Heroes of Pandaria and Other Worlds


Characters of the World of Pandaria (Pandaria & Wyrd) and World of Oerth (Greyhawk, Propadyandi, Amoricia & Cantabria) Campaigns.

Tomb of Horrors/Shadow Dancers Quest (SJW, RuinQuest) – Via the Halls of Faradin Thane in the Principality of Ulek.
ZELINUS DUETTI (P10) – Sword of Sif, Paladin Lord and Commander of the Tomb of Horrors Quest [(1e)] – (Peter W)
ABSINTHÉ the Bard (B9) – Unruly elven musician-adventuress of snowy Wyrd, epic story-teller, Olidammaran prankster [back, (3e)] – (Mike C)
DAN the Dwarf-Man (F9) – Heavy-duty battle-dwarf, hugest in the known worlds, bearer of superbly-forged weaponry [back, (3e)] – (Alex W)
DRAC ULAR the Archer (F8) – Modest yet strong and wise warrior, with amazing endurance; a lover of music and his bow [back, (3e)] – (Duncan)
Sir GERADIL COURANA (D7) – Heroic elf druid of Ehlonna from far Hepmona, former bearer of Kerok the Trollslayer [back, (3e)] – (Peter T)
KAYENTELVA (F/M6) – Elf warrior-mage, from the alien world of Ghinor – (James)
DRAY the Hawk-Paladin (P6) – A hawk, reincarnated paladin of Heironeous, from the distant land of Capria [back, (3e)] – (James)
MARCUS the Hermit (M6) – Mage of mystery, from the Thardic Republic in Pandaria.(Alex T)
SCHIKELL JAYESS (F/C6) – Half-elven warrior-priest from Pandaria, new to the faith of Corellon Larethian and the ways of Oerth. [back] – (Gary)

Quest for the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords (SJW, RuinQuest) – Lands around the Halls of Faradin Thane, Principality of Ulek & Eastern Ulek.
MAKHAN FLINT (F12) - Hero of the Dwarves, Castellan of Lord Faradin [RQ, AD&D/Cant (old)] - (Steve W)
JENGO TWERKUN (M7) – Dark-skinned mage from the Amedio jungles, Master of Lightnings and the Unseen [RQ, back, AD&D (old)] – (Peter W)
Noble Lord GUTHWIN of HURIC (C7) – Air-Priest of Mighty Ukko, Missionary-Chaplain from Lord Faradin's Halls [AD&D/Cant] - (Steve W)
EVALIN ('Mage Zapp') (M6) – Mage-in-Residence at Faradin's Halls, Maker of Zigzag Rings and other magics [AD&D/Cant] - (Steve W) + Spell Books.
GUNTHA HAIG (F6) - Captain of Makhan's Mercenaries, the Khazad-Barûk [AD&D, back] - (Rob)
QUIDDERIL LIGHTFINGER (T/M5) – Elven Filcher-Magician [RuinQuest, AD&D (old)] - (Paul S)
Sword-Brother THOMAS ANDERSEN (P2) – Holy warrior, dedicated to Sif, the goddess of honourable combat. [AD&D](Mike C)
Sword-Brother BRETHAN ARAN (C3) – Priest of Sif, lives by the sword. [AD&D] - (Duncan T) + Sword Brothers Sergeant Morpheus, 'Number Two'.

Troopers FIZOR, BALDOS & DODAIN (F1) – Dwarven mercenaries of Lord Makhan's elite 'Baruk-Kazad' [Fizor, Baldos, Dodain](NPC/Peter T)
+ Makhan's Mercenaries : Lieutenant Dokis, Scout Gimlis + 'Grim Garrison' (3rd Octury): Sergeant Gimin the Grim, Durain, Thorur & vacancies.
Corporal 'FOXY' (OBLI) FLINT (F2) – Dwarf gambler, wide-boy and sometime soldier, cousin of Castellan Makhan [AD&D] - (NPC/James W)
Brother BOFRI COPPERNOSE (C3) – Priest of Clanggedin, dwarven god of battle and berserking [AD&D] - (NPC/Alex T)
N'GRUNNJ HALF-OGRE (F2) – Half-human/half-ogre warrior, adventurer from the wilds of Cantabria [AD&D] - (NPC/Alex W)
ARNUMIELLE STARSHADOW (R1/M1) – Elven ranger-mage, adventurer from the forests of Elhadriel [AD&D] - (NPC/Gary W)

