone unless Leonia and the High Elves are willing to aid them. It is suggested however that the Empire is patient and the success of its spy network in subverting the other nations to its control means that perhaps Bretaine has a few more years of independance before the noose of undeath tightens. It seems as though Imperial patience is wearing thin lately though as the Kurland armies even now threaten the borders of Bretaine.

Chunel ponders matters

WIth the failed excursion to the Ash Wastes and the loss of the allied city of Chybisa King Chunel is said to be ensconsed with his advisors. Rmours however persist that he is going mad and some have even suggested that he has a sore throat. This illness is often confusd as the first stage of mutation into a frogman.

Arathram the Mad seeks judicial hearing

Arathram, sometimes known as "the mad" has filed with the judiciary of Tashal to he was the only legitimate claimant for the position of Patriarch. However it seems that the priests have other ideas, and although Arathram has some support, many view him with distrust after unsuccesful campaign he has waged and his association with a Champion of Chaos.


New Herb Found

A rare discovery in Istrar was announced today as some a local farmer discovered a herb that enhances resistance to the mind influence of the frog worshippers and when steamed and eaten as part of a regular diet means that the imbiber will never become a frogman.

The effectiveness of the herb was discovered as the farmer has long being carrying out experients with frogs. Iam Nutball declared. "Ever since I wor a young lad, I bin feeding frogs and the like. This is 'ere 'erb is pissin to 'em. The just cannae take to it, kills them stone dead in hours."

The local druid remains sceptical and has said that further tests should be carried out to test the true effect of this discovery.


NigaColumn : I lose my suntan

Jan 879

It was so dissappointing when Kaldor did not arrive last year. Nig was insistent that I had to stay in doors just in case those After being cooped for long however he was in a foul temper often throwing goblins against the walls in fits of rage.

Feb 879

Niglette is growing first and today managed to draw her first picture with an arm. Recently removed from a captive human of course. She might even be strong enough soon to bite her own arm off.

Mar 879

Nig is happy, apparently the axe tribe goblins are moving southwards again into our hunting grounds. Their flesh is so much softer that these eye tribe ones.




High Elves grow impatient with the Valar

There are rumours of a schism amongst the High Elves, similar to those of long years ago. It seems that after the losses suffered many feel that the Valar do not support them and some have been turning to much darker gods to satisfy themselves.



Queen Eclavrda

Eclavdra, Queen of the Drow! In the hidden underworld realm of the Underdark, the Dark Elves now have a Queen. In the great Vault of the Drow itself, the forces of House Eilservs battled their enemies - and prevailed! Before the walls of Erelhei-Cinlu, in view of all drow in the city, Eclavdra Eilservs' daemons proved stronger than those magicked by her rivals of the lesser Houses. Charinida, High Priestess of Lolth and ring-leader of opposition to Ecladvra's rule, was captured. Magnanimous in victory, Eclavdra set Charinida free (though some claim she escaped with aid of a human spy) and allows her to live with her goblin allies in exile. All hail Eclavdra, Queen of the Drow!



Dragons start to Appear

The GOLDEN one has managedto breed Chaos dragons, the images of the pan ad cihld has been investidate. So far Red, Blue green and multicolour miniature dragons have emerged from the caves near Demon's Vale,

Drahena has taken these creatures to one side and conversing with them clearly.It seems that Drahena does need magical help to perform this as she carries a large orb.


979 Oscar Nominations

It is early in the season but the committee are seeking new categories and nominations for this year to follow those of last year.

Most Ignominious Death

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Worst Prediction

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