Return to the Glitterhame
(Adventure via forum/email)


Diverted from their quest for the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, heroes led by elf-druid Sir Geradil Courana are drawn back to his homeland in the jungles of Hepmona...

A chill grey mist descends, and the going becomes difficult. Before long the mist lifts again and air warms, considerably, however the foliage becomes denser and wet underfoot. Fortunately though, after a seeming age, the ground gradually rises and the heroes find themselves passing through relatively sparse pine forest once more.

Then, through a gap in the trees, they catch sight of a tall steep hill that rises to a prominent fang of rock...



Thorba has waited, to no avail. Seven years have passed since Dan & the others departed from Khundrukar – the Glitterhame - with splendid dwarven weapons, forged by the dwarf hero-smith Durgeddin the Black. Yet still no word has come that they managed to reach the human 'free' port town, Jadis - where Grindin Dyrak and the other dwarves eke out a living in exile. Only eight others remain with him - too few to guard the 'forge of fury' and for a proper expedition, even if 'Queen' Nimira, Snurrevin, Ghared and the other old-timers would leave (however, old Derga bravely volunteers). So Thorba and he, heavy-laden with as much of the new-made mail they can carry, set forth – down the path towards the forest, the surrounding jungles, and – hopefully – Jadis...

Geradil at once recognises the place of his one-time incarceration – the Stone Tooth. He and the sharp-eyed elves of his group see the steep narrow track that zigzags down the hillside. Once hidden but now eroded, its course is marked by standing stones. Two squat figures, heavily-loaded, can be seen picking their way down the path. But, a short distance ahead of those, the onlooking elves can see other figures, lying in ambush behind the stones and by the path – orcs, dozens of them...!


To Be Continued...

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