The Melderynian

Winter 977, issue 7


The Melderynian
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cruelly abandoned to certain death by Pandarian Hero's!

During a lightening raid on the Hill Giant Steading the Pandarian Hero's returned to home from the adventure by way of Teleport Spells leaving their trusty, and trusting, steeds in a cave! This callous act has almost definitely lead to their DEATHS.

It has also come to our attention that this may not be the first time that such an incident has occurred where our "Hero's" are involved.



Kaldor Recruiting Services

Naked Cleric Hero in Mage Tower scandal.


Famous Pandarian Dwarfan Cleric found in compromising position in the private chambers of Melderynian Mage Hero.

The cleric in question. Who we have graciously decided not to name in light of the recent feat carried out by the Hero's. was caught kneeling NAKED in front of Hero Mage.

When questioned by our reporter on this he refused to comment other than to say "it was all a missunderstanding".

As they all say......

Don't bring your mucky little Dwaf tricks here matey. We need none of that stuff!





Kaldor has awoken.  The sleeping nation goes to WAR.

After being tied by political wrangling, and the vociferous campaigning of the Kaldor Anti War Lobby, Prince Taffas has at last been able to take the reigns of this drifting country and drive it to a new purpose.

Dappershire has been long under the yoke of the twisted Thardic Republic while many in Kaldor were still voicing the need for appeasement.  They said of the rumours of deformed and distorted people in Dappershire that there was "not enough evidence".  " We must try and send in inspectors."  "We can trust the Thardic Leaders, they would not lie to us."

But when Prince Taffas was able to use his army to free Dappershire the ugly truth of the whole situation has been thrown into the full light of Day.  We will not revisit the horrors that were found in the province but as our readers know they were vile.  (See issue 4 for full coverage - Ed). The voices of decent were at last silenced .  There are many in Kaldor who bare the blame for its inactivity and the suffering of its own people in Dappershire.  There are many who will find it hard to look into the eyes of the suffering or hold their heads high for a long time.

The nation of Kaldor has at last awoken into the reality of the nightmare that is unfolding in Pandaria.  Her army is recruiting and preparing for the long twilight that is upon us all.

Let us hope we come to a new dawn with our brothers by our side!


The Temple of the Frog God has risen from the Swaps were it sank years ago.

Funnily enough this is in the Heart of the once proud, but now debased, nation of Thardia.






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