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Welcome to issue III of The White Mountain Rag. Our reporters have been extremely busy over these last few weeks and are constantly looking for and wish for more news or responses to the news that is contained within.

Please send your responses to THE EDITOR


Troops of the Thardic republic revealed their true allegiance by slaughtering the girls and boys of the Melderyn baggage train on their way to the battlefield to aid the Eye Tribes in the close fought battle at Demon's Vale. The Duke of Elorinar was outraged by these activities and after regaining consciousness swore revenge against those frog spawned mishapen creatures. There has been no comment to date from the Thardic republic, but we believe that internal pressure has let to this revolt against the state of Pandaria.


The bookmakers are making a killing on the latest craze of betting on whom Drahena will call upon when she asks for divine intervention. It is believed that she has angered several Gods and Goddesses in the past not least through her association with the infamous heroine Freda.


The Zithian Admiral has expressed his outrage at not being the first leader to betray an erstwhile ally. Messengers were sent to every newspaper in the land expressing their outrage. The Thardic republic was nonplussed and issued a counter note "Let them eat fish".


The dark legions of the North are preparing for a Southern Invasion. Bored with the Little Kingdoms and having to separately punish each overlord they have decided to go for bigger fish. The Elves of Quendor are preparing the long dormant seeds of their carniverous plants, ready for the coming season.


With the day of festivity over the Leonian troops marched North into the Dark Empire. Emissaries were sent to all friendly nations surrounding Leonia...and as expected these are now fewer in number. Several emissaries failed to return and the Druid's upon whom the Leonian King relied on for most support failed to materialise. This was due it has been explained due to the pixie lobby being most upset by the recent race laws introduced into the kingdom.



Ground-force comes to Pandaria


Are your feudal estates overgrown? Too big and unwieldy for your elf-slaves to manage? Huge swamp-frogs getting too big to fit in the ornamental lake? Have no fear! Contact the Chaos Gardeners and we will do over your kingdom in only two days to leave you with an attractive, co-ordinated landscape that will amaze and consume your friends. Who needs dull roses and geraniums when you can have Black Tentacle Tressles, Grey Ooze Waterfalls and an amusing range of 12' tall Flea-headed Muto-Gnomes. Only from Drahena Developments - the Specialists in Sanity-mangling Spectaculars. Hurry and order today to gain the free added benefit of our ecologically-sound Hobbit-Clearing kit : just add water to the special seeds and watch those cute Bulette's do their work (NB : Bulette removal service 1 million gold pieces extra).


Crown Prince Taffas Pendeus the Dragonslayer, the Duke of Dappar and Overlord of Tashal rules the Principality of Kaldor from his palace in Tashal, the jewel in the crown of Kaldor. He is the younger brother to King Chunel of Melderyn, a sign of the long standing alliance between the two thrones. The royal families of Kaldor and Melderyn were united by the marriage of old King Edram of Melderyn to the Crown Princess Vulcura of Kaldor. The country has retained it's separate status as a principality since then to respect Queen Vulcura's deathbed wish. The borders of the principality are kept secure by the Knights of the order of Rangers of Kaldor, of which Prince is Grandmaster. The Halfling shires nestle within the borders so protected.


Sources close to the Dark Empire hierarchy in Kurland have revealed that nations hatred of Elves. Our reporter was able to reveal that a large consignment of Copper nails has been rushed to the front lines to aid in the destruction of the forests around Menelond.

Elven forces at Taralaure are forming into twigs, branches and trees (the traditional formations of the High Elves). Morale appears to be high despite the long period of partying since the elven nation was involved in any real warfare. This correspondent feels that they might be shocked by the brutality of it.


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