Makhan's Plans for the Dwarven Hold
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Makhan's Tale“ - Makhan : In Faradin's hold (Sept 1 2081)

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Makhan : In Faradin's hold (Sept 1 2081)

"...Er, I, um, right... yes." burbled Makhan, the young dwarf clearly still taken aback by Father Origol's rabid outburst. He had always thought killing goblins to be a grim duty, not 'fun'. Maybe he wasn't cut out for the way of Clangeddin after all - Moradin's teachings seemed much more balanced.

Makhan gathered his composure. "Well, yes Father Origol, we'll be back at them Nasties as soon as we can. I'm lookin' forward to it. They're enemies to challenge even the best of us. I do like a good fight..." he admitted.

"Meantime, I jus' wants to stop our folks gettin' 'et by 'em. If you reckon these things is feral - like beasts, like - mebbe we could put some animals in that cave. Sheep or somethin'. Chained up, o' course, an' checked daily so they wouldn't get... you know. If they looked dead we'd stake 'em up and cut off their 'eads. I'd rather that than lose any more of our people before we get the chance to destroy the Nasties in battle."

"Elemental?" Makhan was confused. "Oh the Gorgon! Ugh..." he shuddered at the memory of losing seven years as stone. "That, er, woman... told us it'd gone, di'nt she? Can't she be trusted, then?" "I thought you menat the Gargoyle at first, but 'e seems friendly. If not you, Father, maybe Father Thingol could make 'im a pact to bind 'im to our service. I'll leave such spiritual matters to you, though."

"As fer the Oozes, I guess we'd better put up some danger signs until they're dealt with properly. Do you really think them Elf mages is best fer doing the job?"

"Back to the Nasties: 'Oly Glyphs'd be great!" Makhan enthused, gratefully. "Mind you, I'm not so sure about the miraculous Protection, though - if you seal up the corridor perfectly with that, won't it make 'em find other ways out, jus' like bricking it up would?" Makhan was unsure, but a plan was forming in is mind. "If we brick it up just a bit, we can leave a gap. That'd constrain 'em, like, an' be easier to defend, wouldn't it? And if they get used to that, it could be turned to our advantage."

"Not that I reckon the ordinary guards should fight the things. Do you agree that if they see the Nasties comin' they should just sound the alarm an' run fer it?"

"I'm glad you're willin' to give trainin', too, though I do't mind doin' it, I'm not goin' to be 'ere for a while. Lefftenant Dokis is stayin' 'ere to look after things for me, I'll ask 'er to make a list of 'oo wants weapons trainin'." ...and who would prefer the other Dwarven crafts during their off hours, thought Makhan to himself.

"Don't worry, the prospectin' is mainly fer the maps of this area. I doubt we'll find anythin'. We'll know 'ow to defend the 'Old best when we get the lie of the land, like. I only wants cash so as to spend it to 'elp the 'Old - an' fer the benefit of the 'ole Dwarven People!"

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Origol seemed slightly disappointed that Makhan was not caught up in his oratory, normally so placid Origol was clearly able to rouse the most lethargic of dwarven warriors into a fervour of battle, but he quickly reverted to the slightly reserved dwarf that Makhan recognised more readily.

I meant the gargoyle, I’m sure that the Gorgon has been destroyed, or at least its bindings broken. The woman is indeed trustworthy, she is a priestess of Berronar, I don’t believe that the goddess would allow such a charade otherwise. She has Berronar’s powers, demons are not normally able to heal.”

[Quote: "Meantime, ...mebbe we could put some animals in that cave.]

Animals?”, Origol queried to himself more than Makhan. “Hmm, I suspect we won’t have enough sheep to spare, perhaps if we could capture some rats or other creatures it might be easier. At least rats can be easily beaten. I take your point though about not wanting to lose any more kin, perhaps I will persuade Faradin to do something about them when Ferric returns next year. He might be able to help deal with the oozes as well, they can be defeated in combat, but they are tricky to deal with from what I recall and I’m sure the mages would find a faster method.”

[Quote: “...if they see the Nasties comin' they should just sound the alarm an' run fer it?"]

