The Heroes Loot!


Items gained as Party Treasure but as yet unclaimed by any particular individual :

Gold Zigzag Ring (for travel via the Mirrors of Tizun - another non-dodgy one)
10 suits of plate mail (human sized)
Jar of Poison (Type B, contact)
[Fine leather & brass-bound book (of Sega's Necromancy spells)
– Claimed by Clave & Zelinus for destruction.]
Small lockable chest + key
Keys for the 'catacomb' cells
2 as-yet-unidentified keys (from Sega)
Sega's Black Plate Mail
[Sega's black two-handed sword + gem in hilt [500gp] –
Claimed by Zelinus for Lord Faradin's Trophy Room]
Gold cloak-clasp (fire-damaged) [BV10gp]
Black curtains, various candle-skulls and bone incense-burners
Diker's Plate Mail & Black Shield (medium) & Large Mace (good quality [+1])
Fire-damaged Porcelain death-masks (x2) & jewellery (20gp of gold and gems worth 8000gp)
Chainmail x3, Plate mail x2, scalemail x3, Banded mail x1, Large Shield x2,
Small shields x3 - human-sized.
Various weapons (3 footman's maces, 3 lucerne hammers, 3 scimitars, great hammer).
Small chest
Large lockable chest + key
The “Eye of the Tiger” Ruby (worth 5000gp BV)
Various other gems (up to value stated on character sheets)
Fine silken four-poster bed
2 harem slave-girls (Amber & Beryl)
Large brass hookah [30gp]
Small inlaid-wood box [5gp]
24 doses of Athelas weed ('cures anything')
Brass brazier & incense
Silver Bell [BV5gp]
Some fire-damaged books
Crude statuette (goblin excreta [BV0gp])
3 delicate glass bulbs of pinkish liquid (sleep gas - originally fitted into hidden ceiling-compartments in guest rooms)
Loads of goblin weapons and armour (of which some is dwarf-made...).
1 goblin “Thunder Pot”.
Shiny shortsword [+1]
Small phial of poison [Type B insinuative, 3 doses].

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