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Welcome to issue IV of The White Mountain Rag. Our reporters have been extremely busy over these last few weeks and are constantly looking for and wish for more news or responses to the news that is contained within.

Please send your responses to THE EDITOR

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Bloodbath at the Hold

In the Autumn of last year, the dwarven forces marched towards the dark fortress of Varmok, however the counter marching of Varmoks goblins outmanoevred the dwarves and both side retreated to their mountain holds for winter.

Dark elves surface at last

Charinada, the high priestess from the underdark, leader of the dark elves has been seen on the surface several times now and our contacts believe that they are closing on on the dwarves strongholds at Khuzan. Perhaps the dwarves should support some of the other denizens of the underdark, if they wish to retain their mines.

Charinada has put a bounty upon Eclavdras head, clearly there is no love lost between these two dark skinned sisters.

Dragon Rages

Aaz the dragon fed well on the assaults in autumn, and there are now rumours of a premature slumber, worrying to Drahena Giantbane as her largest pet and most effective unit didn't show over Coranon.

Is the Dark Empire Dead or Undead

In the days of old the legions of the Dark Empire would have been striding south in anger with a lust for conquest. It seems now however that Kurland has been stymied by the army of Leonia and in the East and only time will tell whether the might of her armies will be able to capture the small kingdoms. In the East Mundia the Moribund sits and waits with no progress made either South or West. It is yet to be seen if Kazlonia advances into battle.

Nature forces end to bloodletting

With the day of festivity over the Leonian troops marched North into the Dark Empire. Emissaries were sent to all friendly nations surrounding Leonia...and as expected these are now fewer in number. Several emissaries failed to return and the Druid's upon whom the Leonian King relied on for most support failed to materialise. This was due it has been explained due to the pixie lobby being most upset by the recent race laws introduced into the kingdom.



Dwarven Coronation soon

The Dwarven court has issued announcements for the forthcoming coronation of the new king. No publication has been made about the coronation of the king, nor has he been seen in public. Perhaps the dwarves will march into battle against the Dark empire as it creeps inoxarably southwards into Leonia.

HISTORY : Axe Tribe Goblins

The history of the Axe tribe goblins and their various allies stems from the Gajh lyad (The Great Burning) when Hordes overran Pandaria from the East, burning the forests of the elves. By 700 BT the power of the Goblins had been smashed and they survived in large pockets scattered by the human and elven allies. Two larger elements controlled the northern and southern Grey hills. In the south the Eye tribes (worshippers of Gruumsh one-eye) and in the North the Axe tribes (worshippers of Maglubiyet. With the overthrow of Gash the Axe and Eye tribes vied for dominance in the region fighting constant petty wars against each other. Neither side mobilised their full forces as each faction had its own internal strife with sub tribes fighting against each other and no strong leadership.

During the late 380's and 390's Corani legions enslaved the Goblin tribes, mainly Eye Tribes, the axe tribes were defeated but retreated north towards the dwarven lands and the antagonism between them and the dwarves stems from this movement when they were pushed closer to one another.

In 805 at the Battle of Henwe Hill, not all of the forces of the Dark Empire are forced into the Elven woods, some elements including one lead by Varmok escape to the west and arrive at the Grey Hills with a small unit of mercenary orcs. Over the next 60 years Varmok consolidates his power in the region, forming the axe tribes into a single nation. He then decides that the riches of Khuzan are too tempting to resist and probably feels that more wasteland and naturally antagonistic goblins to the south are not worth the trouble. In 867 Varmok dissappears and the Dwarven army crushes a dispirited Goblen force ending the Axe tribes unified nation and killing several of the tribal chiefs. Old infighting erupts, the dwarves return to their mines and the goblins back to the old ways. One notable absence from the final battle however is the regiment of Goblin Monks that served Varmok during his reign. These retreat to a mountain fortress and begin to plan and build for Varmoks return...

In the south overpopulation of the eye tribes leads them to seek further lands to the north and goblin wars erupt betwen the Eye tribe and the Axe tribes. Although the Axe tribes have the advantages of home ground and defensive positions the Eye tribes slowly move northwards, their better organisation winning through. The remnants of those Axe tribes pushed north seek shelter under the shadow of the mountain fortress of Varmok's Monks and soon thereafter they pronounce the return of Varmok.

Chunel close to death

Our reporters have uncovered that King Chunel has been offered immortality by the Dark Empire mages, in exchanged for a strategic alliance with Mundia and Kurland. This combined power block will sending waves of fear through-out all the forces of Chaos. If ever the three nations were to unite, nothing could stand in there way.


Interesting Times at Coronan

At the capital of Tashal our independent newspapers viewed the events unfolding before them with suprise.

Renegade Elf fights for law

The Senate had managed by some feat of diplomacy to bring several allies if they can be called that to their side. The Wizard Raedil, an elf fought on the side of law against chaos. One would surmise that the elven king is unaware of this fact as it seems unlikely he would sanction such as alliance. Rumours that Grazikus is but a pawn of Eclavdra the renegade drow elf just add a certain spice to this story. It was notable to see two erstwhile giant slaying companions on opposite sides of the battlefield

Melderyn aids the traitors

With Coranan and the senate in its sights, it was suprising that they did not take the opportunity to charge down upon the forces of the senate, those same forces who slaughtered their brothers on another field of battle. The knights of Melderyn however held themselves aloof and contented themselves with a final glorious but futile charge across the battlefield driving the hated forces of chaose before them. Chunel must also have forgotten that Drahena's aid needs to be sought in the greater battle against the Eye tribe goblins. This editor definately hopes that they will put their differences aside to achieve this goal.

Dwarves fight for Chaos

In a turnaround from the elvish allegiance, the lawful dwarves turned up to support Drahena's chaotic forces. The dwarves involvement as allies of chaos was however even more shortlived than the Melderyni knights. Arriving on the battlefield they were confronted by a unit of chaotic goblins. We believe that the sudden appearance of the chaos forces meant the lawful dwarven priests felt it their duty to protect the dwarves from any infestations of chaos.




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