Realms of RuinQuest
Fantasy Role-Playing rules and details for settings including the World of Pandaria by Steve Wells



The Heroes

Zelinus, Geradil, Drac, Dan the Dwarf-Man, Absinthe, Schikell, Kayentelva, Dray, Marcus, Findecano, Jengo, Garret.
Thorba, Hubald, Gevan. Mohawk, Curudor, Brother John, Mirle the Mage, Judge Mirth, Finador, Fred, Tilliawyn.
Tazim the Young, F'Long of the Llama, Kudis Snail-bane, Malthasar the Lunar, Jayzesh Goldcloud (back). Ravell of the Ostrich, Garion of Esrolia, Karl Llamaman.

Ex-heroes of Pandaria: Arathram, Drahena, Raedil, Dranlen Frontis, Chas Torran, Darthrom (Drahena).
Ex-heroes of Cantabria: Lord Faradin, Ferric Iron-arm, Mistatri Elf-priest, Sword-Father Clave, Axe-priest Origol, Claudia Nova, Corith Rune-axe.



The Adventures

Current: Return to the Glitterhame

Ye Olde Pandarian Diaries (The Giant Wars & after), ?
The Axe, Pt.1, Mirrors of Tizun Thane, The Axe, Pt.2, The Axe- Epilogue, Principality & East Ulek, Halls of the Thane, Tomb of Horrors, After the Tomb of Horrors, The Shadowdancers.
AmoriciaThe New World (Jadis), Sunless Citadel (Oakhurst), Ettin's Riddle (Newkeep/Oldkeep), Khundrukar Campaign.
CantabriaLands of Cantabria, Cantabria website (old), Cantabrian Diaries & Tales: Vampire Monk, The Hel Plot, Makhan's Plans (old), The Hold Keys.
GreyhawkWhen a Star Falls, Temple of the Golden Spire (Greyhill, Dreadwood, Kendra), The Sentinel (Duchy of Berghof), The Gauntlet (Adlerweg Keep).

World of Pandaria

Pandaria – Home of Heroes. Protectorate of disparate states, mist-shrouded 'land of many bridges', haunted by ancient and monstrous horrors.
Kingdom of Wyrd – Ruled by dark ancient sorcery, snowy far northern wastes; yet the bold may thence reach even the south-sea Isle of Dread.

World of Oerth

Including the famous lands of Greyhawk, the Flanaess, setting for many classic adventures. Now also these campaigns:
Ulek & the Pomarj (GH map) – Declining dwarven homeland, compelled to join neighbour nations or perish, invaded by Euroz & goblin hordes.
Amoricia (Hepmona) – Tropical and magical, a 'new world' of opportunity for colonists from beyond the ocean, disturbing the balance of the native peoples.
Cantabria (Fireland) – Failing feudal kingdom, over-run by many foes both external and internal – orc hordes, rising zombies, religious schism, magical flux.
Propadiandy – Various parts of the Greyhawk world, including The Tower of Heavens, Temple of the Golden Spire, Duchy of Berghof & Adlerweg Keep.

World of Glorantha

Pavis & Prax – Amid the harsh deserts of Prax, the dirty imperial outpost of New Pavis huddles beside the dangerous giant-walled ruins of ancient Pavis city.



The Chiavelli - Fantasy EnGarde PBeM, set in Southern Cantabria. Map of the Realms, EnGarde applet.

Legacy of AyathgaronFantasy Diplomacy PBeM, in Old & New Cantaboria & Hepmonaland. Map of Cantaboria. ENDED



The Rules

Pandaria and campaigns on associated worlds use RuinQuest rules (my own RPG system, based on RQ2 and the best of others):
Basic RuinQuest, RuinQuest and Advanced rules for Other Realms



The Gods

Ammon-Ra, Healers, Druids, Law, Chaos, Melkor, Hecate, Halea, Loviatar, Diabolic, Demonic. Valar (elvish), Mahal (dwarvish), Orcish, Barbarian Gods, Nomad Gods, Kymerian, Mercanian/Wyrd, Serenian, Emphidian. Pandaria Pantheon.
Greyhawk Pantheons : Heironeous, Ehlonna, Olidammara, Hextor/Tyr, Corellon Larethian, Moradin, Clanggedin, etc
Cantabria Pantheon : Ukko, Hel, Sif, Forseti/Tyr, etc  Capria/Amoricia Pantheon : Pelor, Mayaheine, etc



The Magic

Magic Items, Item Costs.