The Halls of the Thane (SJW, AD&D+/RuinQuest – Halls Interior Map; Treasures;
GROMOK (F8) – Heavy-duty battle-dwarf of the Khuzan army, ex goblin-slave, Varmok Wars veteran [RuinQuest, AD&D (old), back] – (Q) + Faradin's Guard
FINDECANO ARCAMENEL (I2) – Mysterious mage of the lordly grey elves, from the secretive Faerie Kingdom of Celene [back] - (Peter W)
+ Thane's Hall Guard, 1st Squad: Acting-Sgt Thordain 'FerricBane', Corporal Bifzli, Kikor, Bomzri, Bifain, Baflais, Balur, Fikor.

The New World of Amoricia (SJW/TonyH, D&D3.5+/RQ) – Sunless Citadel; Ettin's Curse; Forge of Fury; Return to the Sunken Citadel.
THORBA TRUESILVER the Trusting (F5) – Keeper of Khundrukar, secret dwarven stronghold in Amoricia [RQ (D&D3.x, back)] – (Peter W)
HUBALD DUMMETT the Merciful (C1) – Zealous but naïve crusader for humanity in the New World of Amoricia [D&D3.x, back] – (Steve W)

The Kingdom of Wyrd (Peter Wells, D&D3.5+) – Wyrd Map.
GEVAN TOTE (M5) – Somewhat-nervous card-carrying guilded mage from Specularum, a port city of Wyrd [D&D3.x, back] – (Steve W)

In Search of the Trollslayer (SJW, RuinQuest) – Keoland Region, Dreadwood Area inc. 'Greytown' (Kendra).
GARRET DragonFoe (T6) – Shifty and secretive rogue, who defied a dragon to it's face for the sake of treasure [RQ, back (D&D3)] – (Alex T)

The Demesne of Embrick (SJW, RuinQuest) – Embrick Map.
Lord MOHAWK (P8) – Paladin of St.Sigmar of Ammon-Ra, banisher of evil, defender of Embrick; originally from Kanday. [RuinQuest] - (Gary W)
Elf-Lord CURUDOR DAELOKE (F7)Noble high-elf from the distant Greenheart Forest, a defender of Embrick. [RuinQuest] – (Peter W)
Brother JOHN GAUNT (C2) – Healer, pacifist priest of Ammon, keeper of the chapel at Embrick; originally from Orbaal. [RuinQuest] – (James W)
MIRLINALOT (M4) – Senior apprentice magic-user bonded to Lord Mohawk, and bearer of the Spirit-staff of Jahmez. [RuinQuest](Alex W)
Judge MIRTH (C4) – Priest of Law, raider of the accursed Black Tower, and old associate of Mohawk the paladin. [RuinQuest](Peter T)
FINADOR (M3) – Young and reckless wood-elf mage, darker in outlook and more pyromaniacal than most of his kin. [RuinQuest](Alex T)
FRED (F3)Human warrior, incredible with his dagger, has spent years with elves as their spokesman to the barbarians. [RuinQuest](Duncan T)
TILLIAWYN (M3)Wood-elf maiden, practitioner of magic and friend to animals in the woods near Embrick village. [RuinQuest](Sarah W)

Temple of the Golden Spire (MSW, AD&D+) – Greywood village; Greytown (Kendra) & Dreadwood.
DARLAS of the Flaming Sword (F6) – Grizzled veteran adventurer, Nemesis of the Wraith of Crystal Eyes [AD&D, back] – (Rob)
TESTOR Half-Elven, the Ranger (R6) – Chosen Guide through the Dread Wood, from Ranger Lords of the North [AD&D, back] – (Q)

