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The campaign is set on the legendary land-mass of Old Cantaboria, far southwest of the new world nations of Cantabria, Khalkidia, Municipia and Griffildi. The same sun shines down but singly, not doubled, and the gods & magic differ too...

Cantaboria is approximately 800 leagues east-west by 650 north-south, divided into many minor nations and tribal areas. The land has never been completely united since the Time of Legend: that Golden Age of Peace, when the ancient gods and their followers all lived in harmony, was destroyed two millennia ago. Infamous human warlord Zark-Oh found new faith and made war upon the Elhadiz, those he called 'Evil', in the cause of the Astridae, or 'Good' gods. This villain and his cohorts were finally defeated and banished across the eastern ocean - but the damage was already done. Heavenly Harmony was lost and the lands thereafter ravaged by unnatural plagues, undead hordes and unsane magics.

Throughout history since, Cantaboria has been a place of wars and petty nations struggling to survive. Some achieved a passing greatness but are now gone, or dwindled to sad remnants sunk in decadence and wickedness. Two such are the Empire of Ayathgaron and the Theocracy of Franchia.

The armies of the Empire of Ayathgaron once marched with ruthless efficiency to dominate half the known world. Their time is now long past, the 'empire' reduced to a heartland around the capital city Ayathgar. There effete and degenerate fops vie for social advantage, foolishly oblivious to the barbaric world beyond the city walls. Yet still their King-Emperor pretends to rulership of the provinces, demanding tributary fealty and sending regiments against whoever will not serve.

The Theocracy of Franchia still holds theoretical spiritual supremacy over the lands, in the person of Pope-Hero Aesop the First. Nations are obliged to pay tithes according to his whim, and must face Unholy Curses if they fail to do so.

The land of Cantaboria lies in the southern hemisphere, so the southerly nations are colder and the northerly hotter. The temperature differences are more extreme to the west and milder to the east, due to prevailing winds and ocean currents. (The map is oriented south-upwards to be intuitive for those of us accustomed to northern hemisphere conditions. Please note however that consequently north and south, and east and west, are reversed from their usual directions).

(For an earlier version of the PBeM, never played but highly ambitious and detailed – see here).

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