RuinQuest is based on Chaosium BRP, plus the best bits of D&D, RuneQuest, Pendragon, etc... (Free BRP QuickStart here)



Pandaria Forum

News of the World. Pandaria Wars, Battle Reports (archive). SteveB: A Poem, White Mountain Rag, #1, #2, #3, #4; Tisselles Tittilator #1, #2, #3. RobB: The Melderynian, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7. TonyH: Theocratic Imperium Gallery.

Pandaria: Brief Annals, Long Annals, Legends, Languages List / Diagram, Barbarian Calendar.
Cantabria: Cantabria Risk, Cantaboria PbeM (old).

From the White Dwarf Archives:
The Ale Standard, The Town Planner, Monsters Have Feelings Too.
Other Useful RPG Stuff: BRP Introductory Guide, BRP Magic World, The Classic RuneQuest 2, RQ4:AiG, RoleMaster Herbs.

Old rules, that may be incorporated someday: Languages, More Equipment, Weapons, Armour, Conversion, Monsters, Spells by School, Miracles by Religion (old), Psionic Abilities, Barbarian Magic, Spell Mods + (RuinQuest rules in old format)

House Rules

Dragon Pass, 4000 A.D., Cluedo Crusade/Advanced Cluedo Crusade, WarpWar, Tunnels & Trolls, Axis & Allies Rules, Hordes of the Things (HOTT), Crudis Chariot Racing, RuneQuest, WH40K, Noughts and Crosses Variants (Super, Nuclear, Realistic Nuclear, European Theatre Nuclear and Communist)


Diplomacy, WebHex Battle Games, On Garde!, TIME2GO, FuryDice, Treasure, CHARACTER GENERATOR, Personality Generator


King of Sartar (Campaign Map, League of Nations, Army Lists, Collected History, New Rules. Last Battles: Wilm's Church, Trader's Isle, Dangerford, Halls of Krarsht)
En Garde! (Introduction, House Rules, League of Glory. 1698: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec; 1699: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May - That's All, Folks!)
Darekil Sector
In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, there is only... Warhammer 40K!
The Provvie Weasels: Ancient Weasels, Old Weasels, Latterday Weasels, Last Weasels
UNFS1 - Story of Mars Colony


Old Bold Home Page, Family Pictures, The Games Cabinet, Imperium Battles, Jokes, White Dwarf Library, Pandaria Pictures



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10th February 2014

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Latest RuinQuest Rules version + Other Realms supplement (draft) for D&D-type magic/spell translations, Herbs, etc.

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New RuinQuest rules pdf (in RQ2 style). + Original RoleMaster Herbs (29th).

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7th January 2010

Added BRQ - “Basic Ruin Quest” - rules-lite system pdf (initial 4-page version).

9th December 2009

Added link to BRP QuickStart rules book download (free, legal, and with Chaosium's permission to me personally!).

29th May 2009

Martial Skills (Expertise & special combat abilities/feats) upgraded.

26th March 2009

"Personas" Character Personality generator added.

6th February 2009

(Waitangi Day!) Experience each break; Clarify Saving Throws, Spirit/Psionic Combat & AD&D PHB Spells. 

11th December 2008

Rules for Hiding/Sneaking overhauled again and harmonized with BRP. And that could possibly, finally, be it!

30th November 2008

Character Creation - Characteristics, Heritage, Talents/Bogeys, Personality Traits, Distinctive Features, etc.

20th-23rd November 2008

BRP Harmony: System Summary combat/spot rules updated; plus minor corrections/tweaks to new sections.

14th November 2008

BRP Harmony: Standard BRP Options & House Rules specified; Actions, Combat & Miscellaneous rules.

3rd November 2008

BRP Harmony tweaks: Increased initial Mage/Cleric Power; Holy Items store Power; Failed casting cost x2.

28th August 2008

BRP Harmony: Melee weapons, Missile weapons & Shields revised for compatibility with BRP system.

