After the Tomb of Horrors
(Adventure via forum/email)


Heroes of Sword-Lord Zelinus' expedition to the famed Tomb of Horrors, Sir Geradil's adventurers travel into the Dreadwood near Keoland seeking curatives for their many injuries. They are joined by two elf guides, priest Mistatri and mage Findecano, Sword-Lord Zelinus having departed for Thane Faradin's Halls.

After slaying a witch and her demon, subduing the berserk dwarf Dan, and surviving a magical troll-ogre ambush, the group reach the Holy Grove of Ehlenestra (Ehlonna). Geradil, druid of the goddess, wins the favour of the priestesses and the late Paladin Dray is miraculously returned to life from the soul-prison of Acererak's evil ruby eye.

Dray the Paladin has been successfully reincarnated... as a hawk. After giving their deepest thanks to the Ehlonna priestesses, the party journey through the war-torn Dreadwood to the Glade of Corellon on the western side, at Greywood. Doubtless performing many deeds of heroism and acquiring manly scars/maimings on the way. [Details?]

Elf-mage Findecano having safely guided the party on their long journey, saving them at least once, the party express their gratitude - Sir Geradil generously giving 10% of his treasure!

Mistatri then introduces the group to his fellow elven priests - telling how deserving of aid they are, due to their devotion to the cause of elvenkind - and their generosity. Once the immensely wealthy heroes have gifted the most revered deity of all Olvenfolk in a most sumptuous manner (50% of their treasure!), his priests say many prayers of thanks and imprecation - particularly regarding Geradil's lack of a leg.

Newly ordained a priest of Corellon, Schikell Jayess rejoins the party and Mistatri leaves them in his care.

Warrior-priests of Heironeous' nearby temple listen sombrely to Dray-hawk's squawked report of Father Kyrnyn's wanderings, welcoming the tale as of his redemption by selfless sacrifice slaying the infamous Demi-Lich. Gratefully accepting his gear and cash, they avow "His departed soul will be honoured through our Temple's good use of this and his fair share of the worldly wealth recovered". Ensuing discussions give them a half-share, as life-price for the heroic priest's loss. Into the bargain, Hawk-Dray, Dracular and Sir Geradil are also granted the boons of miraculous Restoration - Mage Marcus too, is he will give half his share and swear an oath to serve Heironeous in some manner yet to be specified (but he will have to become a very devoted cult-member and save up a lot more to be granted regeneration). However, it is also revealed that the Polymorph magic can transform a hawk into nothing larger than a halfling or gnome. (Dray thoughtfully soars above the tree-tops, wondering whether to return to humanoid form...)

(Far, far away, Garret - wandering lost, naked, wet, cold and starving through trackless swamps near the Tomb - is suddenly confronted by a gaggle of vile ichor-dripping demons. From their guttural grunts and twisted gesticulations, he eventually understands these blasphemous horrors wish him to go with them and steal something for them. But does he agree?)



Geradil being a druid of the woods and outdoors rather than one of mercantile persuasion is ready to give up 60% of his holdings and accumulated loot in to the pot for combined offerings, bribes and tithes the party is liable for.

I can't remember the totals but as a split this would probably be something like:

10% to Findecano for being such a useful Elf 50% to the Elven priests in the hope of getting a leg over (sorry I meant a leg back)
40% retained to fund future adventures or investments (don't I have an interest in a dead donkey flogging enterprise somewhere?)

In terms of heroic deeds on the journey Geradil doubltless did lots of night watching and defending of the camp fire repelling denizens of the night with his staff, and also may have sought out a few useful Dreadwood herbs and fungi to ease the painful wounds of his fellow travallers (and perhaps expand their minds a bit) on the journey.


Sir Geradil being the party's glorious commander, the others will naturally follow his lead.

After the generous donations, moonlit rites amidst the alabaster statuary of Corellon's Holy Glade miraculously restore Geradil to physical perfection. Hurrah! The ceremonies are in fact quite sedate, even staid, so he just gets the leg 'back' rather than anything else (must've been thinking of Ehlonna...). But he is now in very good standing (geddit?) with the posher Dreadwood Olvenfolk as well.

The Staff of the Woodlands is very tough and well-weighted mahogany (+2). On the journey, Geradil discovered he can use it to move without leaving tracks, and invoke powers to: Charm Animal (1ch), Speak with Animals (1ch), toughen his flesh to Barkskin (2ch), call a Wall of Thorns (3), Summon Natural Allies [VI] such as a dire bear (3ch) and Animate Plants (4ch) such as two moderate-sized trees. It now has 43 charges left.

