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The White Mountain Rag II

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The Armies of Pandaria


Welcome to issue II of The White Mountain Rag. Our reporters have been extremely busy over these last few weeks and are constantly looking for and wish for more news or responses to the news that is contained within.

Please send your responses to THE EDITOR


The legendary Zithian pirates are looking for a holiday home for their Admiral. Preferably unspoilt and with good access from the sea. It is believed that the Admiral is looking for a warm climate to rest his weary sea legs.


The bookmakers are making a killing on the latest craze of betting on whom Drahena will call upon when she asks for divine intervention. It is believed that she has angered several Gods and Goddesses in the past not least through her association with the infamous heroine Freda.


The eye tyrant returns to leads "his" goblin and undead army in an assault near Demons Vale. Only a few doughty (stupid) berserkers,a motley group of heros stand in his way and a few Chaos priests stand in the way of the soft