2nd August 2008

BRP Harmony: Magic/Miracles using Power; Staffs/familiars revised; Variable skill increase/difficulty.

26th July 2008

Added links to Cantabrian pages (Steve Brooks' campaign world)

4th May 2008

Martial skills: Expertise and Abilities rationalized; Warrior-Monk combat abilities revised accordingly.

28th April 2008

Distinctive physical features table added for character generation.

19th April 2008

Personality traits made standard skills; Holiness increased via skills/traits; Magic specials cost no power.  

25-29th March 2008

Philosophy updated; Expanded character creation: added heritage tables, name generators, separate files.  

12th March 2008

Links to Steve's Tittilator, Rob's Melderynian and Tony's gallery for the Imperium. Many thanks, guys!

11th March 2008

Tweaks to links and The System crib-sheet (i.e. STR v STR for Golfball Effect, grappling, etcetera).

10th March 2008

Improved links to Pandaria Forum, including new "News of the World" topic for current events postings.

7th March 2008

Character generation detail links added; Spell definitions published and linked; heroes updated.

6th March 2008

Added more links into this index page, to old archives, house rules, utilities, etc.

5th March 2008

Skills based on stats (minor edits passim); interim crib-sheet update; index, combat, movement pages re-done.

29th January 2008

Live Pandaria pages move to new web-space, kindly provided by Steve Brooks. This index page is revamped.

13th January 2008

Optional Personality Traits added (including Virtues for Paladins of any alignment); RQ House Rules.

29th October 2007

Clerical spell-lists updated in line with spells overhaul; Cleave combat ability requires opponent knock-down.

19th October 2007

Latest character generation details published (interim version).

24th September 2007

Spell lists added (Pandarian modified versions).

1st September 2007

Spell lists added (unmodified AD&D versions).

19th/20th May 2007

Skill training requires weeks; Characteristic training; Experience 1xp/session; Paladin Quests for Holiness.

10th May 2007

Spell-learning chances can accumulate, Spell Book hire fees as per equipment list (Magic System 6.3).

21st April 2007

Traits (Inborns), Fatigue, armour/encumbrance mods; Factor (SIZ) for height/weight generation.

8th April 2007

Psionic combat and abilities system published.

15th March 2007

Minor rewording/rearrangement throughout; Piety renamed Holy Power; example Cult Skill targets given.

13th March 2007

Stat/target saving throws; Hide/Sneak simplified; Open Hand two attacks; Combat/Magic ability tweaks.

26th February 2007

Magic item properties overhaul; modifications to Combat Special Abilities.

13th December 2006

Stats purchasable at character creation reduced.

12th December 2006

Spells overhaul: Cantrips & 1st level Spells (Mage Armour, Magic Weapon added); 1st & 2nd level Miracles.

8th December 2006

Magic Staffs and Familiars; minor mods to combat and magic special abilities and character creation.

30th November 2006

Tweaks to character creation (paladin/ranger skills, no language age limit for mages); skill renamed Evasion.

27th November 2006

Special Combat Skills and Special Magic Skills simplified and revised to include special abilities/feats.

3rd November 2006

Standard Equipment prices list added (including revised costs for magical items).

16th September 2006

Paladin special abilities revised; Clerical "Blessing" ability; Power/Piety formulae based on stat bonuses.

8/9th July 2006

Herb Lore skill; Bardic Voice etc; revised Golfball Effect for Grappling/Knockback; Fumble Tables.

1st July 2006

New weapon damages adopted; new weapon ranges adopted; new weapon types added.

29th June 2006

Half-benefit from miracles unless tithes are paid; Ranger 'Fury' bonus made optional; INT ticks maximum.

26th June 2006

Martial Arts can stack attacks & parries; Missile attacks are full/half/tenth chance at range x1/x2/x3.

24th June 2006

Sneaking system clarified (save v surprise, pre-rolls, save v no defence).

23rd June 2006

Amendments to various pages relating to new saving throws; Skills page formatted for printing.

22nd June 2006

Saving Throws overhaul, max. +10 level bonus; Failed casting gives half-effect spells (Magic System 6.0).