After the trip, the druid has left over some Arfandas stems (ID#608, 4 doses, doubles bone fracture heal rate) and Nimnaur Spider juice (ID#925, 3 doses, liquefies internal organs).

Geradil's 'tip' to Fin approximates to the rather nice large green peridot and a handful of lesser gems (unless he fancies anything else from the stash?). Following their leader's example, Dan gives a similar tip to Marcus, and Absinthé to her fellow elf Kayentelva. (Drac had already given cash to Schikell Jayess).

[Do they fancy anything particular? See the lists below, and choose anything from 'To Keep' or 'To Sell' up to c.£22k... (this in fact goes for anyone, as you'll probably have cash left over).]

Absinthé leaves the party early, with Mistatri, and returns to the Halls of Faradin Thane (there encountering the Ulekians and all their 'election' nonsense).

As well as donating to Findus Lasagney's Donkey Sanctuary, Geradil's previous investment was in alleged orchards in the snowy wastes of Wyrd. He cannot recall the name of the 'fund manager' entrusted with the cash in that inn - in fact now realizing he's not sure the guy gave a name at all. ;-) And who knows where the Curious Sprat is now...?


Eleven potions
- 2x Clear ruby-red liquid (bitter odour/taste) [Cure Serious Wounds] [~£3.3k]
- 2x Fuming mauve fluid, with bronze flecks (meaty odour/taste) [Strength] [~£1.5k]
- 2x Effervescent clear azure liquid (herbal odour/taste) [Clairvoyance] [~£3.3k]
- 2x Smoky light-grey liquid with tan layers (acidic odour/taste) [Fly] [~£3.3k]
- Opalescent, glowing orange viscous fluid with tawny & apricot variegations (musty odour/taste) [Read Magic (!)] [£366]
- Thin cloudy liquid, flecked with silver (watery odour/taste) [Invisibility] [~£1.5k]
- Clear amber liquid (earthy odour/taste) [Enlarge,5pow] [~£1.8k]

Five scrolls
- Druidic (2pow): Speak With Animals[2]) [£700]
- Illusionist (7pow): Improved Invisibility[4], Demi-Shadow Monsters[5], Astral Spell[7]) [~£19k]
- Magical (6pow): Enlarge[1], Water Breathing[3], Massmorph[4], Part Water[6]) [£14k]
- Clerical (7pow): Turn Undead[2], Dispel Evil[5]x2, Plane Shift[5], Holy Word[7]) [£29k]
- Magic (7 Spells, 9pow): Shatter[2]x2, Forget[2], Prot.f.Evil 10ftR[3], Phase Door[7], Stone to Flesh[6], Power Word Kill[9]) [£46k]

- Very fine Sword of Ghost-Touch (full effect on immaterial creatures) [£16k]
- Map with dwarven runes [£72k]
- Garret's Masterwork Thieves Tools [£2k]
- 97 10gp gems [£200 each]


- Very fine Spear of Elf-Slaying (not nice) [£16k]
- Ring of Spell Storing [Invisibility, Sleep, Death] (possibly evil) [£49k]
- Peridot [£20k], Emerald [£100k], Black Opal [£200k] (too large for individual shares, these form the bulk of the donation to the Elven Temple)

TOO EVIL (to dispose of... how?)
- Acererak's Eye Ruby #2 and Diamond Teeth (evil)
- Acererak's Gold/Silver Sceptre (very evil)


For documentational completeness, the divvy-up so far is:

