CANTABRIA RISK – A Cantabria-based version of the popular board game Lands of Cantabria, World of Oerth

Cantabria Risk: This version of the 'world conflict game' is based on a combination of the original and the later 'Lord of the Rings' Risk. One or other version is required (LotR for the cards). Play-testing so far proves it is pretty good fun!

Set Up: Each player places one army in turn, then finally one Leader (as for LotR Risk).

Neutrals (option): Each player places only the number of armies specified here: 2 players = 14; 3 players = 11; 4 players = 8; 5 players = 7. Other territories get 2 neutral armies (that just defend).

Stability (option): Each player gets 2 armies in each of their initial territories.

PLAGUE! (option): D6 random territories are marked as Plague Lands. Any forces which enter there lose half their armies (round down, i.e. the survivors are rounded up). Leaders are unaffected.

The One-Two-Three Rule: Each player may only make one 'invasion' (one territory versus another) on their first turn; two on the second; three on the third; but are unlimited thereafter.

Map Features: There are 41 territories, showing the various regions , or 'duchies', of Cantabria and Khalkidia (Griffildi and Municipia being parts of it for ease of play), like continents in normal Risk. Also shown is the elven forest of Elhadriel, which is usually impassable (see later). [Print A2 size]

Other impassable terrain features are: unbroken mountain chains, rivers (crossed only at bridges), Lake Denzal and the Bernar Desert, north of Chia.

Castles indicate citadel towns, which give a bonus of +1 on the defender's highest die roll. The other symbols show cities, ruins and the dwarf city of Helm's Deep. All these are 'Places of Power', and conquest of one (by a Leader, if using that option) earns a Special card at the end of your turn.

Territory Cards: As usual in Risk, you gain a territory card at the end of any turn in which you captured at least one territory, and can trade sets of them in for extra armies on later turns. A set of three different types gives 4 armies; footsoldiers 6; riders 8; eagles 10 (cannons, if old cards used).


Special Cards:
You gain a Special card at the end of any turn in which one of your leaders captures a ruin, citadel, or city (including Helm's Deep).
Good or Evil? Players must choose whether to be Good or Evil when a card makes it necessary. Their choice is irrevocable, lasting until the end...

1) RING-RELATED CARDS (completely changed):

Faramir Finds the Ringbearer: Play Immediately. “The Sword of Sarco is Found!” The Sword-bearer is at once hailed as a hero of great renown, destined to reunite Cantabria! Place a new Leader.
Hunt for the Ringbearer: Play Anytime. “The Goddess Sif Inspires Us!” Gain 4 armies in one territory OR a +1 bonus on highest rolls for one invasion (attacks from one territory to another).
Boromir Tries to Seize the Ring: Play Immediately. “Nurad's Heir Appears” Sarcophraz gains 10 armies if controlled by opposite alignment to the forces in Canton, but loses 2 if same alignment.
A Balrog is Come: Play Immediately. “Breulentod is Come!” The evil huge ancient red dragon demi-god Breulentod flies from Mount Doom, slays the Leader of your choice, and departs.
Shelob's Lair: Play Immediately. “Clanggedin's Seat is Unearthed!” The Hold becomes a citadel for the rest of the game. (Keep this card displayed to signify this has occurred).
Smeagol: Play Immediately. “Kender Infestation” Diminutive kleptomaniacs annoy Leaders too soft to simply kill them. All Good Leaders lose their leadership bonus until the end of your next turn.
Gollum: Play Immediately. “Arch-Mage has a Blast” An aged wrinkly wizard devastates troops he deems threaten his city. One force of your choice in/adjacent to Chia loses half it's armies (round down).
Captured by Orcs: Play Immediately. “The Goddess Ilmatar Heals Us!” Ilmatar's servants, the White Orcs, turn up and perform miracles. Resurrect a lost Leader or remove any one Plague (your choice).
Dangerous Crossing: Play Anytime. You may send a force into Elhadriel – but it can only leave if you roll 5+. Check each turn, if necessary. Leaving into your own territory uses your 'Free Move'.
Knife in the Dark: Play Immediately. “The Goddess Hel Plagues Us!” Hel causes Plague in one of your territories, of your choice. Place a Plague Marker there. (See above for 'Plague!' rules).

2) SEA-TRAVEL CARDS (enabling seaborne invasions)
Black Sails: Play When You Declare A Seaborne Invasion. Enables you to make up to three seaborne invasions from any port to any other port. (Put 3 markers on the card and remove one per use).
Corsairs of Umbar: Play Immediately. “Corsairs of Schlegia” Until the end of your next turn, seaborne travel is possible for any player paying the toll of 1 army from each force carried, per journey.
Violent Storms: Play When You Declare A Seaborne Invasion. Enables you to make this one seaborne invasion from any port to any other port or, losing 3 armies, to any coastal territory.

