Adventures in Pandaria and Other Worlds


The Dwarves of Jadis (SJW, RuinQuest) Return to the Glitterhame.

Axe of the Dwarvish Lords (SJW, RuinQuest) Part One: Faradin's Quest; Part Two: War in UlekLands around the Halls of Faradin Thane, Principality of Ulek & Eastern Ulek.

Tomb of Horrors/Shadow Dancers Quest (SJW, RuinQuest) – Via the Halls of Faradin Thane in the Principality of Ulek.

The Mirrors of Tizun Thane (SJW, AD&D+/RuinQuest – Halls Interior Map; Treasures; Mage Zapp's Spell Books.

Past Heroes of Pandaria:
Lord Arathram Departs, Queen Drahena Restored, Raedil Passes Time, Dranlen Frontis Returns, Chas Torran's Last Stand, Darthrom Goes Home.

A Paladin's Progress, The Black Tower, Caverns of the Dead, The Bard's Tale, Dread Delgath, Halls of Faradin Thane, In Search of the Troll-Slayer, Jaramyl's Journal, Raedil's Journey, raiders of Demon's Vale, Return to the Tomb of Horrors, Scourge of the Slavers, Ceremony of Consecration, Lordship of Embrick, Trouble at Tisselles.


In Search of the Trollslayer (SJW, RuinQuest) – Keoland Region, Dreadwood Area inc. 'Greytown' (Kendra).

The New World of Amoricia (SJW/TonyH, D&D3.5+/RQ) – Sunless Citadel; Ettin's Curse; Forge of Fury; Return to the Sunken Citadel.

The Kingdom of Wyrd (Peter Wells, D&D3.5+) – Wyrd, Isle of Dread , ???.

The Demesne of Embrick (SJW, RuinQuest) – Embrick.

Temple of the Golden Spire (MSW, AD&D+) – Greywood village; Greytown (Kendra) & Dreadwood.

'Propadyandi' (MSW, AD&D+) – Hold of the Sea Princes, Tower of the Heavens, Duchy of Berghof, The Keep of Adlerweg, When a Star Falls, The Sentinel, The Gauntlet.

Cantabria (SUSPENDED [occasional one-offs only] Steve Brooks, D&D 2E variant) – Makhan's Plans, Cantabria Page, 'The Hold' Region.

Protectorate of Pandaria (Steve Wells, AD&D+/d100 System/BRP/RuinQuest) –

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