ZELINUS the Sword-Lord: Greatsword of Defending [£72k], Amulet of the Void [£20k] [TOTAL = £92k]
Sir GERADIL COURANA: Mahogany Staff of Woodland powers [£88k] + -£8710
ABSINTHÉ the Bard: Wondrous Brass Bugle [£9k], Copper Lightning Quiver [£18k], Garret's Dagger of Poison [£32k], Everlasting Torch [£1k], Philtre of Love [£2k] TOTAL = £62k] + £17,290
DRACULAR the Archer: Steel Sword/Mace of Might [£67k], Crystal Box [£20k], Silver Ring of Protection [£4k], Jayess' Gift [-£15k] [TOTAL = £76k] + -£6880
DAN the Dwarf: Crested Helm [£66k], Fine Scimitar of Bravery [£4k], K'Ryn's mail & adamantite breastplate [£4k] [TOTAL = £74k] + £5290
DRAY the Hawk-Paladin: The Sword Shatterspike + his other equipment & cash* (3534gp) + £39648 (choice of stuff or half-value in cash) (at Greywood Church)
FINDECANO: ~£22k tip (choice of stuff or half-value in cash)
KAYEN-TELVA: 50gp + 50gp (from Zel) + ~£19k tip (choice of stuff or half-value in cash)
MARCUS the Mage: 50gp (from Zel) + ~£19k tip (choice of stuff or half-value in cash)
SCHIKELL JAYESS Half-Elven: 750gp (from Drac)
(JENGO: his Silver Quill)
(* Dray having given the Church his paladin's 10% tithe and, not to be out-done by Geradil, 50% extra).


Cash from current character sheets:

Zel ? + Clave 22gp, 2189gp (+1534gp from Zel) + 600gp spent building Temple [=£44220 + £30680+?(Zel) + £12,000 of Temple]
Geradil 196pp, 414gp, 14,000sp [=£41,880]
Dracular 185gp, 1300pp ?? [=£3700 + ??]
Absinthe 194gp, 71pp [=£10,980]
Dan 2618gp, 1293sp, 60cp [=£53,659]
Kayen Telva 760gp, 55sp, 1 gem (100gp Bloodstone), Schikell owes 450gp [=£17,255]
Schi-kell Jayess None! [=£0]
Findecano 63gp, 39sp [=£1299]
Marcus 1d100sp [=> £83]
Garret 185pp, 2925+135gp, 6sp, 20cp [LOST!]
Mistatri 917gp +1400gp in gems & 3183 in goods at Thane Halls [=£110,000]


Far, Far away...

[AlexT:] Garret takes the job in the hope that it will involve finding clothing at some point.


One oozing mis-shape seizes Garret in its vicious claws and both vanish. After a brief infinity of screaming psychedelia freezing into all his senses, Garret reappears in a misty cave with a hooded woman, beautiful from what he can see, and his companion's claws still gripping him cruelly. "Retrieve the gold and silver sceptre of a friend of ours, and you will be rewarded." she says, explaining it is held somewhere her minions cannot go. More sickening icy colours, and Garret is left just outside a wooded glade dotted with statues, but also with a marble dais upon which is the gold-silver sceptre, various gems and other items - guarded by some serious-looking elven warriors.

Then shrill screams erupt somewhere else, and the elves dash off.

[GM: Can I have some d100 rolls, please? Hide (68%), Sneak (53%) and as many Sleights (68%) as you can make in a row...

(NB: This is here for the amusement of all, but please remember the rule that your characters cannot act upon what they do not know!)]



[hide 38, sneak 86(fail), sleight 31, 9(special), 44, 51, 20, 62, 78(fail)]

Yes Marcus would be willing to give his share and an oath to fix his leg.

GM: Sadly, Marcus only gets Restoration of his CON for that cash and oath. Heironeous, a lesser deity, doesn't give Regeneration (a 7th-level spell) - so to fix his leg, Marcus needs to prove his worthiness to some other church... (and perhaps save up a bit more 'donation' too). Geradil just got his own leg regen'ed by the Elven temple of Corellon, for instance - but "other Greater Deities are available".


25th Coldeven 578CY (March 2088AC/988TR) - Just before the Growfest Spring celebrations, a gaggle of vile ichor-dripping demons appear in Greywood, attacking young elflings on their way home from Godsday school. However, while priests and guards from the nearby Grove of Corellon drive off these horrors, some items there are stolen. Returning guards heard an intruder but saw nothing, finding filthy barefooted tracks which vanished just outside the holy grounds...

The gold-silver sceptre, diamond teeth, ruby eye, thieves tools, spell-ring and dwarf-map have been taken.

(Allowed to keep his tools and the ring, and given the beautiful siren's hooded cloak after receiving his reward, Garret is again chaotically teleported. This time to some shady back-street, with a nondescript building where he has opportunity to join a secretive religious sect as one of its nefarious Fingers...)


[Peter W, (Friday, February 22, 2013 1:42 PM)]

While of course not wishing to tread on anyone's toes, Finn would voice a liking for the sword of Ghost Touch and the potions of Strength and Clairvoyance.
But if any of the actual heroes would care for those items, far be it for a humble magician and guide to deny them. He will of course be happy with whatever the most generous Sir Geradil is willing to part with.