'Propadyandi' (MSW, AD&D+) – Hold of the Sea Princes, Tower of the Heavens, Duchy of Berghof, The Keep of Adlerweg.
CHEWANAFUGE (Mo5) - The Monk, Bearer of The Sentinel (and ex-vampire!) [AD&D, back] - (Q)
BARLE LONGBEARD (F6) - The Dwarf [AD&D, back] - (Rob)
BRIDE of OGMAR (C6) - The Priestess [AD&D, back] - (Phil)
HARRY STOPPER (F4/I4) - The Gnome [AD&D, back] - (Mark)
CORNIUS PERINEUM (M4) - The Mage [AD&D, back] - (Steve W)
(D3) – The Druid [AD&D, back] - (Peter)
GELK NANDIE-BANE (C3) - The Goat-Priest [AD&D, back] – (Paul W)

Protectorate of Pandaria (Steve Wells, AD&D+/d100 System/BRP/RuinQuest) -
Characters HERE (temporarily, until converted to image format): Gaarghuz , etc, etc, etc.
GAARGHUZ (F3) – Tough warrior, armourer's son from Thardic Republic. Lost in the wilderness, but somehow survived... [AD&D, back] – (SteveB)

Cantabria (SUSPENDED [occasional one-offs only] Steve Brooks, D&D 2E variant) – Cantabria Page, 'The Hold' Region.
FINARIEL the Elf-Mage (M7)Proprietor of The Ebony Fly in Canton, ex-bearer of Sword of Kas, arranged own murder. [Cant (old), back] - (Rob)
QUACKTICUS the Duck (M7) - Duck-man adventurer and old associate of Finariel the Elf-Mage; enjoys duck-a-l'orange. [AD&D/Cant, AD&D(original), back] - (Q)
GONDRA TERMAS (C6) - Priest of Hel, goddess of disease and death [Cant (old), back + Church, Plans] – (Mark)

Dead & Gone
FARADIN (R13) – DEAD. Dwarf Ranger Lord, Chosen of Clanggedin, Knight-Baronet of the Hold. Soul removed & body possessed by Tizun Thane. [The Mirrors of Tizun Thane] - (Paul Winser)
FERRIC IRON-ARM (M9/F7) – ANNIHILATED. Half-elf warrior-mage. Killed by the sphere of annihilation in the Tomb of Horrors, for his treachery. [Return to the Tomb of Horrors] – (Mike Whelan)
SANTOR the Red (F12)RETIRED/FALLEN. Ex-paladin of Ukko, did not quest to save his homeland, and refused to fight evil invaders due to his fear. [Guthwin Talks to Santor] - (Q)
MISTATRI (C8/F8) – RETIRED. Elven Fighter-Priest of Corellon. Fled to the Dreadwood when danger neared the Thane Halls. [Mistatri Departs to the Dreadwood] – (Mark Williams)
CLAVE NECHRATAL (C10) – ANNIHILATED. Sword-Priest of Sif, uncle of Zelinus. Died bravely, trying to save a comrade in the Tomb of Horrors. [Return to the Tomb of Horrors] – (Phil Thomas)
ORIGOL (C8) – LOST. Priest advisor to Faradin. Held on another plane by invisible stalker. Replaced by simulacrum. [Origol Criticizes Faradin's Fighting Style] – (Steve Brooks [GM/NPC])
CLAUDIA NOVA (M7) – DEAD. Enchanter-Mage. Chopped in half when her self-made ring failed part-way through a mirror of Tizun Thane. [Sic Transit Claudia Nova] – (Mike Whelan)
CORITH RUNEAXE (F6) – DEAD. Captain of Faradin's Guard. Infected by slaver-wasp grubs, and brain eaten; controlled husk animated. [Meanwhile At the Gates of Thrunch] - (Ian Charman)

Blank Character Sheets –
RuinQuest, AD&D/Cantabrian, Cantabrian-only, D&D3.x.

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