ON GUARD – Development of the Lands


Lands around Lord Faradin's Hold and Halls are ripe for development. Sprit village is on the Dragen-Sor Pass trade route, now guarded and paved by Dwarven troops. The Ulek borderlands, newly accessible, are rich in timber and other natural resources as yet unclaimed. Investors become honoured “Aldermen of the Demesne”, entitled to develop sites on nearby land - and reap the profits.
(PR: Adapted from Puerto Rico, by Rio Grande Games)

To become an Alderman requires an investment of 1000Cr (p.a.?) paid to the Lord's Demesne. This brings the right to order development, settlement, construction etc in the demesne lands. Each new Alderman is initially granted one Site and given Notes of Authority from Lord Faradin (commonly called “Fara-dinars”. Each is for approximately 100 dwarf-days of work on the demesne. New Aldermen get as many Faradinars as there are other Aldermen (and pre-existing Aldermen each get one extra Faradinar).
(PR: Doubloons)

For each month (March-October) Mayor Rico Puerto selects one Alderman to be 'First', who then nominates the main economic activity for the coming month (and gains certain extra benefits). Each Alderman will be selected as First once per 'economic season'. The Mayor selects the Aldermen for this role in order of their Social Level, normally, and all act within the month in that same order. However, the Mayor can be influenced [F1,7+] to bump someone up the running order (but if they have already been First this economic season they cannot go ahead of anyone who hasn't).

Each activity may only be chosen once per economic season (Prospecting up to twice). Each month, every Alderman in turn performs the chosen economic activity. The First Alderman naturally goes first and receives an extra benefit as noted (then becomes last in the running-order for next month, and so on).

After all Aldermen have taken their turn at being First, each activity not chosen this season receives a +1F bonus, as an incentive for it to be chosen. Then a new economic cycle begins.

Setup depends on the number of 'Aldermen' (players), denoted '#A'. Each gets #A-1 Faradinars and 1 Site (1st, 2nd, 4th: Iron Ore Mine; 3rd, 5th: Coal Mine). Settlers used: 3A 55 settlers; 4A 75; 5A 95. Settlers on caravan: #A. Gold Bars used: 3A = 75+ Gold Bars; 4A 100+; 5A 122+. Merchant Caravans: 3A = 4, 5, 6 wagons; 4A = 5, 6, 7 wagons; 5A = 6, 7, 8 wagons. Sites revealed: #A+1.

The most profitable economic activities will earn Gold Bars, each worth about 200gp. When a goodly number have been earned by all Aldermen combined (GB held, not for buildings/bonus), the current economic cycle will be deemed complete and the most successful Alderman appointed as the new Mayor. (This depends on the number of Aldermen: 3 = 75+ Gold Bars; 4 100+; 5 122+).
(PR: Victory Points, vp)

Sites that may be developed are: Coal Mines (max 10), Ore Mines (max 12), Sheep Pastures (max 11), Tree Plantations (max 9), Clay Pits (max 8), and Stone Quarries (max 8).
The goods they can produce are: Coal Mine – Coal, no processing required; Ore Mine - Iron Ore, for Iron Foundry; Sheep Pastures – Fleeces, for Woollen Mills, Tree Plantations – Timber, for Lumber Mill; Clay Pit – Clay, for Pottery. Stone Quarries of course produce stone, but that is used for local building only and not trade.
(PR equivalents: Corn, Indigo, Sugar, Tobacco, Coffee)

Initially, all potential Stone Quarry Sites are available and in addition a number of Sites of other types equal to one more than the number of Aldermen. (If a new Alderman takes office, add another).

Usually the caravans of three merchants travel through the lands. Each has a number of different number of wagons. Each merchant will only allow one type of goods in his caravan – whichever type he takes first, he will insist upon until his caravan is filled. Amounts of goods are measured in wagon-loads. The number of wagons each merchant brings in his caravan depends on the number of Aldermen (no doubt due to their resulting perception of the prospect of trade): 3 Aldermen = 4, 5, 6 wagons in each; 4 = 5, 6, 7 wagons; 5 = 6, 7, 8 wagons.
(PR: Ships)

Due to Guild rules to sustain markets, the maximum number of wagon-loads of trade goods of each type permitted in the demesne is: Coal 10, Iron 11, Wool 11, Timber 9, Pottery 9.

The local Trader will buy up to 4 goods. He normally takes only 1 of any type, purchased for the following number of Faradinars: Coal 0F, Iron 1F, Wool 2F, Timber 3F, Pottery 4F.

Many people come to the lands, seeking refuge from increasing intolerance and dark churches in Cantabria. Mainly dwarves but humans and other races too hope to settle hereabouts. They arrive by the cart-load, in numbers equal to the number of Aldermen. The maximum number heading for the Halls also depends on the number of Aldermen: 3 Aldermen = 55 settlers; 4 = 75; 5 = 95.
(PR: Colonists)