As Finn steps toward the sword, a long-robed elf priest bars his way, hand upraised: "Hold!" he commands. "Know this, Findecáno Arcamenel - the Ghost Sword bears a curse. Once claimed, the wielder cannot be rid of it save with divine aid." He then steps aside and watches...

SJW 27/02/2013:

Proposed treasure-division (& resulting total wealth on character sheets). Please take a look, and if you think otherwise let me know.

ZELINUS the Sword-Lord: Greatsword of Defending [£72k], Amulet of the Void [£20k] + 1534gp (with Clave)
Sir GERADIL COURANA: Mahogany Staff of Woodland powers + 196pp, 414gp, 5290sp + Scroll Druidic (2pow): Speak With Animals[2])
ABSINTHÉ the Bard: Wondrous Brass Bugle, Copper Lightning Quiver, Garret's Dagger of Poison, Everburning Torch, Philtre of Love + 194gp, 71pp + Potion (Read Magic) + Scroll (Magic, 9pow): Phase Door[7], Stone to Flesh[6], Power Word Kill[9])
DRACULAR the Mighty: Steel Sword/Mace of Might, Crystal Box [w.£20k], Silver Ring of Protection + 185gp, 1300pp
DAN the Mega-Dwarf: Crested Helm [!!!], K'Ryn's mail & adamantite breastplate + 2618gp, 1293sp, 60cp + Potions: 2x CSW, 2x Fly, 1xEnlarge(5pp), 1xInvisibility
DRAY the Hawk-Paladin: The Sword Shatterspike + his other equipment & cash* (3534gp) + Scroll (Clerical, 7pow): Turn Undead[2], Dispel Evil[5]x2, Plane Shift[5], Holy Word[7])(at Greywood Church)
FINDECANO: Potions 2x Strength, 2x Clairvoyance + 63gp, 39sp + Scroll (Illusionist, 7pow): Improved Invisibility[4], Demi-Shadow Monsters[5], Astral Spell[7]) + GHOST SWORD???
KAYEN-TELVA: 1310gp, 55sp, 1 gem (100gp Bloodstone) + Scroll (Magic, 9pow): Shatter[2]x2, Forget[2], Prot.f.Evil 10ftR[3]) + [Schikell debt repaid]
MARCUS the Mage: 50gp + 83sp + Scroll (Magical, 6pow): Enlarge[1], Water Breathing[3], Massmorph[4], Part Water[6]) [+Restoration]
Garret: Ring of Spell Storing, Masterwork Thief Tools, Cloak

Some questions though:
1) Where did Drac get the 1300 Platinum pieces? (If it was in the Tomb, well...)
2) Does Dray-Hawk want to be permanently polymorphed into humanoid form (albeit small...)?
3) Will Finn take up the cursed Ghost Sword?
4) Am I right in thinking Schi-Kell previously used the very fine Spear, now known to be an Elf-Slayer?
5) Will Dan ever read the runes inside his new crested helm?

[Gary W, Wednesday, February 27, 2013 6:12 PM]

I don’t think Schi-Kell every used the spear. I think he said he wanted it though, but that was before we knew it to be an Elf-Slayer.

Thanks Gary, and good call! Not only is it an Elf-Slayer, but it's *also* cursed... :-)

[Mike C, Thursday, February 28, 2013 1:26 AM]

I don't recall claiming a scroll - in fact, I remember all (or most of) the scrolls and potions went in a special party war chest that was being carried by Dan.
What's happened to all the gems?
Also I believe my 194gp, 71pp is cash in hand, not treasure from the tomb, and if for some reason you are totalling character wealth, you've missed my gem stash - 15 x 500gp Aquamarines, possibly more.

[SJW, Thursday, February 28, 2013 9:38 AM]

Cheers Mike. Yes, I was attempting to total character wealth (some needed to chip-in for the items already claimed). Will look harder for your gem-stash...
I distributed the scrolls & potions, thinking they'd be more useful, but you can have the cash-value (in gems) as you prefer. The rest of the gems will have gone to the Temples as donations/payments.