They can only run so far though, if the nasties come they should protect the families who may soon be working on this level, We can’t really afford for the mushroom caves to be destroyed or to lose the farmers. The wall is a good idea, Perhaps Corith, Faradin and myself can stand watch down there whilst you and Guntha are absent, that way one of use should be able to stop them at the narrow point we create. At least then they will be held back, unless their master decides to visit. I’m not sure what will stop him! Perhaps we need to call upon Gondra Termas.”

[Quote: "I only wants cash so as to spend it to 'elp the 'Old - an' fer the benefit of the 'ole Dwarven People!"]

A most worthy cause Makhan, good luck on your journeys then and I will start casting the protective sigils straight away. May Clangeddin go with you and guide your axe.”

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Makhan : In Faradin's hold (Sept 1 2081)

Makhan bowed low and took his leave of the priest. Clearly Father Origol thought he had nothing more to say. Nothing useful anyway.

"Well, at least he's goin' to create some Glyphs of Wardin'," the young dwarf thought to himself, "Spiritual Axes - that should give the lads guardin' the Vampire area enough time to sound the alarm an' get clear, if the Nasties attack."

He realized he would have to leave very specific instructions behind him, and return as soon as possible to make sure his plans were not being mis-interpreted by Origol and others.

Partially bricking up the vampire passage: Origol had mistakenly assumed this would be a "wall", but it would have to be only the sides and top which were blocked, narrowing and shortening the passage. Otherwise (who knows?) the vampires might be able to fly over and it could actually aid them! It might also need plastering, to prevent them seeping through in gaseous form.

The sacrificial sheep: Origol seemed unwilling to risk even one sheep to give a chance of protecting Dwarves! Makhan would give specific orders that this was to be done, despite Origol's opposition. It would be stoutly chained, to rings set in the stone, although Makhan assumed that it would not become vampiric, or even if it did the process would not be immediate, better safe than sorry. Origol's suggestion that Dwarven warriors would have difficulty dealing with a dead sheep were ludicrous. The vampires might go for a sheep, but rats - that'd make the Dwarves seem more tempting! Makhan would also ask Lieutenant Dokis to work out the length of time between previous 'disappearances' (she was good at such things). That would show when the vampires were likeliest to attack in future, and how often to leave a 'sacrificial' sheep.

Lessons: And Makhan would make it clear to Dokis that she was to follow his instructions, not anyone else's. He was relying on her to check everything was being done the proper way. For example, she was to ask the Folk what they wanted to do and arrange classes accordingly, of which Origol's combat training would just be one.

Alarms: Origol had missed the point that the vampire-alarms were for other Dwarves who may be in the caverns - the guards would see the vampires coming. Anyone hearing the alarms could run to the best hideaway, either out up the stairs or, since Origol said she was trustworthy, to the chapel/lair of Silverish the Priestess of Berronar - they should be well protected there. Makhan would leave word that, as well as warning signs against the few Oozes, signs showing the best escape route should be put up throughout the caverns.

The Gargoyle: Origol just seemed to want to fight it. It had seemed friendly and gave useful information when Lord Faradin met it. Makhan was sure he had heard that Dwarven priests could have such creatures in their service, and resolved to mention the possibility to Father Thingol, the priest of Dumathoin.

Lethargy: Sometimes it seemed that Origol thought anyone who did not fight was just lazy - evidently failing to understand that combat was not always the answer. How unjust! Dwarves were rightly famous as the most hard working of all races.

Gondra Termas, Priest of Hel: Origol, perhaps without realizing, had also displayed the ultimate in defeatism. Being willing to call upon evil, non-Dwarven forces, who would (more likely than not) aid the enemy vampires and force peace with them (and perhaps ultimately servitude), showing his judgement could no longer be relied upon.

Tithing: The attitudes Origol had displayed showed Makhan that, if that was the Way of Clangeddin, it was not for him. He would also see the priest of Moradin and return his tithing to the main Dwarven religion.

After all he, Makhan, was Faradin's castellan. Not Origol, or Captain Corith. The young Dwarf was proud of his position, and mindful of his responsibility to look after the Hold and it's Folk.

He would make sure things were done right.

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Re: Makhan : In Faradin's Hold

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Re: Makhan : In Faradin's hold

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