15th June 2006

Reformat some pages for printing; General rules shortened; Non-magic only subdues multi-planars.

17th March 2006

Fighter special abilities; Combat cribsheet updated (mounted shooting, shooting into melee, parrying).

9th March 2006

Paladin special abilities; Cure Serious/Critical Wounds spells improved; Ukko miracles list added.

2nd March 2006

Mage special abilities; Magic staffs store power; Elven chainmail modifiers calculated.

1st February 2006

(Minor tweaks to format nicely for printing).

5th November 2005

Added Magic Item Costs page, detailing prices of magic items, spells and miracles available for purchase in Pandaria.

10th September 2005

Added monster conversion system, character catch-up system, modified spells page.

3rd September 2005

RULE CHANGE: Thieves Sneaking rules revised for d20 saves; Backstabbing & Pick Pockets procedures simplified.

29th August 2005

RULE CHANGE: Clerical Cult Skill targets classified by complexity; Piety Points revised to WIS/4 x Max. (Magic System 5.9)

28th August 2005

RULE CHANGE: Saving Throws system overhauled (Saves revised to d20, with a target of 20+).

24th August 2005

RULE CHANGE: Max Ticks limit revised to 8 + Int Bonus; new Stat Bonuses apply to skills.

22nd August 2005

RULE CHANGE: New Stat Bonuses table published (in Character Generation)

20th August 2005

RULE CHANGES: Power/Piety improved (5.8); RQ2 armour adopted (chainmail up to 5ap); Initiative d20+Dex bonus; Max Ticks 10+Int bonus.

14th August 2005

Pandarian Religions list & write-ups added.

6th August 2005

Hit Locations table changed from d100 to d20.

9th July 2005

Pandarian Myths & Legends added. Magic Spells list added

14th Jun 2005

Heroes added. RULE CHANGES: Clerics gain Holiness by using cult skills, Piety Points reduced; Experience points are added only to Defence. 

12th Jun 2005

Combat crib-sheet and general (I) rules updated to reflect the new actions/initiative systems.

11th Jun 2005

RULE CHANGE: Actions & Initiative system, to dexterity-order and turn-based combat based upon the D20 System.

12th Mar 2005

Character generation system based on 'Character Creation' points.

17th Feb 2005

RULE CHANGE: Power/Piety derive from main skills; Cantrips cost less to cast; Beneficial Clerical miracles have only half-effect on non-worshippers; Divine Intervention primarily for Clerics only and usually benefits worshippers only.

19th Oct 2004

RULE CHANGE: Skill increases relate to difficulty; no increase-rolls rqd for Defence; experience maximum added; specialist mages modified.

22nd June 2003

Experimental "FuryDice" Initiative Roller, Special Fighter and Mage Skills (draft versions); Language Skills listed in families.

16th Feb 2003

First-level Magic spells properly formatted and standard 1st/2nd-level Clerical miracles added.

1st Feb 2003

RULE CHANGE: Perception roll multiplier for sneaking reduced to x3 and negative modifiers reduced.

21st Dec 2002

Character Sheet template and example character added. (To fill-in, replace invisible white ?-marks and change their colour).

18th Dec 2002

RULE CHANGES: Starting skills for weapons reduced by 5% for most; Thieves Skills & Martial Arts rationalized.

14th Dec 2002

RULE CHANGE: Base percentages reduced to 10% for all weapon types.

1st Dec 2002

Weapons & Armour lists added - phew!.

30th Nov 2002

Language skills added; Pandarian Languages page & diagram reconstructed; Saving Throws added.

28th Nov 2002

Fumble formula revised (fumbles less frequent); scroll-reading rule reworded; general rules 1,2,3; sneaking rules, standard skills; spell lists formatting begun.

22nd Nov 2002

The Great Task of publishing the Pandaria Rules continues:
Modified Criticals Table; Character Generation; Coats of Arms; Magic System 5.3; and placeholders for future publication.

28th Feb 2001

Combat crib sheet smartened up; Miracles lists added.

11th Feb 2001

Magic System: Casting Bonus; staffs store power & spells; spells require 1 memory per level.
Miracles System: Inspirational Blessings

11th Feb 2001

This "Pandaria Rules!" index page added.

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