3) OTHER UNUSUAL CARDS (all a bit peculiar, but often fun)
Grima Wormtongue:The Elves Have Betrayed Us!” (Card usage unchanged).
Local Uprising: Play Immediately. The next time (one of) your Leader(s) captures a Citadel (i.e. territory with a Castle icon) they gain the 4 battalions in that territory.
The Ent Moot: Play Immediately. Applies to any one territory of your choice adjacent to Elhadriel, but if an Evil force is there it loses 10 battalions (instead of just 2).
They've Brought a Cave Troll!: As stated, but Moria = Southern Mountains.
Aragorn Arrives: Play Immediately. “King Mark Arrives” Minas Tirith = Canton
The Black Gates Open: Play Immediately. “Greenskin Hordes Descend” Udun Vale = Khalkidia (territory)
Winter Storms: Play Immediately. “Winter Snowstorms” No player can move until after the end of your next turn.
The Mustering of Middle-Earth: Play Immediately. “The Mustering of Cantabria” Three random territories each receive 3 extra battalions (armies).
Raiders: Play Immediately. Three random territories each lose half their armies (round losses down, i.e. survivors up).

Random Territories – use this method to select territories randomly...
Roll D6: 1 = Denzalia; 2 = Inner Kingdom & Veloii; 3 = Uradili; 4 = Duettin; 5 = Istria; 6 = Khalkidia West. Then roll D6 again – if same number is rolled again, the result is 7 = Khalkidia East.
Denzalia: 1 = Neswonnos; 2 = Lake Denzal; 3 = Berwick Moors (pr. BURR-wik); 4 = Byed Marshes; 5 = City of Canton*; 6 = Inner Kingdom*. (*Actually in The Inner Kingdom).
Veloii: 1 = Seawick Forest; 2 = Cato-Sauvergne; 3 = Adinos Uplands; 4 = Soudal County; 5 = The Hold; 6 = Port Raz.
Uradili: 1 = Grafton; 2 = Barony of Quaz; 3 = Candahar; 4 = Habyshire; 5 = Southern Mountains*; 6 = Chia*. (* Shown on map as in Duettin).
Duettin: 1 = Cant Bridge; 2 = Beluni; 3 = Duettin Heartlands; 4 = Nechratal Abbey; 5 = Sarcophraz; 6 = City of Canton (again – hey, it's a big place!).
Istria: 1 = Benton; 2 = Alderien; 3 = River Kukulan; 4 = Gloucester (pr. gl-OW-sess-ter); 5 = Helm's Deep; 6 = Carmaletten.
Khalkidia West: 1 = Griffildi; 2 = Gnome Land; 3 = Black Tower; 4 = Valley of Death; 5 = Mountains of Hel; 6 = Khalkidia (territory).
Khalkidia East: 1 = Plains Orc Tribes; 2 = Forest Orc Tribes; 3 = Spider Plains; 4 = Riddle Swamp; 5 = Mount Doom; 6 = Municipia.

4) BONUS-IF-YOU-GO-SOMEWHERE CARDS (just translating Middle-Earth places to Cantabrian equivalents)
These Special cards give bonus armies/cards if the player owns a certain territory. Bonus armies appear immediately if they already own it, or as soon as it is captured. (Unlike LotR Risk, it does not require a Leader to visit the site).
Mount Doom (anywhere):
= Mount Doom! - extra armies anywhere
Gates of Moria, Eregion: = Quasqueton, Barony of Quaz – extra armies in the Barony of Quaz
Hobbiton, The Shire (Eriador): = Lake Denzal – extra armies anywhere in Denzalia
Pelargir (Gondor): = The Inner Kingdom – extra armies anywhere in Inner Kingdom/Veloii
Erebor, Esgaroth: = Helm's Deep – extra armies in Helm's Deep
Carn Dum (Arnor): = Gloucester – extra armies anywhere in Istria
Harlond, Harlindon: = Port Raz (extra territory card)
Tharbad, Minhiriath (Rohan): = Habyshire – extra armies anywhere in Uradili
Grey Havens, Mithlond: = Carmaletten - extra armies in Carmaletten
Weathertop, Weather Hills (Arnor): = Black Tower – extra armies anywhere in Khalkidia
Osgiliath, Ithilien (Gondor): = Neswonnos - place armies anywhere in Denzalia
Elven Halls, North Mirkwood (anywhere): = Alderien - extra armies anywhere
Edoras, Gap of Rohan: = The Hold (extra territory card)
Bree, Fornost (Arnor): = Berwick - extra armies anywhere in Denzalia
Haradrim Encampment, Khand (Haradwaith): = Griffildi - extra armies anywhere in Khalkidia
Rauros, The Wold (Rhovanion): = Cant Bridge – extra armies anywhere in Duettin
Lothlorien, Lorien: = Beluni (extra territory card)
Mount Gundabad, Eastern Angmar (Arnor): = Mountains of Hel – extra armies anywhere in Khalkidia
Dagorlad, Dead Marshes (Rhovanion): = Valley of Death – extra armies anywhere in Khalkidia
Easterling Encampment, Brown Lands: = Municipia – extra armies in Municipia
Dol Amroth, Belfalas: = Chia – extra armies in any port
Gather the Oathbreakers: As stated, but Erech = Mountains of Hel. Extra battalions are packs of ghouls, ubiquitous throughout the lands.

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