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The White Mountain Rag will be an irregular newsletter produced by the Monks of the tribes from the White Mountains. Schooled by the Immortal leader of the previously sundered tribes of the White Mountain.

Varmok has returned and will lead the chosen ones into battle to defeat our enemies whenever he faces them in true combat.


A bloody battle is forecast near Berserker Keep, home to the Berserks, once led by the Hero Ogre. The humans living around the area are led by many heroes from the Giant Wars and other heroic exploits. Santor Pendragon and Drahena the doubtful amongst them.


The dark legions of the North are preparing for a Southern Invasion. Bored with the Little Kingdoms and having to separately punish each overlord they have decided to go for bigger fish. The Elves of Quendor are preparing the long dormant seeds of their carniverous plants, ready for the coming season.


The Eye Tyrants puppy died after a hideous battle in defence of his masters lair under the Grey Hills. Upon hearing the news, the Eye Tyrant was seen to have shed a tear. Rumours of explicit revenge oaths in the other gutter press have been much exagerated but it is believe that some shamans in the Eye Tribe's ranks have been cursing the various human lands around them and swearing revenge.


Sources close the the Dwarven King have revealed that the Holy Monocle of Khuzan has gone missing. This legendary artifact allows Dwarven Kings to see beyond the doors of their mine and allow them to actually emerge into the open air. That the current King has failed to do so for the last 50 years has often been the source of mirth and speculation in these columns. Various dwarven sources have denied that the King is agoraphobic in recent time and also the he is cursed to have the sky fall on him by a long deceased shaman known as Getafix.

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