DEVELOP: Claim an available Site. First may claim a Stone Quarry instead. Max 1 site each. After, discard any remaining and reveal new ones (#A+1).
(PR: Settler)
BUILD: Construct a building, paying the cost. First pays 1F less. Max 1 building each. If anyone fills 12th lot: THE END. (Quarry -1d cumulative up to a limit; University: add settler)
(PR: Builder)
EXPORT: Ship large quantities of goods, via the available wagon caravans, to sell in the cities. Must load goods onto merchant caravans if possible. Each in turn chooses 1 type of goods that can be loaded, and must load as much of that as possible onto a caravan. Each wagon-load loaded gains 1GB. First gains 1GB extra, for first loading only. Each caravan carries only 1 type. Cannot load goods of a type on another caravan. Continue loading until no-one can load any more. Then all but one item of left-over goods, if not stored in warehouses, are lost. After, clear any caravans that are full. If total GB held (excluding bonuses/buildings) by all reaches the limit, it is THE END.
(PR: Captain)
TRADE: May sell only 1 of one goods type to local Trading House; buys max 4 items, which must be different to any it already has; Prices Coal 0, Iron 1, Wool 2, Timber 3, Clay 4. First gets 1d extra. After, clear goods from the Trade House only if it is full (4 items).
(PR: Trader)
PRODUCE: Gain goods for occupied site/production combinations. First gets 1 extra of each type produced - afterwards, if available.
(PR: Craftsman)
SETTLE: Bring more settlers to the town. First gets one extra and also takes first settler from the settler wagon, then each in turn takes 1 until all gone. Place new settlers (or re-place old ones) on buildings/sites with available space. Keep any left over (in the 'slums'). Re-fill caravan with settlers equalling 1 per space in any buildings (minimum #A) – if not enough, it is THE END.
(PR: Mayor)
PROSPECTING: (May be done twice with 5 Aldermen, once with 4, but not at all with 3). Seek gold nuggets or gems in the mountains. First finds 1d worth, but others get nothing.
(PR: Prospector)

Small Iron Foundry (1dub, 1space, 1vp) – Smelts iron ore from Iron Ore Mines producing Iron.
(PR: Small Indigo Plant)
Large Iron Foundry (3dub, 3spaces, 2vp) – Smelts iron ore from Iron Ore Mines producing Iron.
(PR: Indigo Plant)
Small Wool Mill (2dub, 1space, 1vp) – Spins fleece from Sheep Pastures producing Wool.
(PR: Small Sugar Mill)
Large Wool Mill (4dub, 3spaces, 2vp) – Spins fleece from Sheep Pastures producing Wool.
(PR: Sugar Mill)
Timber Yard (5dub, 3spaces, 3vp) – Saws and dries logs from Tree Plantations producing Timber.
(PR: Tobacco Store)
Clay Pottery (6dub, 2spaces, 3vp) – Shapes and fires Clay from Clay Pits producing Pottery/Porcelain.
(PR: Coffee Roaster)

MINOR BUILDINGS (Max 2 of each in town) -
Small Market (1d,1s,1vp): Gain +1d when selling goods in TRADE.
Large Market (5d,1s,2vp): Gain +2d when selling goods in TRADE (additional to Small Market).
Manor House (2d,1s.1vp): Take an extra Site (random or Quarry) before claiming a Site in DEVELOPMENT.
(PR: Hacienda)
Masons Lodge (2d,1s,1vp): May pick a Quarry instead of an available Site in DEVELOPMENT.
(PR: Construction Hut)
Small Warehouse (3d,1s,1vp): Can store all goods of one type after EXPORT.
Large Warehouse (6d,1s,2vp): Can store all goods of two types after EXPORT (additional to Small Warehouse).
Healer Shrine (4d,1s,2vp): Add one Settler to one new Site claimed in DEVELOPMENT (take from supply, or if none settler wagon, else go without).
(PR: Hospice)
Chandlery (5d,1s,2vp): Can sell goods in TRADE even if local Trading House already has that type.
(PR: Office)
Workshop (7d,1s,3v): Gain +1/2/3/5d for making 2/3/4/5 different types of goods in PRODUCTION.
(PR: Factory)
Dwarven Chapel (8d,1s,3v): Add one Settler to one new Building made in CONSTRUCTION (take from supply, or if none settler wagon, else go without).
(PR: University)
Inn (8d,1s,3v]: Earns 1GB each time the owner loads a batch of goods onto a merchant caravan in EXPORT.
(PR: Harbour)
Wagon Train (9d,1s,3v): Can load any one type of goods (max 11 items) on their own private caravan in EXPORT, earning the usual 1GB per item.
(PR: Wharf)

MAJOR BUILDINGS (Max 1 of each in town; each fills 2 town spaces) -
Guild Hall (10d,1s,4vp): Extra GB bonus at 'The End' for occupied production buildings - each earns 2GB, except Smalls which just earn 1GB.
Manse (10d,1s,4vp): Extra GB bonus at 'The End' for occupied Sites – having up to 9/10/11/12 earns respectively 4/5/6/7GB.
(PR: Residence)
Keep (10d,1s,4vp): Extra GB bonus at 'The End' for population – each 3 settlers (round down) earns 1GB.
(PR: Fortress)
Guard House (10d,1s,4vp): Extra GB bonus at 'The End' - each 4GB earned previously earns an extra 1GB.
(PR: Customs House)
Town Hall (10d,1s,4vp): Extra GB bonus at 'The End' - If occupied, gain 1GB per minor/major (i.e. non-production) building (whether they are occupied or not).
(PR: City Hall)

THE END comes if: (1) Not enough Settlers to re-fill the Settler caravan in 'Settle'; (2) Anyone builds on their 12th town space in 'Build'; (3) Gold Bar target reached in 'Export'.
Then add up the GB earned so far, the GB value of buildings (occupied or not) and the extra GB for occupied Major buildings special allowances.
The Alderman who has the most is the winner – and may name the new town. Then they are appointed as the Mayor!

(PR Expansion: Aqueduct, Forest House, Black Market, Storehouse, Guesthouse, Trading Post, Church [vp for bigger buildings], Small Wharf, Lighthouse, Specialty Factory, Library [double privileges], Union Hall, Statue [Major – 8vp], Cloister, 6xForest plantations)

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