The Dragonquest.

(The Slaying of an Ancient Red)


Seven were those who went to war,

They killed the giants, having bent the door.

Having slain the King they went below,

Down to the bottom they didst go.

Then they entered the Dragon's hall

And saw there kobolds two foot tall.

Some escaped, but two gave chase,

These travelled to the Dark Elves place.

The stone in the cave then rolled aside

Five saw the Dragon, in the cavern side.

Now into battle those five they went

And in a minute the Dragon was spent.

As they saw the Dragon's blood pour

Inside they went to see riches galore.

They then cut off the Dragon's head,

and in they went to await the fled.

Santor Pendragon was his name,

He killed the red Dragon to gain his fame.

Raedil the Elf was a Wizard-Lord,

Who fired his bow, but broke its chord.

Ogre the fighter who stood and fought

Though most of his efforts came to nought.

Karaway the Cleric met his death

Lying down, felled by Dragon's breath.

Elwita the Dwarf was a runty Lord

Who used her hammer, as if on a cord.

Two were absent, one was called Freda

She was gone, when we needed her

The other was Blodgett our halfling scout

But he was the one who got us out.

With all the treasure in that cave, gray

The jacinth's power, took us away.

We arrived in the corner of a country field

The peasants there, didn't expect such a yield

As they approached, trembling with fear

We asked if they has any horses near.

One said "No horses here sire", his face very wan

Another said "Toby's quite strong, he's your man!"

We answered them "nay" and four left for the town

the others lay on treasure, as if it were down.

In the town we hired, carts horses and tack.

As well as hay and more than one sack.

Then we returned to that country field

To gather, load and cover our venture's yield

At the end of the day Karaway was raised

Now give Orome and Vana great praise

An so the tale of the Dragon quest fades

Soon I'll return to my beautiful glades.


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