The Year 964 T.R. Arathram, Drahena and other adventurers attritionally war against the Evil Giants of Hill and Frost.

The Year 965 T.R. Arathram, Drahena and Mole the Mighty struggle on against the Fire Giants and Eclavdra Eilservs.

The Year 966 T.R. Minor adventurers/criminals end up in the Canon Court - with a guest appearance by The Grey Man.

The Year 967 T.R. A year of hard-won peace.

The Year 968 T.R. A year of hard-won peace.

The Year 969 T.R. The Second Company of Giantslayers: Freda et al do battle with Hill and Frost Giants again

The Year 970 T.R. Karraway leads the Second Company to fight the Fire Giants of Muspelheim

The Year 971 T.R. Freda, Enemy of the Gods, arrives to help the companions. Toby carries the Dragon's treasure.

The Year 972 T.R. In the main, the adventures of the Dwarves, Thulak Breathstealer.and Grmok.

The Year 973 T.R. Mixed adventures of Ematag the Chaotic, Drahena's Ransom, the Crusades and Beneath Tashal.

The Year 974 T.R. The Abbey on the Marsh; The Shadow Plague of Silver Rise; Quest to the Royal Tombs of Koss.


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