[Steve, 01 March 2013 16:45]

So here's another go, with the assumptions...
1) Drac got his 1300 Platinum pieces in the Tomb. At some point, they are discovered to be copper (total value 6.5gp).
2) Dray-Hawk does not want to be permanently polymorphed into a gnome (or hobbit). Hawks are cool.
3) Finn does not take up the cursed Ghost Sword.
5) Dan never reads the runes inside his new crested helm. Perhaps he has polished it so much they now cannot be seen - but it does shine brilliantly. :-)
And 4) Thanks Gary - Schi-Kell rejects the spear, commendably repulsed, when discovering it is an Elf-Slayer. Its curse is also removed at no charge by the Corellon priests.
Also, as Peter(W) points out, the items now revealed as cursed (Ghost Sword, Elf-Slayer Spear) have zero value, likewise items lost,

I think that makes the new total value £939k. Zel takes the Greatsword and Amulet, leaving £847k worth. Divided 5 ways (Geradil, Absinthe, Drac, Dan, Dray/K'ryn) makes £170k each (Dray/K'ryn £85k each). 50% is donated to the temples, making £85k/£42.5k each. 10% of the larger shares is given to each of Findecano, Kayentelva & Marcus (except Drac's as he already gave £15k to the annoying Schi-kell). Dray, as a paladin, gives an extra 10% to the temple of Heironeous. Marcus gives half his share (and a promise of service) to Heironeous and receives miraculous Restoration of his Constitution (drained prior to these adventures hence not covered by other donations).

So the share-values are: Geradil, Absinthe, Dan £76.5k; Drac £70k; Dray £38.25k; Fin, Kayentelva £8.5k; Marcus £4.25k.

Now subtract the values of the items claimed:
GERADIL: Woodland Staff [£88k] - £11.5k (NEGATIVE: He has to chip-in from current funds!)
ABSINTHÉ: Wondrous Bugle [£9k], Copper Quiver [£18k], Garret's Dagger of Poison [£32k], Everburning Torch [£1k], Philtre of Love [£2k] [tot. £62k] + £14.5k
DRACULAR: Sword of Lordly Might [£67k], Crystal Box [£20k], Silver Ring of Protection [£4k], Gift to Schi-kell [£15k] [tot. £106k] - £36k (NEGATIVE: must chip-in)
DAN MegaDwarf: Crested Helm [£66k], K'ryn's mail & adamantite breastplate [£4k] [tot. £70k] + £6.5k
DRAY: [the Sword Shatterspike + his other equipment & cash (~8836gp) = his, so no cost?] + £38.25K
FIN: Potions (2x Strength, 2x Clairvoyance) [£4.8k] + £3.7k
KAYENTELVA: £9k (from Schi-kell) + £8.5k
MARCUS: £4.25k
SCHI-KELL: £15k (Gift from Drac), -£9k (Debt repaid to Kayentelva) = £6k

Just the remaining potions and scrolls an lesser gems to divvy-up now. Any problems so far...?
PS: The Forum site appears to be down. For how long, I have no idea. :-/

[Gary W, Saturday, March 02, 2013 11:10 AM]

I’m happy with this, thanks for working everything out Steve.

Cheers Gary. I'll further assume the unclaimed potions/scrolls are sold for gold, and update sheets accordingly. (If anyone wants to 'buy' them from their share, please let me know asap).

Potions: 2x Cure Serious Wounds [~£3.3k], 2x Fly [~£3.3k], Read Magic [£366], Invisibility [~£1.5k], Enlarge(5pow) [~£1.8k]

Scrolls: Druidic (2pow): Speak With Animals[2]) [£700]; Illusionist (7pow): Improved Invisibility[4], Demi-Shadow Monsters[5], Astral Spell[7]) [~£19k]; Magical (6pow): Enlarge[1], Water Breathing[3], Massmorph[4], Part Water[6]) [£14k]; Clerical (7pow): Turn Undead[2], Dispel Evil[5]x2, Plane Shift[5], Holy Word[7]) [£29k]; Magic (7 Spells, 9pow): Shatter[2]x2, Forget[2], Prot.f.Evil 10ftR[3], Phase Door[7], Stone to Flesh[6], Power Word Kill[9]) [£46k]

PS: Support reports the forum is being worked on and, despite 'serious problems' will hopefully be back 'soon'... [Ed.: Not soon enough – hence transferred here!]

[SJW, 07 Mar 13]
No more items have been claimed, so I've updated the Character sheets accordingly:



To be continued in “Return to the Tomb of Horrors”.

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