FIRELAND : New Cantaboria – The Lands of Cantabria


Fireland: This region is known across the rest of Oerth as Fireland due to it's huge volcano, Doom. Fumes emitted locally hide the handmaiden moon Celene and often cause the mirage of a second sun.


New Cantaboria: Human settlers named the land after the home whence they were exiled, far across the western ocean. Now it's folk are very insular, and think their island an entire continent, simply calling it Cantaboria. It has four regions known as Municipia, Khalkidia, Griffildi and the significant, more populous southern peninsula of Cantabria.


CANTABRIA RISK (informative & fun game)

The Lands of Cantabria: In ancient times, Sarco the hero came from the west and forged the human Kingdom of Cantabria across the whole peninsula. The legendary nation crumbled away a millennium ago, living on only in human folk-memory.

For the thousand years since those days, the land has been divided into petty feudal fiefdoms. These are the major divisions of recent times:

Denzalia: Lashed by rains from over the western ocean, home to hardy humans and lizard-folk.
Istria: Trades with the dwarven city-state in the mountains and foreign humans of Municipia, but troubled by kobold nests, orc raiders and ghouls.
Inner Kingdom: Fertile farmlands supporting the large population of the walled city of Canton.
Duettin: Centre of industry with once-rich town guilds, but now ruined by plague and lack of trade.
City of Chia: Ruled by an immortal sorceror, the ArchMage of Chia, via the powerful Mages Guild. Veloii: Pleasantly warm area with vineyards and a thriving new dwarf hold in the Red Mountains.
Uradili: Human rule here is threatened by an orc tribe which has taken control in the mountains.

The ancient elf kingdom of Elhadriel, it's forests forbidden to humans and other races, has always successfully manipulated nearby peoples to suit elvish purposes and remain independent.

Human lands of Cantabria were briefly re-unified seventy years ago by warlord Clave Nurad, but he was then slain in battle against elf/draconic forces. The elf war-leader caused evil Breulentod, ancient red dragon demi-god, to come and kill Lord Nurad. A man favoured by the elves was soon installed as king of humans and named Mark ('XXVI'), giving him authority from Sarco's legendary dynasty.

Since then, decades of war and devastating plague have once again broken the human lands asunder.

Schlegian Isles (Earthsea): Extensive archipelago reaching into the Great Ocean, and populated by a hardy, insular folk with strange customs and peculiarly subtle magics.
Canton: A very large city, fortified by huge walls built in ancient times by giants, surrounded by an extensive area of rich farmlands which support the urban population.
Lake Denzal: The lake and nearby rivers are home to a significant population of lizard-folk, who have their own independent kingdom.
Berwick: Citadel town which guards the northern mountain passes against incursions of raiding orcs (pr. 'BUR-wik').
Byed Marshes: Huge area of swamps and fens, used as refuge by bandits, rebels and all sorts of vile monsters.
Cantaboria: Fabled land-mass ravaged by foul plagues and undead hordes for two millennia, since their peaceful pantheon was riven by war. Recently-risen nations include the Empire of Ayathgaron.

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